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Post #28898 by honeyman2 on March 9th 2010, 10:46 PM (in topic “Relocation while other party moves also”)

Relocation while other party moves also

The problem we have is simply. We would like to move to <Bayside suburb> from <western suburb>. The father is saying we cannot move without his consent even though he plans to move in the near future. He lives in <country suburb> 38 km away at present and has made mention to his kids they will be moving to <another country suburb>. About 10km closer to where I live now. The move to where I want to live will add 21km to his travel but with freeways only 6 minutes to his actual travel time.

It was never my fiancee's intention to stay here and has only stayed until the youngest is of school age before moving the elder child to a new school. This way we can start a new school together with only one move for the elder.

We have just read Bachman & Bachman (a great help, thank you to the advisor sending this info)

Any help will be gratefully appreciated

(moderator note: do not use suburb names. This is a public forum)

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Post #28896 by honeyman2 on March 9th 2010, 9:40 PM (in topic “Relocation distance”)

Relocation distance


My fiancee and I are looking at moving from <western suburb> to <bayside suburb>. My fiance has two girls to her ex husband. He has moved to <country suburb) He is stopping the move saying it will be to far for him to travel to pickup and drop off. The distance at the moment is 38km and takes approx 42 mins. When we move it will be 59km and take 48 mins (more freeways therefore faster over the distance).

He is saying this is to far and we will have to get a relocation order from the court.

We wish to move to give the girls a better environment in schooling, socially, health, emotion, security, outside influences and general well being.

Where do we stand?

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