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Post #54661 by taylor on October 3rd 2019, 9:01 AM (in topic “Section 72A”)

Section 72A:

A copy of the current document issued to my banking institution which is in the Company name. The CSA have requested the following and obtained a statement on the Company information…… What gives the CSA the right to do this ?

 In relation to  ( My Name ) , either solely, jointly or severally with any other person/s or entity, provide the information and documents below.
If the above named is a person/s; In relation to means about the abovenamed person/s and for any business entity (excluding publicly listed companies or registered associations) of which they are an owner, principal, partner, trustee, director or any other position of control, that they operate either solely, jointly, or in partnership with any other person/s or business entity.
1.   The current or last known residential, business and postal addresses and any current or last known business, residential and mobile telephone numbers for the abovenamed.
2.   In respect of each account held by your organisation supply:-
(a)   the account number;
(b)   the type of account;
©   the name(s) in which the account is held;   
(d)   the name(s) of all signatories to the account;   
(e)   the balance of the account at the date you respond to this notice;   58 (1)   the source of regular deposits if known, eg salary payments;   ~
(g)   a list of all transactions that occurred in the 90 days prior to the date you respond <2 to this notice where statements issue on the account;   
(h)   a list of all transactions that occurred in the 30 days prior to the date you respond 2 to this notice where statements do not issue on the account.

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