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Post #31867 by Sylvia on September 14th 2010, 8:08 AM (in topic “establishing the three criteria under reason 8 - capacity to earn”)

establishing the three criteria under reason 8 - capacity to earn:

Hey guys, how about you wait until guest provides their grounds for appeal to SSAT. They haven't provided any.

I think you are projecting your own issues onto guest - who's really given this forum nothing to go on.

You're assuming complex financial arrangements and incomes here.

It looks to me like guest is more after success stories to beef up their case rather than actually wanting advice.
As Fairgo says, you need to have special circumstances to qualify for Reason 8. We don't know what they are.

Are you both saying that it's incorrect that just as your income may be lowered through SSAT, it could also be
increased, given the circumstances of your case? You'd want to be pretty sure you had a good case and nothing
to lose in going to SSAT. I'm sure you're not recommending being vexatious for the sake of it, on the off chance you get a
reduced income assessed.

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Post #31831 by Sylvia on September 13th 2010, 7:53 AM (in topic “establishing the three criteria under reason 8 - capacity to earn”)

establishing the three criteria under reason 8 - capacity to earn:

If you were unsuccessful in the COA process in proving a capacity to earn, it is unlikely you will succeed in the SSAT process.

In order to be successful with SSAT you need to have strong grounds for going there. It would be useful if you discussed what grounds you have (obviously without any identifying details) to get theadvice you are after. You're casting a very wide net.

If you are seen as vexatious, the application will be thrown out. Unless you have new information, or CSA has erred in an obvious way, it is unlikely you will be successful it's likely you'll be thrown out.

While there are few penalties in going to SSAT, there will be a record of your actions and future, legitimate information could be discounted.

You should also ask yourself, is the amount of money in question worth going to these extremes? These actions often cause a lot of conflict that is better avoided unless you are talking thousands of dollars. You'd also want to be pretty sure you'll be successful.

CSA gives this Example

In a change of assessment matter the CSA Objections Officer may have decided to set a party's adjusted taxable income amount to a figure of $55,000. That party may think that that amount is too high and appeal to the SSAT. The SSAT may decide that a change of assessment is justified but that the income should be set at $60,000. (Conversely, it may determine that the amount should be set at $40,000).

Last edit: by Secretary SPCA

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Post #18387 by Sylvia on December 9th 2008, 9:59 AM (in topic “Changing circumstances”)

Changing circumstances

I have a question about my cousin's situation:

She is planning to get married soon.

This will make her kids with her ex her new husband's dependants, won't it?

Which is a good thing, because I think it will reduce the CS he pays HIS ex.

I'm just wondering, because my cousin was a bit too young to care for the kids; she gave them to her ex to look after. They have 50/50 care now.

Does this mean that (cos her hubby to be has a good income) my cousin's non-working ex will get access to the new hubbies income?

LOL, I'm so confused, I hope I'm making some sort of sense?

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Post #18235 by Sylvia on November 30th 2008, 9:13 PM (in topic “Mediation after parenting agreement”)

Mediation after parenting agreement

I'm a long time reader, first time poster.

I used the info on this site to put together a parenting agreement with my ex.

Just lately, he's started to ignore it and do whatever he thinks.

So, we now have mediation coming up soon.

Any tips on how I will go and what I can expect?

Do most people find the time you get is enough to sort things out?

Can you get the ex to sign something then and there so this is all legal?

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