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Post #23370 by fleagle on July 7th 2009, 4:03 PM (in topic “Property not settled and property sold with Capital Gain what's CSA view”)

Property not settled and property sold with Capital Gain what's CSA view

Hi everyone

I was forced to sell an investment property after losing my job in November. There was rent there and a capital gain. This will form part of the total property pool and my wife will gain from it. My income will look artificially high for 2008-9 and the property split is not agreed. She will own part of this gain - the bigger part. How should I deal with this with CSA as I was unemployed over Nov-early Feb but I'm now working for myself at a far lower income since then. It would be unfair for me to wear the income on something she's going to get as part of the settlement. Anyone been through anything similar?


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Post #23369 by fleagle on July 7th 2009, 3:09 PM (in topic “Impact on shared parenting outcome if you get diagnosed with stress or depression”)

Impact on shared parenting outcome if you get diagnosed with stress or depression

Hi everyone

I am feeling particularly strained at this point - just over a year. Court dates for trial on custody coming in November. I feel overwhelmed and have spent tens of thousands with lawyers. I have a couple of ridiculous allegations against me that I've gone to psychologists and psychiatrists to disprove. The reports are in my favour. I have two kids.

I now feel that work is not getting my full attention and I'm missing things - I have income protection insurances.

I'm worried if I get a stress / depression diagnosis it will impact upon me and the desired 7/7 shared parenting. I have 9/5 currently but not in one block. Holidays are crazy with only maximum three days stretches with their father. I am extremely happy when the kids are with me.

What impact on the trial would it have if I turn up on insurance with a diagnosed condition.

Thank you.

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