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Post #2160 by ringo on October 16th 2007, 11:03 PM (in topic “Mary's Plan (Shared Parenting Plan Sample, Australia, 1997)”)

Mary's Plan (Shared Parenting Plan Sample, Australia, 1997): Problems during changeover at a Police Station

So very valid those comments!  I used to have changeover at a Police Station, and on several occasions the Mother would stop a police car entering and tell them I was abusive and probably drunk!

A low act from her, but true.  So I would be tested for alchohol and have to give my side of the story, even though the Mother would have at all times been 20 metres from my vehicle in the carpark.

Nice work and congats on the site and efforts.   ;)

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Post #2157 by ringo on October 16th 2007, 10:30 PM (in topic “Have a certificate, where to from here?”)

Have a certificate, where to from here?

It seems from reading posts that a lot of us guys have problems with the mother allowing the children to spend reasonable time with Dad.

I have EOW and half the holidays, and have had orders by consent for several years. (Consent it may be, but an awful rigoramole to get this far)

I have been the Applicant in two Contraventions to keep contact happenning reliably over this time, and the courts have slapped mother dear on the wrist and I have had a few changes made at the second Contravention (again by Consent) to make contact changeover at a contact centre, which has worked out really reliable and well.

Recently I have moved to the area where the children reside and go to school with the view to spend more time with them.

Have tried the cumpulsory dispute resolution process and have a certificate from them saying that the mediator thought it not appropriate for mediation to take place.

It seems they don't even try to mediate and just went on what mother dear had told them about expired Domestic Violence orders.

That blows me away because the Police put a DVO against mother dear in the first place because of her physical violence towards me, but then counter applies for one against me and ticks all the boxes on the application and it is handed to her!!!  She has used that DVO against me to stop me attending a daycare centre for my young Daughter(they kept sying we need legal clarification and you cannot attend here)  That went on for months.

So that DVO expires after 2 years and she applies for a new one for another 2 years which went to fed mags court and was granted to her for 1 year due to me sending her a text message 5 months prior to this hearing trying to arrange contact with the children.

I was not allowed to do that because the DVO stated no contact by any means(one of the boxes she ticked)  I shake my head in dis belief.

Anyhow, that DVO expired last november 2006.

Why did the mediation not go ahead?   I mean we don't need to be in the same room and it can be done via telephone for that matter.

It seems a delay tactic for the mother in my eyes.

So where to from here?

I have mentioned to mother in the Contact Book, that the children and I wish to share 50/50 contact and that was primarily the reason for the mediation, among specific health issues as well.

mother dear has responded with' no court will stop me moving for work'  and she says she is moving in November! I have just relocated and this is not too good with a new lease on a house for 12 months.

PLs give me some ideas what to do.  Do I need to apply for urgent interim orders to halt the children moving away?  I am happy for mother dear to move, but not the children.

Legal Aid falls into my catergory at the moment for a solicitor. I am not too flash at self rep. :):)

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Post #2154 by ringo on October 16th 2007, 8:43 PM (in topic “Mary's Plan (Shared Parenting Plan Sample, Australia, 1997)”)

Mary's Plan (Shared Parenting Plan Sample, Australia, 1997):

That is so nice to hear Jon, and I bet a fair percentage of children's parents cannot get along anyway.

I am currently embarking upon Shared Care, and have recently moved to the area the children live to facilitate this.

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