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Post #31456 by tsalamba on August 26th 2010, 10:01 AM (in topic “ADVO”)


The matter is being put forward by the NSW Police, when we had our hearing she didn't turn up to court, she says that she was advised that the hearing date was on 16th Nov, but date was set aside for 16th July and she did a no show. I believe this has more to do with her getting her Permanent Visa, some Domestic Violence Provision thru Immigration, but I don't want to assume that, but everything is pointing in that direction. No i'm not a violent or abusive person, I believe we had a lot of friction and frustration after we got married and the pressure of paying for everything, arguments happened which I thought are normally in any relationship. New date has been set for 26th Oct but no interim was put in place. I don't really understand why myself, her support base has advised her that an ADVO has worked for them, but it really hasn't cause most of them are in torn up marriages. Yes I believe it would change our marriage and thats why  have been looking for solutions. I'm also taking into account she is suffering from mental trauma from her past in Spain and Greece. I have tried every avenue available to reconcile with mediation requests. Seeing a marriage counsellor on my own for the last 2 months, have sent emails requesting for her to attend but to no avail. No children involved. So undertakings isn't a good idea. I haven't been able to talk to her for 2 months and the only point of contact is with one of her friends that hates men due to her violent past relationships, its like i've been hitting my head against brick wall.

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Post #31405 by tsalamba on August 24th 2010, 4:20 PM (in topic “ADVO”)


Thanks for that, no I wasn't accepting it. i've really had enough of this, my wife is Spanish and she has just got her temp spouse visa, i don't know if she is using this as grounds to get her permanent visa but it is pointing towards that. I really want to sort this out and if she feels fearful I want her not to, as I'm not violent and I have done everything ie, counselling (seeing 2 at the moment), but also want her to feel safe as she puts it. So do you know anything about 'Undertakings'?

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Post #31400 by tsalamba on August 24th 2010, 10:35 AM (in topic “ADVO”)


 I have a question, I had an ADVO dismissed at one court than my wife applied at another court and now we have a hearing in couple of months but no interim ADVO ha been put in place. I have been told my wife wants to come home and I want her home but she wants me to accept the ADVO so she can feel safe and I don't want to as I believe I'm not guilty of the things she stated. Does someone have any advise on 'Undertakings'?

Please help :dry:

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