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Post #22506 by roosters_64 on May 26th 2009, 1:13 AM (in topic “Violence towards Women - Zero tolerance!”)

Violence towards Women - Zero tolerance!:

The "Time for Action" report and associated data can be downloaded from the following link for anyone interested:


Interesting title for the snapshot of the report yet the link says and children.

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Post #22504 by roosters_64 on May 26th 2009, 12:43 AM (in topic “Can either parent sign away child support rights ?”)

Can either parent sign away child support rights ?:

"I had advice to get a solicitor too, and went and signed the papers."

Did you seek advice from a solicitor before signing the papers? I am nowhere near as experienced as many on this forum, but, I do know from personal experience that verbal agreements don't hold any weight. I had written agreements signed by a JP but as I didn't have them ratified by the FMC they too hold very little weight.

Were the papers lodged with the CSA? Have you been in touch with the CSA to discuss this matter?

Perhaps the best thing to do at this point is to see a solicitor and show the papers based on what your post says.

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Post #22503 by roosters_64 on May 26th 2009, 12:30 AM (in topic “Mention didn't go as planned”)

Mention didn't go as planned:

I am going back for a second mention as my former partner did not turn up at the first in April, on, Friday 29th of May. I have 4 kids, one is a 14 year old and old enough to make his own decision. The FMC will definitely take his needs into account, so yeah as Monaro said it may be tough going for you. Still if you feel you have to try as I do don't expect the impossible or improbable. Remember that your son's wishes will carry weight in a hearing as well.

He may not understand the complexities of the FMC or what you are doing, but, if things don't pan out as you would like (remembering it is all about the best interests of the child). When he comes back into your life you can show him exactly what you did when and if the questions arise.

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Post #22147 by roosters_64 on May 5th 2009, 11:08 AM (in topic “Book: The Family Law Handbook”)

Book: The Family Law Handbook

I purchased a copy of the FAMILY LAW HANDBOOK 2007 edition by Maree Livermore from Redfern Legal Centre Publishing a few months ago. It is a very easy to follow and understand guide to Family Law. I have found it to be an invaluable source of information, that compliments the additional resources on this site. It is a guide from start to finish on the Family Law circuit.

The book contains sample forms, case references, law references and an overall plain English approach.

Of course it does not cover every possible scenario, I however find it to be an excellent guide along with the FLWG. I am constantly rereading it after looking at the posts on the FLWG. It is by no means the penultimate guide, rather, an enhancement and resource to use along with Legal Representation, and very useful for the SLR. The book even insists that viewing cases in the FMC or FLCoA is paramount for any SLR.

If you have a few spare dollars (over $50) it is a good investment. :)

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Post #21993 by roosters_64 on April 22nd 2009, 12:34 AM (in topic “Mother loses children for anti-dad stance - Case Law Reference?”)

Mother loses children for anti-dad stance - Case Law Reference?:

How much longer can the courts ignore PA or PAS? I was under the impression that we tend to adopt the Canadian style of Family Law which does recognise PA and PAS. As do American courts. It seems incredulous that our system is denying the existence of this syndrome.

Well it was brought up in court but the psychologist or psychiatrist was disciplined by his peers for doing so. Surely it is a logical progression in children who have been alienated. Perhaps one day soon it will be a recognised syndrome as it is in some other Western Countries. For now alignment will have to suffice.

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Post #21992 by roosters_64 on April 22nd 2009, 12:22 AM (in topic “FRC am I wasting my time?”)

FRC am I wasting my time?:

I had to go through the process with the FRC. In my case the ex agreed to a phone conference. Never happened she ignored it. After she was sent 3 letters advising to attend I was issued the certificate required to proceed to the FMC.

It took about 2months from start to finish of the FRC system but yeah I had to do it first.

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Post #21793 by roosters_64 on April 10th 2009, 9:43 AM (in topic “Parental alienation involves a parent using the children as a weapon to hurt the other parent”)

Parental alienation involves a parent using the children as a weapon to hurt the other parent:

Sadly Parental Alienation is not recognised in Australia. There is a common misconception (not on the FLWG) that Parental Alienation is when one parent keeps the children from the other parent thus "Alienating the Parent". As we know it is focused on the child(ren) and the effect is has on them. A friend of mine who is also about to go through the system told me his lawyer explained it to him in the former way where he was the focus. I think he was mistaken or confused.

I showed him the PAS websites which explained it much better than I could and as I have read in these forums that if anything the acceptable terminology currently in Australia is Alignment and that it must be remembered that his 2 children are the focus of the Alignment and not him. IMO PA and PAS will eventually be accepted as Australia seems to model the FLCoA on their Canadian counterpart (in most things anyway). Fingers Crossed:thumbs:

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