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Post #4696 by nobody on February 3rd 2008, 2:58 PM (in topic “Mediation - I Cannot Represent Myself”)

Mediation - I Cannot Represent Myself:

Yes Jadzia.

So I will try to speak about it with my ex-wife.

If you can suggest in Brisbane area, some REASONABLE and FAIR mediation service, I would appreciate.

The problem is, my ex is in WA, so it will be telephone conferencing, while I was ready for this one to go to WA (actually the conference was scheduled, until they cancelled it).


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Post #4691 by nobody on February 3rd 2008, 12:24 PM (in topic “Mediation - I Cannot Represent Myself”)

Mediation - I Cannot Represent Myself:

Well thanks guys for all your replays.

I am really getting the whole picture.

I think D4E summed it up very nicely.

I definitely stand that what I have seen so far, the whole process through LA would only deepen the conflict by accusing one side for not making genuine effort to agree, or on the other hand one can brake under pressure and essentially legalize what one would never, ever sign.

Most likely, it is vast of time. They already mentioned in the letter, that most likely mediation sessions won't be prolonged, if the aggrement is not reached (another piston).

Finally, the bottom line, they can not impose my representative whom essentially you can not dismiss.

Many thanks

PS.  I forgot to tell you, they sent me in the initial letter the "Application for legal representation", where clearly state "If you need a lawyer to represent you,…". I never filled it.

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Post #4673 by nobody on February 2nd 2008, 4:18 PM (in topic “Mediation - I Cannot Represent Myself”)

Mediation - I Cannot Represent Myself:

Many thanks for all your replays.

I now checked again their letter, it contains: A letter where it states that I am granted legal aid, with the name of my lawyer(which I should contact) and schedule of the conference. Second is a booklet, general description of issues about the conference. The third is Application for legal aid form. :o

So effectively, what they are doing is not providing me legal aid which I never asked for.

The key point is that they are enforcing the lawyers they choose on me with great statement that I must take his/her advice. I waited for this mediation more then a year. Like all parents which do not have proper contact with their kids, I wont allow that somebody represent me in this one.


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Post #4655 by nobody on February 1st 2008, 4:58 PM (in topic “Mediation - I Cannot Represent Myself”)

Mediation - I Cannot Represent Myself:

Thank you for your replay Artemis!  :)

Who should provide me with certificate?

I did not initiated process, my wife did and applied for legal aid.

Could you please put some links where it states that I can self represent or just a hint?

Many thanks.

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Post #4649 by nobody on February 1st 2008, 3:38 PM (in topic “Mediation - I Cannot Represent Myself”)

Mediation - I Cannot Represent Myself

Hi, I just joined the forum.

I have a problem which state that my mediation meeting is cancelled because I wanted to represent myself :ninja:

Very Short Story

My ex used legal aid to start mediation. I was informed about it. I welcomed it, because my ex limits contact with our child. Legal aid sent the forms were they already appointed me a lawyer and hefty price of $600 for 2 hours. I informed them, that I am not using legal aid but rather participating in mediation and representing myself.

I contacted many legal information and none of them ever state that you must have a solicitor. Moreover, the person, who decided to cancel the conference could not bring one, single evidence that I can not represent myself.

Finally, in the form they sent me states that if you do not take an advice from your appointed solicitor, they can terminate the conference.

This is really unheard of, illegally pressurizing and blackmailing people, when they should sit in stress free environment and discuss issues for the benefits of their kids.

Now, they will probably to make a scheme that I rejected the conference, which would be completely fraudulent.

I would appreciate if somebody could send me reference in the family law about self representation.

Thank you.

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