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Post #16552 by roosters_64 on September 20th 2008, 10:15 AM (in topic “Wednesday 17th September - My Blog for the week from the Senior Site Moderator”)

Wednesday 17th September - My Blog for the week from the Senior Site Moderator:

I think that reaffirming guidelines is a good idea. I recently read a scathing attack on sites that are out there for advice for men in relation to Family Law. I can't remember who wrote the report but it was a male and although damning in it's overtures was frankly close to the mark. We all know that the FLWG is open to all for support, advice and to contribute.

However after reading that report I can see why a small percentage of people are causing major damage by their posts (elsewhere). The report made a number of references and direct quotes where comments about harming magistrates, attacking feminism, the CSA, ex partners etc were made.

I am by no means an expert in Family Law but posting comments that attack individuals or government departments and individual court members can only do harm. I recently made a post about DNA testing and what the CSA guidelines are. This was for information purposes. Someone sent me a private message that linked to an anti CSA blog. I deleted the link as my personal dealing with the CSA have been extremely helpful.

Please note this is an IMO post and is not targeting anyone just, I hope helping others that drop in to see that all sites are monitored and referred to in reports. I wish I could find the report again. One final thing about the report it suggested that all sites along those lines be regulated or watched by an independent body to ensure that any untoward posts are followed up legally.

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Post #16295 by roosters_64 on September 9th 2008, 11:44 AM (in topic “No contact for Dad's - no money for Mum”)

No contact for Dad's - no money for Mum:

I have read through these posts and whilst they have strong validity IMO even though I don't see my children at the moment I have no issues with paying the amount set by the CSA. To be honest once it goes to court the important issue is to have the children back in my life and I in theirs. Money pales into insignificance when put into perspective. Being able to see, care for and share love and bonding with the children is all that matters. No I am not well off financially but I do, and, will get by with the children back in my life.

Money is material. Love for your children is so much more.

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Post #16177 by roosters_64 on September 4th 2008, 10:54 PM (in topic “My daughter's 3rd birthday”)

My daughter's 3rd birthday:

Sure did lol she remembers…. Thank for you help again much appreciated

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