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Post #9849 by Warwick Marsh on May 21st 2008, 8:50 PM (in topic “Dads4kids Forum - NSW Parliament House”)

Dads4kids Forum - NSW Parliament House

Dads4kids Forum

Tuesday 3rd June 2008 - 10 am to 1.30 pm

Theatrette - NSW Parliament House
Macquarie St, Sydney

Fatherhood & Family under Threat  -  Children Need a Mother and a Father

'Father' to go from Birth Certificate is the headline of a story in the Herald Sun on 18th May 2008. The Same Sex Relationship Bill 2008 will radically alter 57 pieces of important legislation in a calculated attempt by the NSW Labor Government to discriminate against men, derogate fathers, fragment families and break the hearts of our children.

Children need a mother and a father. To deprive them of that right by government regulation is callous and heartless. Legal advice has indicated that the proposed bill, as it affects Section 24 of the Anti-Discrimination Act (1977), could make the word 'father' discriminatory. Sadly this has already happened in California, USA after the passing of similar legislation.

Studies from around the world show that children raised by their natural biological mother and father fare much better than those who are not raised in a natural-parent family.

A recent Australian study showed that children who do not live with their natural biological father were between 17 and 77 times more likely to die from intentional violence or accident. These facts are corroborated by academics from around the world.

The NSW Labor Government needs to see that you care about your children. Mr Iemma needs to know that the fathers and mothers of NSW will not accept such politically correct madness. Children need a father and a mother.

Come to NSW Parliament House, Macquarie St, Sydney on 3rd June for the Dads4kids Forum. Show the government that you care for our children.

Speakers: Warwick & Alison Marsh, Fatherhood Foundation;

Wayne Butler, Shared Parenting Council;

Richard Egan, Festival of Light;

Barry Williams, Lone Fathers Association and many others from within the fatherhood/mens and pro-family movements including pro-family state parliamentarians.

Registration for the Dads4kids Forum is essential as space is limited.

Name ___________________________ Address _____________________________________

City ____________________________ Postcode ____________ Phone __________________

Email __________________________________________________ Mobile _________________

Fatherhood Foundation

Phone: 02 4272 6677 Fax: 02 4272 6680


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