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Post #11504 by lisadonahue2403 on June 16th 2008, 7:19 PM (in topic “Now that my daughter is a mother herself....”)

Now that my daughter is a mother herself....: COC (Child of Case) having a child under the age of eighteen

In order for the assessment to end for your daughter, and it is very unlikely the receiving parent will willingly admit that your daughter is "self-supporting', particularly if she is paying board, your daughter would have to be working and earning over a certain amount on a weekly/monthly basis before CS will concede that the assessment should end.

Child Support do not look upon you paying cs to your ex-partner for your newly born grandchild - it would be assumed that your daughter is claiming child support from the father (also it is not taxable - irregardless of whether or not she was doing this)

The fact that your daughter is paying the receiving parent board is, sadly, impertinent.

Only if your daughter is working part-time/fulltime above pea amount (that is, taxable income above the threshold of what is deemed necessary in order to self-support) could you look at reason 10 under COA.

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