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Post #38265 by malmsteen on August 25th 2011, 10:21 AM (in topic “Trouble with an AVO”)

Trouble with an AVO:

the avo went to under taking , i did what i had to after or 1 of us had to be there for the children , the mother has not picked up the kids last 4 time  and did not pick the kids up fron school wensday
i am looking for new solictor , and i am back in court on the 9th  next month for direction , would u know of a good family solitor that will take family law legal aid on the central coast as i dont want to pick the wrong 1 gosford is ok need to find 1 soon for court on the 9th sep thnaks any help would with the would be very helpful

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Post #37742 by malmsteen on July 15th 2011, 9:18 PM (in topic “Trouble with an AVO”)

Trouble with an AVO: counter avo

Ok the counter avo  tells of the past relation ship on going family law matter

It tells of the mother telling the father she is goiing to burn the house down the father lives in  the children where sleeping her at the time

the avo tells of the mother calling the father a petofile

that the mother has phone out side order times  and i feel this is harassment {make it hard getting kids ready for bed  feed them so on }

That the mother said to me she is going to sort me out the prossionals will sort u out   avo   { the mother works at a commuity center and is a youthworker } ubelivable but any ways

the the mother has used avo to get remove  father before  no me another father , she said she will do same

 the use of the avo  system to  harass the father  scare the father ,  the mandatry reporting at the mother work   i fear this will be used to remove kids even tho i have done nother

it must be hard for the commuity center becouse thay have in past given her letter saying how great she is used in family law papers , and it apears she is not  the best mother  i think there a little upset over this

i know u will like this 1  no phone calls to the father

as i posted before i had to get home on thurday was running late

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Post #37729 by malmsteen on July 15th 2011, 1:22 PM (in topic “Trouble with an AVO”)

Trouble with an AVO:

I regret but relt a need to put a a v o on the mother to day thought the courts ,
I was told that the court does not like counter avo but when the clark of the court seen what was going on he  put 1 on her  with me apllying  for it
U know  every tome the mother starts calling me a peto   and threating me  i feel a kick in the guts  with a gut problem i have  i or most lost my guts with the alligation the mother made years ago  and the way she goes on still to this day has a affect on my health  it harms me
 The clark of the court loved the file system , it made it eassyer to see what was going on

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Post #37705 by malmsteen on July 14th 2011, 8:51 PM (in topic “Trouble with an AVO”)

Trouble with an AVO:

Thanks u for this help , i will say very clearr of the mother and work friends ,
The help to day was very help full and i  got some great help at the court house of a lovly lady
i put in legal aid see how that goes dont think i will have much luck
the file system will help me know ends
i cant home as i was running late to day  and left post as kids only just got in to bed and will rely call soon mate thanks very very much gave me a lift i needed
As i sadi be 2 day  i ran doc , who told me to ring onbuzman  who told me to call her work , i just did not think ,  ring her work  i was told that was the  right person to ring asked to put letter in and she would reply  ,  i was just fear full for  the kids she worked with as she has  , as she has said stress atackes that stop her picking kids up from school  and stuff, i just dont belive it stress
holding in there , wish it would or settle  for the kids and me

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Post #37642 by malmsteen on July 11th 2011, 8:31 PM (in topic “Trouble with an AVO”)

Trouble with an AVO: ok sorting it out

Ok after getting some help on the phone  , i belive  if the fedral orders look at things in the avo then it becomes a  fed matter not a local court matter

 1 i have not ever  assaulted the mother  molested harassed

2 intimidated

3  stalked the person  { the court must think i am mad  doing that  }My childed came back to me after drop of saying  he just thorught me in to the wall look sad  un happy upset

i was a upset father  after reading the family report , about this

The orders say  the defandant must not go with in 50 mters of the premises the  party lives and place of work  she has worked in the school  of my kids i am odred to pick kids up from school  or any 1 she has domestic relation with { she does not want any 1 to know she has said in family report i used to use speed ,  and saying posable anger disorder by the mother ,

I am not to phone the mother  i am odered to my fedral court , and send tex

This avo is to get me to brake the  fedral orders  to put me in jail , to hide the fact the mother is  a ex junky  with posable brain damage  that has claimed to be a doc worker

and by reporting this i am  braking the fedral orders ,  intimidateing , her  , well i have to say trying to make shore the kids are ok she is working around , trying to  stop what has happend to my kids , not being picked up from school , seeing a fliped out mother  going to legal aid to see if they can help  on wensday with avo , that belonged in the family courts not local  but this is the commuity center  doing there bit ,   I know the comuity center help lots out there   but they need some control on who works there i feel ,  lets start with drug testing for every 1 around kids , mental reports ,  what ever to stop this rubish going on ,  if u start  there it filter outs ,

Father of 2  who belives in 50% 50% shared care , But mother  wants   to drop kids when ever she feels like it , flip out  ask for help then  go off at father , if ther eis any way to stop this   from the mother 50% 50% , shared care is the way  if the orders in the family court are losser people just need to work thing out  share the kids

i would like  1 week with me 1 week with mother  both at children events  orders done , finish work it out

but how can i do that , and in saying that i still could loss kids tho avo  family law courts , And to a  old friend  you know who u are  thanks for your help

 and i have moved on   a baby girl in october  this year :}  should i out a avo on her in local court for thins she has done ??????? number 1 question at moment

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Post #37625 by malmsteen on July 10th 2011, 12:54 PM (in topic “Trouble with an AVO”)

Trouble with an AVO

I have had a long and trying time in the court regarding children, this has spilled over to the local area , where i live , the impacket had been very painful full long term on My children my self and family , For the 1st time in year I feel I let my family down , when i have close to 100% care of the kids , and bang back to the local court with avo That will stop me no only picking the children up from school , if the mother gets her way , but set me up for braking it , My ex is a social worker and if any had read the other post u may or so find it hard to belive youth worker as well as a oz swim teacher

The mother made a statement to a dr my son and my self I am a youth worker i work for docs thay pay me the only thing making my son play up is not seeing his mother and this made it hard to get my son needs meet regading long term problems

I ran Doc to ask if she was a docs worker , thay said no so no action could be taken , they said call the onbonsman who i called and was told to call her place of work and write question for her regarding how i feel abou the hole thing No thinking doing as i was told to do i broke part of the fedral court orders say not to haress the mother or the mother me , the mother avo asks for me not to tolk to any 1 w=she works with she has worked at the school where the children area at {i cant move schools } come with in 50 meter of any where she works , as i said i have the children or most %100 of the time

I know she problem is intital to a avo what to do may be i should take my teeth brush every where with me , hand the children over to the mother , ??? sick of the hole thing , alligation, avo , children safty , courts , the privacy act , kangaroo public

or so any 1 have a idear as to what the fedral juge will do to me i hope it not a fine as i am not well of , i cant speel tyoe well and feel i cant defend the avo in a court

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Post #22513 by malmsteen on May 26th 2009, 1:21 PM (in topic “Once more mum has problems”)

Once more mum has problems: update

Just a quick up date.

It seems that DOC's and the Mental Home (Where the mother has been kept) are going to look in on the childrenand give the mother some support. The mother seems to be back in this world now.

The mother and I want to change the court orders so that the children go to the father or mother in case where the mother all father are ill all incapacitated.

I am thank-full that DOC's and the hospital will help support her and in the process help protect my children when I am not seeing them, and also the mother's other kid to another father.

They are now finally looking into the bite marks on my son and I am hoping there will be a positive out come. The mother was suspected of using smack by the hospital, and was treated as so although she saying it was not smack , my main concern is this may just be the tip of the iceberg and this may have been going on for some time.

If it was not just a breakdown by the mother , and if something like this will happen once more, this may sound wrong to some but shared parenting is the only way to raise children after separation and even after the events at hand , i feel the mother , and children need to see both party's.

A good friend of mine said "Be the ROCK for your kids, what ever goes on be the Rock" and how true it is. I feel there will be protective measures around to protect my children now and we can move on, with out damaging the children , and braking there routine , fingers crossed , we know what to look out for now.

The support I have gained from and knowledge for the SPCAis gold , If the new lawyer had not been in place and support given to the legal aid solicitor from the SPCA not in place I may have not ever seen my kids after separation , and because the SPCA helped me i can support my children, dear I sayto the mother in a way only a father can, look out for and protect, well to some extent any ways.

Secretary SPCA said
I have not altered the meaning Malmsteen just tidied things up a bit!

For other members Malmsteen has two wonderful young kids who love him to bits (I have seen the photos). He has had a very difficult time in recent years both at home and school which the SPCA and SRL groups have been most privileged to assist him to get a fair and equitable resolution at the Federal magistrates Court. This is a wonderful dad who continues to ensure mum gets contact even though a most despicable separation. He says … and even after the events at hand , i feel the mother , and children need to see both party's… The mother of these kids should be entirely proud of this man and he is to be commended for the way he continues to look after the kids.

We also noted the excellent case outcome from the Federal Magistrate who managed the minefield of allegations and abuse and presented an outcome that reunited two MOST Greatfull kids with dad. I hope we can one day assist him to write a note to the court. It is results like this that make it all worthwhile.

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Post #22493 by malmsteen on May 25th 2009, 12:37 AM (in topic “Once more mum has problems”)

Once more mum has problems

After the final orders fed court where made , the children where very happy and it seems to be working well BUT

Over the last few weeks my ex has had a mental illness problem, school teachers telling me to call DOCS with i have, over bites marks on my youngest, bruising, how thay are dressed and so on.  I believe to be drug related, she is in mental care unit, from friday night to sunday night i have had little sleep as it was the mothers care time she had right of way, she was clearly sick on Friday night when the children rang to say hi to me.

I rang the police at 4,30pm asking if thay could see if thing where OK they said thay would come here and talk then go over the mothers, the mother had said she was going to shoot me, that she said she loved me, and had been to the cross and partyed down there she was clearly sick, at the time by 6 I rang the police once more thay had not showed up more pressing matter (I know thy are very bossy) they said to call the mother and see how things where.

So i rang the mother only to find she was driving the kids 45min away to here mothers, (in the state she was in) it was not till Sunday night I finally found out the mother was put in to a mental home and my children where with her brother who was reported as by my son as the person that bit him on the arm, to school teacher, and DR, I was not told what was going on, i believe because there where drugs involved.

This is a case where the orders need to be fixed.

DOCS should have done there work as reportes where made over bites about 3 weeks age ,and told the father the mother was in a mental home.

The orders tied my hands; federal orders and local cops dont mix.

The mother should be held accountable from stament made in the fed court where she said I dont use drugs.

Well in this case I know where the Rudd money for the children has gone, up her arms.

The mother is a swimming teacher, works as a child social worker, and as carer, just the type of person you want around your kids. There need to be laws made there to to protect other children from ladies like her, mind you a long history of drug useage to.

Well I am off to court tomorrow to see if I can get temporary orders to have kids full time till mother is right once more. Will let you know the outcome.

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Post #7421 by malmsteen on March 20th 2008, 5:29 PM (in topic “Events and Thanks”)

Events and Thanks

Over the past 3 1/2 years.

1. From the breakdown of the relationship with my ex in 2005, our children did not see me for 4 1/2 months.  Every item I owned was in the house and I have not seen any of it since.  I lost my job and now my health is poor.

2. An agreement was made that I see the kids and have shared care of the children. I gained work and all was going well for 6 months.

3. JULY: The mother made allegations and stopped access to the father one week before the father's birthday.  This lasted for 6 months.  My health become poor and I lost my job.  The false allegations were investigated by police and DOCS and found not to be true, within the 6 week time limit.  The local court were told the allegations were not true.  More allegations followed and were made to local court and DOCS on court day.  The mother told that the allegations were not being looked at, because they are false, by DOCS. The mother passed these on to federal courts.  DOCS tell the mother she is a bad mother and hurting the children.

4. FEDERAL court: Ruling made I see my kids in a build up over 3 months 2006. 2007 allegations false.  Father and father's mother, and the ICL, are abused outside the court room doors by the mother's family.  No action was taken.  WHY?

5. A family report was made. The mother was aggressive in front of the children and compulsive anger issues picked up by family report.  Shared care is recommended in the family report.  False allegations by the mother are more like what would happen to the child while in the mother's care.

6. First part of family law court: Shocked by statement made in court and blatant lies made by mother.  Nice outcome, drug testing in place on mother and father. I feel this is a helpful outcome because the mother will no longer be on drugs because of the drug testing.

7. The father's heath is poor due to the family law court process.  He has had medical problems for the past 12 years.  These have been aggravated massively by the court system and allegations made by the children's mother.

8. Relationships Australia: Mother and father to go to courses.

9. Second family report: Father takes children to court house and he is interviewed.  Mother is interviewed and makes deal for father to see kids with shared care.  I feel the court family report person pushed the mother to make deal.  She told me she did.  The mother made another false allegation.  It was she who had been hurting the children, with her actions.

Support for father groups and so on

After the breakdown I went to a men's group called M.A.T.E.S on the Central Coast (NSW).  With the help of Kerry and Rob I made it through a very hard time in my life and came out of it stronger.  Kerry told me about the SPCA and about Wayne and the support and help I could get via the SPCA.

I have found the web page very useful and not only as a away to see how this system affected ME and my kids (FAMILY) but it has given me insight and help to resolve the harmful actions taken by the mother AND how to STOP them happening in the future.

1. The biggest problems I have seen is the court not taking action quicker with mothers like this.  DOCS told the mother at the time of her allegations that she was a bad mother. The allegation were not true in 2006.

2. That the children are put tho the process for far to long.

3. The mother can get AVOS though the local court house without the police wanting to put AVOS on.  She just attends at the front desk of the court for an AVO - no police involvement.

4. After allegations are made, the party that made the allegations gets the kids more and for far too long.  And she is able to stop a party seeing the children for long periods of time.  AVOs are issued on by police on fathers to advantage the mothers' actions in court.  IT'S not often men get AVOs on a woman and it's a storm in a tea cup.

5. Departments not taking action over false allegations when they know they are false.  The police and courts are not able to stop public harassments by one party (like in my case).

6. 2008 March: The children stop getting hurt.  My children's face said it all when they were told mother and father are not going to fight over you any more; you are going to see father more now.  The children ran up to me and sat on my lap in front off the mother and the court and the smile said it all. :}

I get to start my new family over, once more we hope.  My health cannot be given back but the shared care will help.

I can't get back the time with my children, but have time set aside now to plan and look forward to

1. I can only hope I don't need to go back to court.  I would like to thank all the people that have helped me, for not only giving good advice and support when I needed them, but also for the guidance for my family and I.  Most of all, thank you for your time, and I mean this since July 2006.  And also moving toward July 2008 I can see you have done the right thing there.  (Can you please delete that post about July 2008.)  If there is any support I can give to SPCA please let me know, and thanks to Graeme Peters and Miss Clarke.

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