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Post #37361 by leroy on June 25th 2011, 11:52 AM (in topic “Parental Responsibility and Days off School”)

Parental Responsibility and Days off School:

So what happens when you find out  your child has been in intensive care for 3 days  only because your children were talking about something else and related it to the time (insert child name here) was in hospital and nearly died. so you politely ask about this and are told that was fiction.

Then 3 months later children mention how they were out of school for a week with athsma attacks and never saw a doctor and ex says they are exaggerating  it was only 3 days.

What about when this only starts occurring 5 years after seperation and has never happened before.

I'm not excusing rude horrific communication what I am pointing out is that its not only fathers who are wrong as the discussion  seems to be heading that way.

many lives with parents abuse non lives with parents in emails and cross examine kids on there return from time spent with non lives with parents and then withold children based on  assumptions they have concluded from this.

in regards to emails, what about when Father sends email re christmas holidays and gets response from ex that  the only reason you have chosen dates are because you found out her and new partner made plans  already for those times  and discusses about how they already have plans for  every holiday for the rest of the year and when you get to the bottom of the email you realise the ex has cut and paste the response from the previous email but forgotten to delete the evidence she received your email and sent it to her  new partner who answered and sent to her to copy paste and send to the father.

So when you reply by thanking response but notifying of current orders and advising  the information does not comply with current orders, you get letter from exes legal aid solicitor that as you are causing conflict they will be seeking  no contact orders and when you get to court judge errs on the side of caution and makes no contact orders based on your supposed continual conflict IE you refer to and remind of court orders.

stuff happens you hang up if they become abusive, you dont respond to abusive  emails and texts etc

If the child has a sniffle whilst in your care you take them to the doctor and get a written report and notify ex  and supply copy of report.

Keep your nose clean and ex wont have anything to be abusive about and when they are it will be for no reason and you will have had proof and have provided them with same.

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Post #37064 by leroy on June 17th 2011, 12:46 PM (in topic “What is Feminist?”)

What is Feminist?:

The link you provide states seeking equality for women.

That is what I believe it should be hence I can state I am not anti feminist.

I believe in equality.

Unfortunately our family courts, government and  CSA do not follow the equality situation hence  The situation for all concerned post seperation  is a diabolical nightmare and this is why there are sites like this.

It would be fantastic if no-one was discriminated against because of gender  colour sexual persuasion or even if they like baked beans or not but it happens and when it goes to far you end up in the situation we are all in at the moment.

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Post #37059 by leroy on June 17th 2011, 12:08 PM (in topic “Legal implications of not returning a child”)

Legal implications of not returning a child :

I'm not anti woman either.

Its just fact that outcomes from court favour women much more often than they do men.

It is also fact that CSA is biased toward women.

It is also clear that politicians make decisions based on possible future votes and the current favourite demographic is single mothers

There are many men I despise and many females fit that catergory as well.

My sentiments could easily fit the now well used phrase "I'm not racist I hate everyone equally" lol

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Post #37047 by leroy on June 17th 2011, 9:05 AM (in topic “Legal implications of not returning a child”)

Legal implications of not returning a child :

Because dads are violent rapists who only live to make the lives of women hell and for some reason think that after seperation they can have a say in the lives of there children and even get to see them and not have to put there ex in a mansion while they live in a fleabag motel and work 20 hrs a day 7 days a week.

They also quite stupidly think they have a right to any super they earned and that there wallets actually belong to them.

Men also think for some strange unknown reason they can have a life after seperation and move on.

Just ask those lovely parliamentarians grabbing the single mum votes by constantly amending legislation against fathers and refusing to hold a major enquiry into the family law system and the child support agency where every single ombudsman's report advises change in philosophy and practice as it is biased against payers of which men are 90% +

You could also ask this of the multitudes of family Lawyers who make squillions out of  family conflict and do things like advise mothers to withold children etc etc.

I'm not anti feminist. I just believe some things have gone too far.

Just my veiw

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Post #37024 by leroy on June 16th 2011, 5:56 PM (in topic “Legal implications of not returning a child”)

Legal implications of not returning a child :

I fully understand what you are thinking and wonder why many in the same position dont  do it as well.

When I think of the consequenses logically it should not be an issue as mothers do this all the time.

when I look at it practically I remember the magistrates I have had to deal with and say dont do it.

Unfortunately the current crop of magistrates are all from an era where mother stayed home and father worked.

They seem to continually favour the mothers simply because thats how they were raised and it is ingrained in them

in 20 or 30 years time when  judges and magistrates  were born in a time when single parent families are more common we may see some change.

Sadly you can keep the children legally but  the courts will punish you severely by giving you weekends only etc

police will come and take the child from you per court order as they will deem children lived with mother and thats best place for them.

all you have to do is see what happens if a man walks out and takes the kids, centrelink will not support until there is an affidavit from the mother or a court order.

you will never get emergency housing if required , you will never get dept of housing accomodation, you will be on the backfoot always.

flip the coin, mother gets womens legal service emergency housing until housed by dept of housing centrelink etc etc etc list goes on and on.

Some  will see my comments as anti feminine etc etc etc.

It is not.

It is merely the facts of how things are at the moment.

My advice is to sit back like a good boy and let the mother do as she pleases until you get to court and then accept  getting to see youre kids whenever the mother lets you as  any contravention you go to the courts with will result in a slap on the wrist for her.

sure you may win  a little here and there  but she will win the war and regardless of what is said it is a war. you can participate and  stand in the open field being bombarded with lies about being violent or other nastier things etc while the mother sits back behind the big anti male government laws to bribe single mother votes with the judge/magistrate.

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Post #36789 by leroy on June 6th 2011, 6:36 PM (in topic “Arrears caused by CSA not sending the correct letters”)

Arrears caused by CSA not sending the correct letters:

CSA made a mistake causing myself to have overpayed $5k

ex gets legal aid solicitor not private but funded by legal aid

applied to minister financial services to have this discharged - denied

then applied to federal magistrates court for departure order

magistrate walked into chambers and first words were how much child support doesnt he want to pay.

my rep corrected magistrate advising overpayment and ex wanting this wiped.

judge ordered adjournment of 1 hour and stated clearly she was leaning toward discharging entire amount so I would be in arrears  for monies csa had credited against arrears.

My choice discharge all monies not yet collected and not be in arrears or have the magistrate discharging everything putting me in arrears. mmmm lotsa choice there.

no evidence required by magistrate to prove or disprove situation.

SSAT hearing found ex had incorrectly claimed CS 2 yrs prior to seperation.

again overpayment this time 15k

CSA gifted this overpayment using the loophole that as case was not legally registered any monies they collected and paid to ex by emptying my bank accounts, taking my tax returns etc etc leaving me to have to live off others  and not be able to see my children was not in there power to recoup as case not legally registered at  the time.

go to federal magistrates court  seeking an order for these moneys to be returned to me.

different magistrate says these monies benefitted your children so tough case dismissed.

no questioning of proof kids been living out of baked bean cans whilst mother had dinner parties and bought new hubby car new laptop LCD TV etc.

There are NO laws which allow for collection of overpayed CS yet CS debt continues after death and bankruptcy.

something wrong with that

something also wrong when csa can empty your bank accounts and continue to have all incoming monies transferred to themselves with no thought or consideration of what you require to survive.Clearly  if you have a csa debt you can survive on thin air.

So yes csa acted on incorrect information and made my life hell and when I finally proved it 10 yrs later they said to bad so sad and  the federal magistrates court just reiterated it.

Is it any wonder everyone who has had a 19 yr old CSA case manager point the big stick at them dislikes CSA?

Is it any wonder people think the magistrates have only hammer men in mind when a magistrate does not even look at the papers prior to walking into court and has already made up their mind that it must be another deadbeat dad trying to get out of paying for his kids they have to deal with?

just my rant

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Post #36422 by leroy on May 17th 2011, 7:59 PM (in topic “shared care 6 month old”)

shared care 6 month old:

What will you do when your son is 13 and says I want to go live with my dad?

Will you be going out clubbing with him when he turns 18?

will you be going on his honeymoon also?

My reasons for asking all of these things is you saying you are simply being a mother and wanting what is best for your child would mean you will chose his playmates , his girlfriend his home etc when he is older because you are his mother and you want what is best.

Clearly in your veiw only mothers know what is best and fathers should just butt out of decision making.

You also said your child only sees his father because you pushed it.

so you pushed him where you wanted him and now that he likes it and wants more  thats not on?


Sitting back reading  your last post also has me concerned about your motivation in all of this.

You keep  discussing getting to know him etc

Why do you actually need to know him?

do you harbour some feelings for him?

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Post #36415 by leroy on May 17th 2011, 7:36 AM (in topic “shared care 6 month old”)

shared care 6 month old:

Can you please make up your mind.

You state you had to chase the father and you are doing everything to get him to know his child and that he doesnt want to know this child and that he is embarressed and ashamed  at the situation but yet you also state that he is seeking more time and has always sought more time  and is pushing for overnights even and YOU dont think this is right for your child.

If he is embarressed and ashamed at having a child with you it does not make sense for him to be seeking more time with the child.

What does make sense is that he is trying to be a father and you are looking for reasons and ways to deny this.

Childcare takes babies from 2 months old for working mothers.

govt is legislating for babies to be seperated from there mothers from 3 months old.

Teen mothers today all mothers tomorrow.

it matters not if you and he met in kindergarten and been childhood sweethearts all your lives or if it was a 1 night stand.

your child has a right to a meaningful relationship with both parents from the moment they are born.

You dont trust him?

how are you ever going to trust him if you dont allow yourself to see he is trustworthy.

you will never see this whilst you are seeking out ways to deny  him the time to bond with your child.

You are not the only parent.

I'm guessing you will only read the first  couple of lines  and not bother with the rest as you are only seeking opinions that tell you what you want to hear.

Thats your choice. we all go through that stage at some point.

Think about your situation and what you child will say to you when they are an adult about it.

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Post #36401 by leroy on May 16th 2011, 5:13 PM (in topic “shared care 6 month old”)

shared care 6 month old:

The point of my post was  that you have denied your child so much bonding time with his father already why do you feel he should have more bonding time with you over his father?

It's 3 months  and kids adapt much better than you give them credit for , even the government is admitting that by there policy.

in many families kids are going to daycare or grandparents  early simply because many families cannot afford only 1 parent working.

you seem hellbent on your child only bonding  with you and youre posts come accross as though you would prefer the father just vanished.

Your child has a right to both parents not just the person who carried him for 9 months.

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Post #36398 by leroy on May 16th 2011, 2:32 PM (in topic “shared care 6 month old”)

shared care 6 month old:

Are you aware  the federal government is  planning to send mothers under 18 back to school and training.

This means 3 month olds will be in daycare or with fathers or grandparents for entire days.

what is the difference between an overnight and a full daylight hours day?

what will these breastfed 3 month olds  consume whilst there mothers are off training or schooling?

Just my thoughts

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