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Post #8308 by harley622bq on April 18th 2008, 4:16 PM (in topic “Can child support touch your superanuation after you are fired from your job?”)

Can child support touch your superanuation after you are fired from your job?

I was recently sacked from work. Now my ex is going the capacity to earn trail.

Her new partner actually works for the Child Support Agency. He has lived in the same house as my ex, in a de-facto relationship, with his two kids plus my ex and my two kids.

In her statements to the CSA there is no mention of him contributing to the house, but she lists his kids with ours when getting child assistance.

I now have no job, no house, had to sell it, no money in the bank, bar $300. All I own is my bike tent and sleeping bag BUT I do have $250,000 in superannuation that I can't touch until I'm 60.

My question is: Will they start paying her this capacity to earn out of that?

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