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Post #31006 by larrybob on August 2nd 2010, 6:17 PM (in topic “Makeup visits”)

Makeup visits :

just to give an indication as to the way that she behaves, when a family report was done( at her solictors insistence) the report writer stated that she presented to him as angry, bitter, unashamedly foul mouthed and notably immature.. when the report came back her solictor (government funded) dropped her as a client immediately.

I believe my question has been answered, and thank you to those that have replied.

this will not end happily for anyone, even though a court order is in place, and it should have resolved the so called "issues" the mother has with us, she is going to use the "kids are sick" story to stop the visits going ahead

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Post #31003 by larrybob on August 2nd 2010, 4:45 PM (in topic “Makeup visits”)

Makeup visits :

But, if she did not briing the children to the changeover at the appointed time and place, wouldnt that be classed as a breach or a contravention to the order?
There is also nothing in the order to say that if they are sick that we miss a visit..

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Post #30998 by larrybob on August 2nd 2010, 3:53 PM (in topic “Makeup visits”)

Makeup visits

Hi, New to this forum and was hoping someone may be able to give us some advice..

We have a court order in place where we see the children for xxx amount of hours on XXX day of the month.. the mother has stated that if the children are sick they wont be attending the court ordered visit and that there is no such thing as a makeup visit (only as a goodwill gesture), and legally she does not have to do it.
Can anyone confirm if this is true?

 there is nothing in the order in relation to makeup visits, just that the visits are to occur XXX amount of hours on XXX day of the month.

Thanks, Larrybob

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