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Post #6572 by rosa2 on March 5th 2008, 7:24 PM (in topic “Repayment of CSA Overpayments”)

Repayment of CSA Overpayments:

Many thanks to all who have replied I will get something from them in writing.

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Post #6564 by rosa2 on March 5th 2008, 3:58 PM (in topic “Repayment of CSA Overpayments”)

Repayment of CSA Overpayments:

I think it is unfortunate that anyone needs to resort to dealing with a third party at all to sort out supporting children and unfortunately all parties suffer.

I'm going to spare you the details of the situation but Jadzia is correct, in these cases nothing can be assumed. There are different sides to every story and I'll spare you the details of mine but the most important thing I can say to anyone who finds themself in a broken family is to put the child/children first, and keep all communication lines open, children need both parents throughout their lives.

I'm particularly interested to know if anyone knows about this impending piece of legislation?

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Post #6558 by rosa2 on March 5th 2008, 2:10 PM (in topic “Repayment of CSA Overpayments”)

Repayment of CSA Overpayments:

Thanks for your reply Jadzia,

I thought it odd afterwards that the CSA  did not  put something as serious as this in writing to start with, it certainly wasn't a great way to start my working day! After my initial horror I went into denial hoping the matter would resolve itself; also I just didn't believe that this could be a real gov't policy in this day and age. When I suggested that I should contact a solicitor immediately, the CSA staff member said it was pointless as yet because they would try to contact my former husband first, that was a few weeks ago now and I haven't heard from them yet and as you can see by today's entry, it does play on my mind periodically.

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Post #6545 by rosa2 on March 5th 2008, 10:56 AM (in topic “Repayment of CSA Overpayments”)

Repayment of CSA Overpayments

I received a call from the CSA recently telling me that due to recent changes in legislation coming into affect in June (I think), I may have to pay back thousands of dollars because they used a default income for my ex, as he had not put in a tax return for years, and now he has skipped the country.

My son is over 18 now and I thought I would not have to deal with the CSA again. It is unfortunate that I had to deal with them at all as I did try my best to negotiate with my former husband without them.

I was in shock when they started with… you have been overpaid by x dollars. I didn't understand the full story as I was in a panic but I suspect that he owes tax and now the gov't is going to try to get their money back through me.

They did say that they will try to contact him o/s to see if he will GIFT the money to me! He has a new family and a new life and because my son elected not to go with him he chose to have no further contact with him. Can anyone shed some light on the CSA legislation they are talking about?

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