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Post #23511 by Aussie on July 14th 2009, 5:55 PM (in topic “False allegations of child abuse”)

False allegations of child abuse:

went through 4 or so years of 2 false allegations and won, DiDs forum is freat for support, you won't find better.

I also wrote a website surrounding the subject …. , have a look as there are many important do's and dont's when in your situation.

good luck and yes only play with a straight bat, cheers

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Post #23455 by Aussie on July 11th 2009, 10:44 PM (in topic “How to report false information”)

How to report false information:

I guess I am a "black and white" guy, mostly always anyway … nothing less than zero tolerance will ever suffice as far as I am concerned, if the CSA and the whole FLC system were to adopt just that then most of the opportunists may see life differently, until they do … well I guess we all know the answer to that one.

KISS and zero tolerance I say.

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Post #23447 by Aussie on July 11th 2009, 7:21 PM (in topic “How to report false information”)

How to report false information: csa "misinformation"

sorry but …. in response to a change of assessment lodged by my ex i provided proof (documents) that she had omitted to disclose the sale and purchase of a property within the last 3 years in her application, the application clearly asks the question.

The reply given to me several days after reporting was "after we asked your ex wife why she had done that she apologised" and when asked what does the CSA do about these types of things I was told "nothing, she has apologised so it will be left at that"

The application also contained other "misinformation" re investments and bank account balances etc but in response to this I was told that the CSA will not be investigating.

sorry but …

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Post #17249 by Aussie on October 23rd 2008, 7:34 PM (in topic “(USA) Alec Baldwin - 60 Minutes Transcript”)

(USA) Alec Baldwin - 60 Minutes Transcript:

Baldwin has brought an awareness, badly needed awareness, re alienation, etc.  Yet all you can do is criticise him, instead of appreciating what he has achieved … wake up or do you still believe in "alignment" as opposed to telling it like it is … "parental alienation".

We need more like him, faults and all.

For my part, I have created the website on parental alienation  as well as counselling many others over the years going through the nightmare of PA.

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Post #16586 by Aussie on September 22nd 2008, 6:22 PM (in topic “Partners as joint applicants”)

Partners as joint applicants:

gotta agree with agog, very dumb move, it will not serve to do anything other than bring negative pressure, that is if it can be done at all which i seriously doubt, is your partner a relative of your children, if not on what grounds do they say can she apply.

by all means have her supporting affidavit.


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Post #16076 by Aussie on September 2nd 2008, 7:08 PM (in topic “Answer to D4E”)

Answer to D4E:

One has to look at the facts as told by my baby because they are the only ones being presented, leave out personality, visions, etc and go to what has been posted.

First of all my baby is stating that she reported some form of child abuse to her solicitor and one would have thought that she would have included the fact that she saw it herself, now from that there are a few key points to consider.

Should the solicitor have taken all on board he would have lodged a formal complaint as he is required to do (and he would have if he is as professional as my baby says), this would have involved police and docs and both would have it on file. one must also believe that in recent times docs have been in the spotlight and they would not dare to not investigate a formal complaint, nor would the police when it comes to child abuse .. did docs and police formally investigate as they themselves are required to do. ?


The solicitor may have listened to my baby's concerns but may have chosen not to believe what my baby saw was in fact child abuse so no obligation to report, this is a likely outcome based on my baby saying that her solicitor said that he did not want to pursue the matter of abuse, remember he is professional and obligated to if he is concerned leaves one with the thought that he may not taken her seriously at all, remember also that he has had 20 years in family law and is regarded so highly according to my baby.


Should a formal complaint have been lodged the matter in all likely hood would have gone Magellan and an icl appointed at an urgent interim hearing (may not have got to court yet) at which time the father would most likely have been given supervised visitation by the courts if the matter has not been reported then it is my baby offering supervised only and without basis apart from ? , if this is the case why should the father give in to that.

Many parents that have been accused or even threatened with being accused will take a back seat and will be advised by legal eagles to follow process and let the courts work it all out, they have no other choice, many choose not to take the chance of being with their children supervised or unsupervised under such circumstance.

The most important thing to consider here is the child and who is abusing that child and that is what the courts will do based on facts and reports from professionals, lies will not win, honesty has a better chance of that.

My baby, if in fact the child was abused by the father, pursue that with all vigour, that is your duty, but if in fact what you saw was not abuse then pull up, or you yourself will be guilty of abuse.

You are the one here that knows the situation best, whatever that is please act in the best interest of your child, not the fathers and not yours unless they all amount to the same direction and from the sound of it that is not the case.

Monster, a disclosure by the child is sufficient, there needs to be no other evidence to file, from there the courts take steps to protect the child not because the father is guilty but just in case and to buy time to find out more, he is not guilty at that point.

There is one thing that concerns me deeply though and that is why would a parent witnessing their own child being abused, not attack the abuser at the time at any cost, I would.

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Post #15998 by Aussie on September 1st 2008, 7:01 PM (in topic “Answer to D4E”)

Answer to D4E:

as most here would know, if a solicitor has sufficient reason to believe the child is being abused then that solicitor is under obligation to report it to the police, docs and the flc.

a statement from the mother saying she witnessed the abuse as well as the child making disclosures is more than sufficient reason.

figure it out from there, cheers

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Post #15701 by Aussie on August 27th 2008, 8:08 PM (in topic “Answer to D4E”)

Answer to D4E:

T12, I can name (from personal experience) at least two FL specialists who did not give a damm about anything other than the money, real.

you will surely find more genuine compassion on this site than in the offices of those two.

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Post #15694 by Aussie on August 27th 2008, 7:41 PM (in topic “Answer to D4E”)

Answer to D4E:

my baby, with respect, the solicitor is unproffessional, he is not an expert when it comes to such matters, he should not have said what he said … suspect motive here.

the courts would not accept his opinion in this regard as they will not accept ours as individuals, they only accept the opinions of trained proffessionals to which he is not, why should you even consider accepting his opinion ?

I would even go as far as saying that the solicitor would not repeat such a thing to any court as he would know all of this, unless he was stating what you thought after making a formal complaint, if he did (and he won't) the courts would remind him he is not an expert and reject his comments.

the family report writer/counsellor cannot appoint an icl as you suggested, only the courts can do that, did the father know of the appointment/s with this person or was that done without his knowledge/consent.

if there is no evidence of sexual abuse then one must wonder just what is going on here, you should consider the situation carefully, stick to facts, stick to advice/comment from trained pro's (not opinion of those untrained in such matters) and i for one would be questioning the integrity of the solicitor, he sounds just like the one that put the idea of false allegations in my ex's head with similiar comment that cost my children much trauma over a period of some years.

the most scarey thing for a mother is to suspect a father (or any one for that matter) could be abusing her daughter, many know this, some even play on it as most understand that the bottom line is that a parent would only want to protect their daughter and would go to any length to do so.

Last edit: by Aussie

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Post #15560 by Aussie on August 25th 2008, 5:54 PM (in topic “Emotions and Using Children as Weapons - Part 2”)

Emotions and Using Children as Weapons - Part 2:

I have long thought that most of my ex wife's problems and the problems she caused for myself and my children were due to her need to be in control, and most of what is posted above seems to confirm that.

She is the responsable type and has always needed to be in control as well as the need to attach blame to others for things that went wrong in her life instead of looking at how she may have contributed, justification for her actions/decissions/outcomes is how I discribe it.

Tis all "spilt milk" now so I suppose it really does not matter any more but what has been posted has helped me understand more about me, re my situation and her, for that I thank you Sage.

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