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Post #9420 by govite on May 13th 2008, 2:23 PM (in topic “Relevent Dependant??”)

Relevent Dependant??:

Hi MikeT
The dates were 30 Nov 2008 to 30 Nov 2008

Both assessments came in one envelope. I have spoken to c$a and ex is claiming that she has a relevent dependant.
Calculator works a treat.

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Post #9223 by govite on May 9th 2008, 5:11 AM (in topic “Relevent Dependant??”)

Relevent Dependant??

Received my new c$a assessment today, a reduction of about $500 a month (yahoo) I received 2, first one says 1st July 2008 to 29th November 2008

annual amount payable is $23082 Monthly rate $1923.50

Second one says 30th November to 30th November 2008 annual amount payable is$22575 Monthly rate $1881.25

Only explanation I think is that ex has a daughter from previous relationship that turns 18 on the 30 November 2008 and is listed on the first assessment as a Relevent dependant 13 yrs or over which entitles ex  to a multi-case Allowance of $3007.

My question is would the daughter still be a dependant if she does not attend school(she doesn't), lives with her boyfriend ( not with the ex) and has a job of sorts?

Should I ask C$A/centrelink to investigate?

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Post #9212 by govite on May 8th 2008, 9:06 PM (in topic “FRC - Short and Sweet”)

FRC - Short and Sweet:

yes there are consent orders in place but there are issues with that too - i have applied to join SRL-R so I can give more detail once i have been signed up.

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Post #9208 by govite on May 8th 2008, 8:16 PM (in topic “FRC - Short and Sweet”)

FRC - Short and Sweet

My ex wants to relocate which i am not agreeing to so mediation being the first step she makes an appointment. Today I received a phone call

from FRC saying that they have spoken to ex and that i could organise for an intake also. After the practitioner asked me several questions she said that on the information she received she was willing to grant us both certificates so that if either of us wanted to start court proceedings we could because relocation was such a grey area.

The practitioner said that if I wanted to do a formal intake where she asks more questions etc that I could.

Ex has not started formal court proceedings yet - should I continue with FRC or just get my certificate and wait till she files for application to relocate?

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Post #8836 by govite on April 30th 2008, 2:49 AM (in topic “Relocation ?”)

Relocation ?


My ex wants to move from C in QLD to K in WA. Her husband already has a new job in K.

We have 3 girls age 12, 7, 6.

I live in G in NT.

There are consent orders in place.

I fly the girls over for half holidays.

My partner and I do not want her to relocate because we are trying to get FIFO positions with our employer so we can live in C and work in G on 8/8 day roster. Then hopefully get orders changed so we can have them for our time in C.

Since I have said I do not consent to her relocation she has made it more difficult to contact them, refers to me by name to them, not Dad.

My partner and I are visiting C this week and have asked to see them, which she is refusing.

Will I stand a chance or will she get her way?

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