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Post #14898 by foxhound31 on August 12th 2008, 7:29 AM (in topic “Liability of the CSA”)

Liability of the CSA:

An unfortunate story, however not quite sure how the CSA collects tax, and if it was 47% then the individual must have been earning a high salary??

Does the CSA get away with it, or is it a case that no-one has challenged them.  People power always works!

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Post #14465 by foxhound31 on August 2nd 2008, 1:39 PM (in topic “Liability of the CSA”)

Liability of the CSA

No doubt alot of us have been emotionally effected and stressed by the biased methods which the CSA does business.  So at what point does the CSA admit liability for increasing stress, creating health problems and causing emotional problems between parents by use of their biased, confronting approaches?  Numerous occasions I have been ordered to pay, re-pay or similar additional CS based on a phone call from ex, then after numerous letters and demonstrations of proof do I have these orders over-turned.  If I had simply been asked to confirm various matters then I would not have been placed under this pressure.  Surely there are many others out there in similar circumstances, surely there are enough of us who could clearly demonstrate that deterioration of health, increases in stress etc can directly be attributable to the methods of the CSA - if so a class action and then sue the bast#$ds.!

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Post #9293 by foxhound31 on May 10th 2008, 9:30 PM (in topic “Constant Changes to assessment”)

Constant Changes to assessment:

the reality is, most assessments are grossly over rated..I pay over $700 per month for two kids and thats with 50/50 shared care.  I am sorry but i don't go anywhere near spending that much on two kids in a month..sorry but the payments are for the kids not for the parent…if everyone did an honest days work then our society wouldn't be in this predicament.  society would be better off if we were to place funds into an education fund or the like for future use, rather than passing to a prent who spends at their desire - cigarettes, rent, alcohol whatever…show me receipts that the money was spent on the children - yeah sure!

if its any wonder people work for cash -  will be be soon, the legislation is flawed.

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Post #9011 by foxhound31 on May 3rd 2008, 5:43 PM (in topic “Mortgage versus rent dispute”)

Mortgage versus rent dispute:

What are my other options then?

She can get a cease order on the sale of the house, therefore I can't sell.

She won't pay rent.

I am stuck with increasing debt.

I can force the property settlement, and once divorce comes through she can delay for a further 12 months!

Surely I have some rights here as the legal owner of the house.

If I can provide a house for my kids what is the issue with selling the other house she is in?  Perhaps change all the locks and remove her like a squatter?

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Post #9009 by foxhound31 on May 3rd 2008, 4:34 PM (in topic “Mortgage versus rent dispute”)

Mortgage versus rent dispute:

Hi annie,

the children live with me 7 days out of 14, i live 200m from her in my own home.  The kids have transitioned very well to live with me, hence i don't believe my ex having to move is an issue. The kids have a house with me.. Further i move every 12-24mths with my employer so they are used to it. She changed her mind because she realises i am stuck in a bind and all systems support the parent who earns less, and generally supports the mother more than the father.  By changing she gets money in her pocket yet is not putting any out to contribute…i guess i will just have to default on loan and let the bank take the house. At least then I will only have to pay one mortgage and CSA payments rather than two mortgages and CSA.

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Post #9004 by foxhound31 on May 3rd 2008, 3:06 PM (in topic “Mortgage versus rent dispute”)

Mortgage versus rent dispute:

She has been living rent free since Oct last year. During this time the agreement between us has been she pays me rent the equivalent of my child support payments to her, hence no exchange of money.  However as of this week she wants the CSA to collect, however is refusing to pay me anything for the house.  

I am in QLD and still obtaining exact details on super and other assets to commence negotiating for property settlement.

There is no written agreement for 'rent' rather how the child support was paid, however being the beneficiary she can change the method of collection whenever and however she likes.   As for 'rent' she wont sign.. I recently told her in writing to either sign a rental agreement or she has 4 weeks to get out, after which I will change the locks.

Children are 6 and 4, with shared care at 50/50.

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Post #8995 by foxhound31 on May 3rd 2008, 11:58 AM (in topic “Mortgage versus rent dispute”)

Mortgage versus rent dispute

Present situation is that my ex-wife lives in a house of which land title and mortgage is solely in my name.

She refuses to pay any rent and has no legal obligation to pay any of the mortgage, insurance, rates etc.

Her solicitor advises her not to pay rent, my solicitor tells me to get her to pay market rent.

Presently I am stuck paying a mortgage for a house I do not reside, plus a mortgage for my own (new) house.

Children are 50/50 shared care.

My issue is that legally I am solely responsible for the mortgage, if I default the banks come to me.  Why then should she not be contributing?

The CSA will only accept 30% of mortgage to be taken off total CSA payments.  So now I pay for her to live, for the kids and pay for myself.  Advice please?

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