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Post #29461 by townie on April 10th 2010, 1:06 PM (in topic “Unexpeted Care Percentage Change”)

Unexpeted Care Percentage Change


I have been in hospital for the last 5 weeks and as a result have missed 6 nights of care of my two boys aged 8 and 10.

I usually have the boys 3 nights a fortnight by agreement with my ex (no court order)

My relationship with my ex is errrrrrrrrrrrrr………… lets just say nasty……..

Since my hospitalisation she has refused to let them visit, talk to me on the phone or send and recieve text any messages from me as I am in a psych ward recieving treatment for PTSD as a result of my sevice in IRAQ.

I have just got a letter from CSA stating that my rate of child support has been increased due to me (allegedly) having 0% care through to Nov 2010 !!!!! (which is not going to be the case)
how can this be when I have only missed 6 nights and no one has even contacted me to discuss the situation or allowed me the opportunity to respond? plus this is killing me financially as I am still paying child support whilst no longer working and therefore reciving no other income other than a modest DFDB pension. This is all going on as well as me awaiting descisions from the Department of Veterans Affairs relating to penson applications and appeals outcomes…………. geeeeeeeeeez !!!!!! pass the pills please nurse !!!!!!!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Post #15300 by townie on August 21st 2008, 11:23 AM (in topic “Please discuss the self support amount”)

Please discuss the self support amount:

Artemis said
I do think it's about time that contact and child support were reviewed together. Children need time with both parents in the majority of cases and thrive on it.

Perhaps a policy should be in place that unless there is a parenting plan signed by both parties, no child support is taken?
That is a great idea as I recently crafted a fair and reasonable parenting plan that involved me as a father in descisions relating to my sons, only to have it returned with a note stating: "I'm not signing any of your gobbeldy gook"

It is sometimes a frustrating process trying to do the right thing !!!

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Post #13267 by townie on July 11th 2008, 11:13 AM (in topic “No contact for Dad's - no money for Mum”)

No contact for Dad's - no money for Mum:

No we do not have any orders in place.

I'm in the process of responding to the fourth COA submitted by my ex in the last 2 years…

Does CSA note this constant COA submission cycle and somehow address it? As changing my income details whilst under a COA is impossible to do without another COA being submitted!

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Post #13219 by townie on July 10th 2008, 2:41 PM (in topic “No contact for Dad's - no money for Mum”)

No contact for Dad's - no money for Mum:

bugsiboy said
unfortunately,  I'm in the same boat,  I would luv to have my kids spend more time and overnight stays with me but as this would reduce CS payments,  the mother will not allow it.

As for your topic No contact - no Money,  I've raised a number of topics/discussion around this topic on this site and my comment is that, if a payer takes the payee to court for contact contraventions and if FM rules in for the payer, ie, has found that the payee has contravened contact orders,,,  then CSA should reduce/withhold CS payments to the payee.  In my case, I spent thousands in legal costs,  I won all contraventions but left with a debt to pay legal cost AND still pay CS…

If CS payments was reduced/withdrawn,  how many payees will then stop children having contact with the payers  ….   !!!!

I am in the same boat also………. Given that today is the first pay day that falls under the new legislation, and my support payable has dropped quite a bit as a result, My ex has just made a very abusive phone call to me after sending numerous nasty text messages demanding that "all of her support" be placed into her account.

I was then told in no uncertain terms that I would be lucky to see my children now at all as a result……….. (my kids currently spend 3 nights a fortnight with me)

I do not have the money to go to see a movie let alone consult a lawyer regarding custody orders etc.

Makes me sad :(:(:(

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Post #11696 by townie on June 18th 2008, 7:34 PM (in topic “Change of Assessment (COA) information needed”)

Change of Assessment (COA) information needed: COA Assessment

1) What kinds of issues do parents involved in a Change of Assessment application raise with you?  Consider 1) process 2) timeframes 3) information/forms available from CSA

My ex views the COA process as she puts it "an agreement".  I, and you know this is not the case. As a 'payer' it locks me into a very difficult situation for a significant period of time as my current income changes periodically, and my assessed child support payable as a result is only amendable via another COA which is a nightmare to resolve, and takes considerable time to sort out.

2) Are there elements of the COA process that you think work well and that should be retained?


3) What are customers' current expectations about the outcome of a COA? ie do customers understand the scope of the possible outcomes?

First of all I would like a definition of who the 'customer' actually is… (but I digress :dry:) … The 'payee' does not in my experience have a clue about the intent… but seems to be fully aware of the outcomes…

4) What are some of the negative/unintended outcomes of the COA process?

As per the comment after question 1, plus the fact that in my current situation the COA process is a right royal pain in the bum. My work in the past has involved various periods where I was unfortuately unemployed but was being forced to pay support based on my last COA. This was calculated via last COA which assessed my income as being significantly higher than what I was actually earning at the time. This at one stage unfortunately included a DFRDB commutation payout given after 20+ years in the ADF that I at the time thought was settled as a part of our superannuation divorce agreement, but was when it came to the subsequent COA submitted by my ex was included as part of my income… that hurt a lot…

5) CSA's goal to assist customers to be self-reliant includes an approach to encouraging customers to seek mediation support to come to a private agreement rather than seeking a CSA decision through a COA process. While this is not workable for some customers (ie where there is high conflict or threat of violence), can you suggest ways in which we can support customers to mediate outcomes rather than putting them through a detailed and onerous COA where the decision is not of their making?

A process that is not so difficult to achieve a real time and fair assessment given the fact that some payers have a variable income whilst locked into a COA 'contract' would be a start…

I thank you for your advocacy and wish you well !!!


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