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Post #13616 by abc1962 on July 19th 2008, 12:45 PM (in topic “Nice guys finish last”)

Nice guys finish last

Hi all I am new to this forum. I am a single father of two boys 13 and 12. Mum sees the children every two weeks when she is sober sometimes for one night during footy season and other times for 2 nights, all in all a bit hit and miss. I drive all the way across Sydney to deliver and pick up the children. When we first seperated she demanded custody of the kids and also managed to steal the lions share of property settlement. The Family court was completly biased in favour of the mother even with strong evidence of alcoholism and child abuse and neglect. Can I confirm that at no time was there any hint of domestic violence chlld abuse or neglect on the part of myself. At that time I payed approximately $460 a fortnight in child support as she refused to work. Over the next couple of years things went downhill and well I had to take the matter back to court and was successful in regaining full custody of the children. For the next 4 years i did not receive a penny in child support as she sloshed from one bottle of drink to another. Finally she sought employment and for the last 10 months I commenced receiving $260 dollars per fortnight. She is now earning $70,000 declared income per year, rents out our previous family home as an investment property and the new formula calculates that she is required to pay $161 per fortnight, thats $40 per kid per week. So I am getting to the end of my rope, recently my rent went up 100 dollars per week, i lost the family tax part a, and now another $100 a fortnight in child support has gone. I also must say I work full time and juggle parenting with babysitters and friends, I have always worked full time and have always paid full child support when i was required to.

Can some sensible person answer me a few questions.

1. how bad is this formula when even the person from the child support be flabbergasted at this paltry amount
2. obviously this is calculated taking into account that she will see the kids 52+ nights per year what happens if she fails to meet this number?
3. does anyone think i should stop being an idiot driving the kids across sydney incurring 24 dollars a round trip in tolls
4. any advice at all

I think I will write to DOCS who "share the contact responsibility" and revise the contact arrangements e.g. if the mother can reduce her contribution to child support by $100 then I can reduce my contribution in tolls and petrol by requiring her to come pick up and drop off the kids. She has a car she is just always to drunk to drive it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this I would appreciate any comments, i guess I am just blowing off steam but as all parents know $40 per week doesn't go far. I really do this this formula is a crock and flawed because it is based on an incorrect amount of costs to raise a child. I would like to get the boffin that thought up the amount and invite him to my place to see how far the money goes.

Yes I do beleive in the statement "nice guys finish last"

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