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Post #36877 by mumofone on June 11th 2011, 3:59 PM (in topic “Health Card benefits”)

Health Card benefits :

States in Australia have different concessions -I good dtsrtaing point is that states govt website

Cheaper rego, rates, pet rego public transport travel, taxi, electricity  phone, movies, theme parks are just some of the benefits that can be used

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Post #36194 by mumofone on April 28th 2011, 9:50 PM (in topic “Incorrect Consent Orders”)

Incorrect Consent Orders

My DP (& I) attended court at the start of this month and has recently received the consent orders in the mail… the problem is that they are not the ones that he and the ex agreed to in draft between his and the exs lawyers.

He is no longer represented ($$$) but these orders are going to be a real issue. Things like the ex to have EVERY XMAS day until 6.30pm, no one other than the parents to collect / drop off the children and attend school events etc.

The ex agreed to changes such as " & nominated party" etc and Xmas year about.

What would be best for ex to do? contact her lawyer directly and get them to redraft and organise them to be court stamped? They were the ones that drafted up the copy to go to the court.

He hasn't signed these ones but did sign the ones with the agreed amendments.

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Post #35679 by mumofone on April 5th 2011, 8:04 PM (in topic “Take your squabble elsewhere”)

Take your squabble elsewhere:

priceless :P

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Post #31000 by mumofone on August 2nd 2010, 4:20 PM (in topic “Non biological parent query”)

Non biological parent query:

Well its official-the ex is not returning the child-dp received a call from Centrelink wanting to confirm there is a change in shared care which he has said no.

She is refusing his calls and he is onto legal aid to get some advice and a referral.

She is stating that the child has only been in his predominat care as a favour to him

Have checked with her current school to see if she has been transferred but they haven't heard anything yet

We are beside ourselves and the younger one is wanting to known when her sister is coming home

Absolute nightmare

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Post #30989 by mumofone on August 1st 2010, 9:21 PM (in topic “Non biological parent query”)

Non biological parent query

My first post here and not sure where to begin……

My partner has had pretty much full time care (currently 75%) of 2 children-one of which is not his biological child but he has been "dad" since the child was about 2( now 9)-his youngest child is now 6

His ex walked out on them in late 2006 and in fact for a period they didn't even know where she was and since that time has not had a place of her own or been living on / off with a partner who kept kicking her and the kids out when she had them. Since the start of 2009 she has been residing with her parents and has her daughters every 2nd weekend and 1/2 of a 3rd weekend.

The siblings are extremely close (more than I ever experienced with my own siblings) and actually seem to fret when apart. They seem to have some difficulties with changes in routine and have only this year started participating in school events such as school carnivals/

There are no court orders / consent orders in place but a parenting plan which hasn't really worked since put in place and now the ex is wanting to go back to mediation to have my partner agree to allow the children to change schools for a year while she continues to save money and buy a house in their current school area-she doesn't have a car. My partner is more than happy for her to have 50/50 care as long as the girls remain at the same school.

She is now threatening to remove the oldest child completely from him care and "force" him to enrol the younger one at the new school otherwise he is separting the kids

The big issue is that he has no blood ties to the oldest child and I guess for want of a better word is a stepparent to her although neither he or the child see it that way-is there anything he / we can do

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