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Post #50977 by newguy on May 27th 2014, 6:08 PM (in topic “Child refuses to return to primary carer”)

Child refuses to return to primary carer :

As Malady has stated the court is not really going to make orders that involve a 14 year old.  If a 14 year old wants to live with on parent over another they can simply vote with their feet.  The same thing occurs when a teenager does not what to got to the other parents home every other weekend because they have their own life and things to do with their friends.   If you have dealing with the Child support agency you might consider informing them your son is with you full time now once you are sure he will be staying.    

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Post #50397 by newguy on December 4th 2013, 10:37 AM (in topic “X gets huge rent from a rental property, but is not declaring it to Child Support”)

X gets huge rent from a rental property, but is not declaring it to Child Support:

I don't know your ex situation but is it possible that the amount he receive in rent is equal to the amount he has to pay for the mortgage / insurance of the rental?  In that case there is no negative gearing so nothing to add back.  Is the rental his only source of income?

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Post #50229 by newguy on October 8th 2013, 12:36 PM (in topic “Adjusted Taxable Income”)

Adjusted Taxable Income:

I just love the CSA and their let maximizes the amount we collect attitude.  I've been a "customer" of CSA for the past 8 years and during that time I stayed at the same job the whole time.   When I separated I was making about 50K now due to promotion and such I'm on 85K.  I have no problems paying on this money.  I have a problem with additional income I have to pay on because I choose to work a part time job and I also believe in saving for a rainy day and the bank interest adds another 4K onto my income so all up its 109K.  So instead of paying about 18K I have to pay 24K.  The children Mother does not have to contribute and money.  But why should she between Welfare and FTB part A/B and Child support she on good money.  Sorry to have a bit of a vent on your post

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Post #49838 by newguy on July 29th 2013, 1:25 PM (in topic “Advice on estimates.”)

Advice on estimates.:

Thank you for your answer, Just wanted to be sure I got that right, a number of years ago I had to do and estimate so I though is was the the end of the financial year and missed it by a few hundred dollars, I thought great I did a good job but no at that time the estimate was for the following 12 months and not the six month until the end of the financial year.  I had a raise in July and a bill for about $1000 when they reconciled the account.  At least they did not charge me any penalties as they understood my mistake. 

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Post #49836 by newguy on July 29th 2013, 11:48 AM (in topic “Advice on estimates.”)

Advice on estimates.

I was wondering if I can get some advice on estimates. I have an AGI of 112.5K and the following year I will be making about 99K which about 13% less and does not meet the 15% threshold so the CSA can decline my estimates. So I decide to declare I make 94.5K 16% less and this amount should be accepted by the CSA as far as estimate penalties goes I would have the make more than 103.95K before I would incur with them? So say I made Just 103.9K, once the account is reconciled, I would than only have an outstanding bill of say 2.5K and on penalties. Do I have a correct understanding?

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Post #49372 by newguy on April 11th 2013, 2:22 PM (in topic “Will CSA backdate a COA? (Correction: Income Estimate)”)

Will CSA backdate a COA? (Correction: Income Estimate):

MikeT, Is it right to say, I make an estimate that I'm going to make 85K and when I do my taxes it is 80K so I paid 17870 per year but should have paid 16470 thus I over paid 1400 dollars.  What happen to that money?   I know if the reverse happens ie I estimate 80K and have after my taxes it is 85K, I get a bill for the 1400 dollars.

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Post #49193 by newguy on March 6th 2013, 10:46 AM (in topic “CSA - A timely review”)

CSA - A timely review :

Yes she does have "100" % care of the children, I put "100" in quotes as my oldest child now goes to boarding school (there is no year 11 and 12) in the town the child lived in and receive Assistance for Isolated Children from Centrelink.  It is my understanding this has no impact on my exs welfare benefits.  So this year he will be away from home for the 40 weeks of the school year.   AIC covers the whole cost of boarding for the child.  My Child Support stays to same.

I do want to make this point the 100% care was not my idea and as many on this board know, I fraught for years to try to get time with my children and in the end the FCWA put my case in the too hard basket and nothing was going to be done as the mother did not want it to happen. 

I am well aware of the additional benefits one gets when one is on Centrelink such as reduced rates and such.  In fact one of the Australian single mums group has a forum and I wanted to read what the other side thinks so I used to read their post and they had a chat feature that guest could post and one of the member posted something and I asked what about FTB and utility allowance and phone and reduced cost on public transport etc.  All valid questions you know what happened the IP address I was using got banned by the administrator no problem I know it was going to happen and just switch to a different proxy server and log in and read them basically laughing that I got banned.  I then wrote a long post and asked why I was banned when I was never violated any of their policies in fact by them laughing and making fun of me they violated their own policies.  The administrator told me not to contact the Mum again so I left.  So yes I know many for the additional benefits one gets on welfare and know when you point them out you get your hand smacked.

When I go to the chemist to buy a PBS medication I pay about 36 dollars when she goes she pays about 3-4 dollars.  There are also thing like the education bonus that she receives yet my child support goes up each year.   Does the CSA say I should receive some kind of credit for the bonus she receives from the government - NO 

So Mr Secretary here are some issues that need to be address by CSA what happens with when a child goes to boarding school and receives AIC and Why a payee with less than 35% care does not receive some kind of credit for additional government bonus received by the payee.  There is also my original question about the payee not working when a child is in their teens and a penalty should apply.

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Post #49186 by newguy on March 5th 2013, 5:31 PM (in topic “CSA - A timely review”)

CSA - A timely review :

Here is the problem with child support when one person is on welfare and the other person is on an average wage.  I just did the maths and you can see the problem.  During Settlement the ex received more than enough money to buy an house outright.  I was left with my super and not much cash.   I can't do anything with my super for years to come. 

CSA says I pay 15070 thus that what I pay.  I have a mortgage but I pay a bit more so I pay 1000f/n and the ATO wants their share about 16000 a year.

     Me      Ex
Wages / Welfare 75000 13858
Child Support -15070 15070
FTB A/B 7538
Mortgage  -26000
Taxes -16050
17880 36466

So my ex chooses not to work and she live on welfare with no mortgage and is a lot better off than me, by almost double!   She gets over 36000 tax free!  Does anyone see anything wrong with this.  Why would she ever want to work. 

When the children enter their teens some part of the child support equation should make an adjustment to give the person on welfare for over X amount of years some kind of penalties for not working.  Why should the tax payers and me fund her choice in what now amounts to a lifestyle.

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Post #48551 by newguy on December 17th 2012, 11:22 AM (in topic “Why are capital gains included in the CSA assessment.”)

Why are capital gains included in the CSA assessment.:

Six years ago, when I had a capital gains as of a result of a forced sale of property (for property settlement); I had a reportable income of almost twice my normal income.  When that year assessment came out I contact CSA on the phone and advised them it was not a true picture of my income and they accept an estimate that put my assessment back to my normal salary.

I also thought it was great that the other party got 70% of the money and I had to pay 50% of the capital gains.  Yep we sure do have a fair system. -not

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Post #47905 by newguy on October 26th 2012, 12:55 PM (in topic “I just don't get how, how is this fair? am i missing something”)

I just don't get how, how is this fair? am i missing something:

If I could ask what is the % of care?

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