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Post #13535 by roosters_64 on July 17th 2008, 7:29 PM (in topic “Polygamy fights for an Aussie home”)

Polygamy fights for an Aussie home:

To say we are not a "multicultural society" is IMO extreme to say the least. I believe we are a very tolerant society and on a larger scale accept other cultures well. I think the problem is that the different cultures tend to cluster in areas of choice, perhaps for comfort zone reasons?. I am not racist, I believe that everyone has a right to freedom of religious practice. However there has to be some order in place. Polygamy would be a nightmare for the FCoA or the FMC to deal with as it would introduce a strong religious bias into the system. We have enough issues without complicating the system.

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Post #13505 by roosters_64 on July 17th 2008, 11:23 AM (in topic “No contact for Dad's - no money for Mum”)

No contact for Dad's - no money for Mum:

 I don't even get to talk to my children let alone see them. However ( no ear bashing please) I do feel morally obligated to pay for their upbringing. It is a lot yes and I know that most of it may go elsewhere. The bottom line is I was a party to bringing them into this world and as such will continue to pay what I have to. When the day comes and they say " We went without" I can prove that I contributed a large amount of money to their upkeep. What their Mother does with the money is unfortunately beyond my control.

I do understand the frustration of being a NCP and paying not to see the kids (for now). Believe me I do. Could that be considered an oxymoron? Paying not to see the kids?:)

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