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Post #5711 by briscanuck on February 21st 2008, 5:28 PM (in topic “AVOs and Credible Evidence ?”)

AVOs and Credible Evidence ?:

Hey guys, sorry to be a downer for those depending upon debunking the frivolous AVO applications, but my experience in December from the new Ex is that all she has to do is say that she perceives a threat of anything that is classified as "family violence" these days and an AVO/DVO is heard in court.

Remember, that means ANYthing (my case: yelling at each other, which apparently made her feel threatened), and it's off to the magistrates' court for an application stating that she perceived a threat of feeling threatened!

Not sure how it goes if you decline to consent to the order, as I was under duress and threat from her about not seeing our kids; but that's a whole other story…

Good luck to you all.

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