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Post #6924 by grannie on March 11th 2008, 10:15 PM (in topic “Grandparents”)


The family court matter has been put on hold as the children are presently in the care of Docs. They are in foster care, whilst a investigation of abuse is investigated.

Because of cross border issues the children are to stay with foster care until a court hearing on 24.4.08.

I am surprised that in abuse claims a party has to prove their innocence not the other way around.

I can apply to DOCS for consideration of a kinship application but it will be refused because of my age.So once again Dads and families miss out.

Secretary SPCA: I have added the link here to the topic relating to this that is currently in the Community Services forum Click here to view the related topic

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Post #6898 by grannie on March 11th 2008, 9:21 AM (in topic “Grandparents”)

Grandparents: An update

Thanks every one, I have applied to the family court, but it now has been over ridden by DOCS.

I have posted in the DOCS section of forums.

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Post #6891 by grannie on March 11th 2008, 2:49 AM (in topic “DOCS QLD - Very young Grand Children in DOCS foster care”)

DOCS QLD - Very young Grand Children in DOCS foster care

At present my two grandsons are in the care of DOCS QLD. This is only a temporay order till 24.4.08.

I reported that my grandson had been hurt whilst in the mother's care. So an investigation is now proceeding. I have some concerns in the way Docs is handling this.

Visitation used to be 2 hours a week at their office, but it has been changed to 1 hour a week at a church hall as a group visitation with other families involved with DOCS. Only 2 familiy members can attend.

My concerns are about safety of the children as this church is in a out of the way place, and to the privacy of the children. There is concern about safety due to the heated exchanges whilst change overs on access visits for the youngest child. The children are only 3 and 15 months old.

Till the DOCS interventation my family had not seen the 3 year old for 2 years. He was hidden from his dad. The fathers of these two boys are my son, of the 13 month old bub, and my grandson is the father of the 3 year old. They both had a relationship with the children's mother. I have tryed to talk to DOCS about these issues but was told I have no right to interfere.

They have been in care now for 2 months. There is still no case planning being told to the family. All we get is a phone call less than 24 hours informing of visitation changes. So for 1 hour a week these 2 little boys are put in the limelight and have lots of attention then return to foster care till the next week.

I am concerned for bonding issues due to the young age of the boys and how does a dad bond with a 3 year old he hasn't seen for 2 years in such a group situation. I would like to hear of any ideas or suggestions on how to get some one to look at this please.


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Post #3149 by grannie on December 9th 2007, 7:30 PM (in topic “Grandparents”)


I have a 3 year old great grandson and a 1 year old grandson. Both children have the same mother.

I get to see my grandson every week, but my greatgrandson I have not seen for 9 months. This child is being hidden from my side of the family.

My grandson has attempted to take legal action to see this child but the mother just returns all mail stating not at this address.

Can any one advise if greatgrandparents have any rights to being in this child's life?

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