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Post #15393 by garrymegan on August 22nd 2008, 5:46 PM (in topic “We made a undertaking order in court today”)

We made a undertaking order in court today

There was an added item in the undertaking that said we are not allowed to discuss her or his daughter on any internet site does that mean we can no longer chat?

We've never used names and we only wanted advice? Any help?? :(

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Post #14611 by garrymegan on August 6th 2008, 5:53 PM (in topic “My Ex Wont Give UP”)

My Ex Wont Give UP

My ex decided to pull a huge stunt with my 19 yr old daughter, my daughter rang me yelling abuse at me and screaming that i mentally abused her and my little girl forever, so she was going to commit suicide…. I paniced to the point i rang the police 3x and they went out to my exes house and tried to contact her….little did i know her and my ex were hiding in the house laughing thinking it was a wonderful joke to play on me and my new partener…

i love my girls to death and i would gladly give my life for them, and i would go after anyone that hurts them in a heartbeat, but they have told my new partener that they are brainwashing my little girl to believe her daddy hurt her…. she is 13 and very impressionable… and im scared that my little girl will end up really mentally abused by them and if she decides to tell the truth that her daddy loves her and has never raised a finger in her direction, that my ex will end up beating her up….

i know my girls love me deep down, but they have been made to believe i hate them, so they can only yell abuse at me….. i have decided to give up fighting in court for my little girl, i dont mean to sound mean but i cant allow my ex to use my girls as weapons against me anymore, and the girls have to learn that i love them but i cant handle them hating me because of my ex…..

am i doing the right thing???

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Post #13730 by garrymegan on July 22nd 2008, 3:20 PM (in topic “My new partner and I have been served fraudulent AVO's”)

My new partner and I have been served fraudulent AVO's:

Thanks guys for all your geat advice. My new partner has printed out the conversation with my ex word for word, with her admitting it was all a lie, and that she brainwashed my little girl. And with the exact time and date of the call.

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Post #13657 by garrymegan on July 20th 2008, 1:50 PM (in topic “My new partner and I have been served fraudulent AVO's”)

My new partner and I have been served fraudulent AVO's

My new partner and I have been served AVO's by my ex-wife, who has included my 13 yr old daughter. Mine was for stalking and violence towards my ex and my 13 yr old daughter who means the world to me.

My new partner was issued an AVO for stalking them both. Yet my ex rang her up and admitted to her that she had lied to get the AVO's put on us as she wants me to suffer knowing she was unfaithful all along. She has brainwashed my little girl into believing that her daddy doesn't love her anymore and that he never wants to see her again. I would give my life for my little girl.

It's killing me inside that I can't talk to or see my daughter. She was living with me before my ex chased me out of Victoria with death threats against me and my new partner.

I want to get custody of my daughter as my ex is mentally unstable. I have been plagued with text messages on my mobile phone of suicide messages and very derogative comments no sane person would dare make. She was also very violent natured with severe alcoholic abuse and very manipulative towards me when I was there. I'm afraid she will lash out at my little girl and seriously hurt her.

What can I do? My new partner is a great support to me and she really cares for my little girl's safety and wellbeing too.

What's the best way to fight the AVO's and gain custody of my little girl who's the innocent one in all of this.

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