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Post #7047 by mmistrz on March 13th 2008, 1:22 PM (in topic “What if I do not want to become a billionaire?”)

What if I do not want to become a billionaire?

I've just posted a new post on Family Law Forum, called Honest Thieves where there is a link to my personal website and forum.  If you are interested visit that post than I won't have to repeat myself.

This ironic title of the forum shows that whoever came with this idea appeals to naive people.  Any idea that family law reform bring anything good, is only an appeal to naive.  It is illogical, and cannot happen.

Anyone who relies on government to take essential decisions about his/her children and family, is in my opinion unfit to have a family.

I know that almost all family problems are initiated by government including UN.

The impossibility is confirmed by criminal acts of government.  Sorry legal crime.

I do have documents showing that all the government does is wrong.  In fact all democratic countries subjected to UN dictatorship commit mass crime against innocent children and their both parents.  All this can be read on mentioned post and on my website.

[Link removed by moderator]

How can anyone expect that the criminal who committed a crime, will protect them?  Sorry, there is no such possibility.  When you pay mafia they 'protect' you.

Government is not part but almost entire problem in our families.

About a week ago there was an SBS Insight program about children taken from families.  There was a unamynous conclusion that in all those cases with clear family problem, the children taken away from parents, not necessarily benefitted, and is absolutely not clear whether they actually benefitted at all.

So in clear cases of children negligence in family home, everybody that is those very children once taken from family homes, the carers and specialists, all agreed that there is not clear benefit of such removal of children from family home.  

Than when there is no clear reason of separation or divorce, than a chance of making it better is strongly negative that is there is very big harm done to such children.

Please understand that only natural parents whatever they are are the optimal carers, have the real business to care for them and can provide the optimal environment for children development.

Eventually to help parents to raise their children, like to educate them in how to raise children, how to beat own addiction or anger or other problems is real benefit, but not destruction of families.

No politician or judge takes any responsibility for their own decision.  How possibly people can say that irresponsible officials can bring any good to our children?

It is high time to inform our children that they can and should sue the government for damages for suffering.  Weather it is PAS or unnamed problems, is irrelevant, the government and individual judges should pay the damages.  They have a number of homes and riches they got destroying families. Now it is time our children ask for compensation.

Perhaps I should also ask for compensation.  Our democratic government in Australia which is under instruction of the UN have robbed me of my home, made me homeless, jailed me when I visited my children and when I asked for justice and refused to grant me temporary housing trust accommodation.

Can anyone help me?

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Post #7042 by mmistrz on March 13th 2008, 12:45 PM (in topic “Honest thieves and trusty paedophiles”)

Honest thieves and trusty paedophiles

The problem is so great that I'm not sure where to start.  I am quite stunned to see so much brain washing on this site and so much support from groups of interest.

I only expect that some radicals will be offended by my revelations.  But in fairness and according to rules of logic, I could be offended too.  But does anybody care? It is likely that moderators and censors will not allow this post be published.

As I said the 100 pages book will not explain fully what I have to say about the issue of government destroying families for no reason, but have to start somehow.

I do not expect everybody on this forum to egree with me.  In fact I expect most to disagree, but if you want to do it, use rational arguments, or I will not wish to continue.

Based on my experience and observations, I refuse to to call anything man made as law.  You will honour me if you call according to truth, the acts of parliament, rules, regulation and so on, and never refer to them as laws unless you cite or quote.  They are not laws, but as name suggests rules and regulations etc.  It came to my attention through analysis of properties of the law.  Lawlessness cannot possibly be called a law.  Lawlessness term I may use which has universal understanding that it refers to social principles in society based on fairness and truth etc.

While it is true in general that no institution and in particular in courts, is based on the law in sense of truth, fairness.  For a long time general population is commonly saying that there is no justice in courts.  For this reason the new term has been coined: "natural justice", and it is now used in context that there is no natural justice in courts.

Some people have asked on internet what is the difference between legal and natural justice?  I like the simple answer given: legal justice is something, nobody knows what it is, and natural justice is what even children understand.

I have experienced that courts not only fail openly to deliver justice, but they actively deliver antijustice which as I will show is a legal crime.  Legal because it is in accordance with their books, and crime because that's what they do and I will explain a bit of it.

Now is a time for a small definition. Any adverse action against an innocent person for no good reason, constitute a crime.  For example, the man requesting your wallet on the street, commits a crime.  Anyone breaking into your home with or without your presence, commits a crime.  Any person kidnapping children, commits a serious crime often called terrorism.

Shall I say now that all that has happened to my by the decision of Australian democratic government and it's administration that is police and court? Yes, it is true, but let me show that is is a crime right from design.

Family Law act of No Fault Divorce 1975, this act of parliament as named and called by many as law is an act of crime, and promotion of mass scale crime agaist innocent children and both of their parents and society.

If one thinks rationally, the very title of the act, explains it all.

Let me just list a few of many events showing that legal crime and I am not an exception but example.  Thousands of similar cases appear each year.

Legal criminals have:

1.  kidnapped my all four children

2.  orphaned my four children

3.  destroyed wellbeing of my wife

4.  destroyed wellbeing of myself

5.  robbed me of my home, car and all content, making me trully homeless

6.  arrested me for living on the street

7.  arrested me for visiting my children in my home

8.  arrested me for asking for justice and review of antilaw legislations

9. demand from me ransom for all four children 9% grooss of my income making me a bankrupt

10. refuse to provide me a temporary public accomodation

11. refuse to accept my report on children abuse (non physical nor sexual).

12. subjected my already victimised children and wife to a brainwashing of fanatical religious sect (when I mentioned that in court, the magistrate threaten me)

13. allow children to develop an extreme case of PAS and related problems

I should make it clear.  I make my stand for cases of government interference with families without a good reason.

Most inelligent people agree with me and occasionally some acuse me for something they imagine and cannot comprehend my opinions.

I am offended and insulted by everyone who proposes that government interferes with my family. If you are proponent of government family law, you may invite the government to govern your family and be honest and declare: Magistrate, your honour, please, please make decision about my children and my family because I am not capable of deciding myself.

But please do not send the criminal magistrate to my family.

Before I make a few statements based on my experience or observations, let me say that a legal crime against  innocent children (it is apparently in their best interest) is not just against them.  This is crime against their fathers. It is also crime against their mothers who usually initiate the court process.  It is also crime against society.

Well, I feel that I need to explain how can I refer to officials as committing crime or legal crime.

Adolf Hitler, have ordered to deprive Jews of their posessions, just because they were Jews. Ordered to destroy their children and later parents using gas, fire, shot guns.  Anyone who doubts that it was a crime?

Yet all was based on German parliament.  Can we conclude that if something was drafted in parliament is neither good, nor a law?  Can we also concluded that legal that is based on parliament papers acts can be extremely criminal?  I hope so. Has anybody any doubt that in order to commit a crime, you do not necessarily need a metal helment and machine gun, you can do it in white coat, and having a wig on your head.

I know that many refuse to believe in God because it is irrational as they say, byt somehow they treat anything from UN as it was from bible.  I have problem to call it rational, how abut you?  To be honest I see that this organisation have created much more problems that any good.

[Web link removed by moderator]

Now a few statements.

Legal industry as any other industry, seek maximum benefits with minimal effort.

What our society would look like when judges and lawyers were paid only for each  saved marriage and nothing as is the case now for each destroyed one?

No family court has any justification to exist.

Therefore, the only sensible reforms are to withdraw the government entirely from family affairs. Any other reforms do guarantee lots of problems.

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