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Post #12774 by uber on July 2nd 2008, 7:22 AM (in topic “Kids could be moving out of town”)

Kids could be moving out of town

The last year has been good on the family front. Now that I'm married again things seem to be settling down.

That was until the information about new maintenance was sent to my ex. Basically it means she will be $800 a month worse off. This will (so she says) cause huge cash flow problems resulting in her having to sell their house.

She has put pressure on my older kids with them coming over demanding I continue to pay the same amount. This gave me a good opportunity to explain to them why the government had changed the calculations and that it was now fairer to both partners.

My concern now is that the X is frantically cleaning the house and yard. I think ready for sale. Her aim has always been to move to NSW about eleven hours drive away.

The court orders mention timings that I get to see the kids and that I do all the pick up and delivery but nothing about her living away from Bendigo.

I think her plan is to move away so that I have less contact resulting in her getting more maintenance.

I'm happy to represent myself again and put an order in to stop her taking the kids away.

What do you think? What forms should I fill out? Is it part of the old proceedings or a new one?

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