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Post #53455 by SammiSez on June 25th 2016, 12:30 AM (in topic “Opinion Queston 3”)

Opinion Queston 3:

50-50 rebuttal only if not practical. Lots of dads and mums go to my kids school for assembly and excursion and reading with the kids. Kids like dad and mum as part of everything. They should not miss out. If rebuttal good reason from the parent who wants to rebut. Not just I don't want it or I'm better or I'm too busy. Kids like both.

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Post #53452 by SammiSez on June 19th 2016, 4:30 PM (in topic “Technical Breaches”)

Technical Breaches:

Yes, accept technical breaches will be part of court orders and suck it up or write down and store so one day court can be again. Means I have to be reminded of court and stress. Not good options but no choice than to choose one.

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Post #53449 by SammiSez on June 18th 2016, 8:23 AM (in topic “Technical Breaches”)

Technical Breaches:

That's what I mean about everything technical. Lots of writing down and no action. It's exhausting to do this all the time, no silver cloud to see close by.

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Post #53448 by SammiSez on June 18th 2016, 8:18 AM (in topic “Opinion Question 2”)

Opinion Question 2:

Thanks Mike. The review was interesting. Taken lots of work to do.

Hi Swambo,

What supporting docs do you talk about?

Thanks Sammi

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Post #53438 by SammiSez on June 15th 2016, 10:47 PM (in topic “Shared Parenting - day to day issues”)

Shared Parenting - day to day issues:

Hi Shanna,

How did it all go ?

Thanks Sammi

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Post #53437 by SammiSez on June 15th 2016, 10:41 PM (in topic “Technical Breaches”)

Technical Breaches:

Sorry, I mean no telephone when meant to, holding back child for longer than they should, not telling when taken to the doctors or handing across medication. Some more. All things that keeps happening but I called a lawyer and they said let it go. Why must O keep letting it go?

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Post #53433 by SammiSez on June 15th 2016, 8:39 PM (in topic “Technical Breaches”)

Technical Breaches

I keep reading people referring to technical breaches.  My ex has constantly breaches but all are technical if I go by the things I read.  What can I do to stop it.  Am I meant to just live with this for another 12 years?  The thought of 12 more years of the same is almost unbearable.  Is this why so many separate parents end up with depression and anxiety.  Why doesn't anyone stop this?

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Post #53432 by SammiSez on June 15th 2016, 8:28 PM (in topic “Opinion Question 2”)

Opinion Question 2:

Hi Mike,

Can you tell me the name of the review I'd like to read it.

Thanks Sammi

It is now mandatory in the Family Court and FCCA to file a Notice of Risk at the same time as filing an Initiating Application or a Response to an Initiating Application.

Where there is no evidence to support allegations, or an Interim Violence Order has been granted just prior to Family Court proceedings (with no evidence of history), how much weight do you believe any allegations raised in this form should be given?  Why?

Depends on the violence to me. If just blaze "he said she said stuff", no weight.  If a real case, where a parent has been hurt just before the Court then different story. If a child has been hurt it needs to be looked into straight away. Anyone can claim violence and both parents could claim violence in the forms even if there is none and just to be spiteful. The form could encourage it? How do you know what's true or false by just reading what's in a notice of risk? Should be a urgent hearing where this is the only thing addressed, like a mini final hearing. That way no parent hopefully has to deal with erring on side of caution orders.

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Post #53392 by SammiSez on June 2nd 2016, 12:55 PM (in topic “Opinion Question 1 (Trial)”)

Opinion Question 1 (Trial):

If no reasonable excuse established.

1st offence period of community service in lieu of suspended mandatory jail sentence
2nd offence or violation of community service requirement jail

Has to apply across the board.  No discretion.

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Post #52446 by SammiSez on May 5th 2015, 11:19 PM (in topic “QUT sets up service for families waiting months for counselling”)

QUT sets up service for families waiting months for counselling

QUT sets up service for families waiting months for counselling

Warring parents are waiting months for counselling at feder­ally funded mediation centres, prompting a university to set up a rival service for broken families.

The Queensland University of Technology has launched the nation­’s first university-run media­tion service to help couples negotiate parenting plans.

QUT lecturer Jennifer Felton, who heads the service, said it would help couples who did not qualify for Legal Aid but could not afford private mediation that could cost $3000 a day.

“Relationships Australia has wait lists of three months and they tend not to work where there are issues of family violence involved,’’ Ms Felton said.

“There are people who can’t get Legal Aid, can’t afford a priv­ate mediator or choose not to attend­ a Family Relationship Centre.’’

Ms Felton said continuing conflict between warring parents “screws up children’s heads’’.

“Parents must focus on what’s best for the children,’’ she said.

“Children who are exposed to ongoing conflict between their parents have their psychological wellbeing, academic ability and physical wellbeing compromised.

“The denigration of one parent by the other in front of the children has a huge impact — they don’t know what to do if mum says dad is a no-good, hopeless drunk. It does screw up their heads, putting it mildly.’’

The Family Law Act requires separating couples with children to attend mediation before they can go to court, but many of the 65 federally funded Family Relationship Centres have long waiting lists.

Australian Mediation Associa­tion chief executive Callum Campbell said yesterday that parents were waiting six months to attend some government centres in Queensland.

Relationships Australia, which operates many of the centres, said waiting times varied between centres.

“There’s always a waiting list and sometimes it spans out to six to eight weeks,’’ executive director Alison Brook said yesterday.

“There would always be some lag before you could get in.

“There is certainly a high demand because of changes to the family law system where people are channelled into Family Relationship Centres before they get to court.’’

In South Australia, parents wait up to two months for family dispute mediation, according to the official online waiting list.

However, a spokeswoman for Relationships Australia Victoria said there were “no significant wait times’’ in that state.

The Queensland president of the Family Law Practitioners’ Association, Clarissa Rayward, said yesterday that separating couples faced a three-month wait for media­tion through Relationships Australia.

“It’s a really long time to wait because that initial six to eight weeks of separation is crucial,’’ Ms Rayward said.

“If people can get in place a basic agreement in the early stages­ it will give them space to grieve, deal with the emotion and take some of the fear away.’’

Ms Felton said parents’ “inability to communicate and co-operate’’ harmed children.

“It doesn’t need to be an extreme of family violence, but the ongoing tension between two parents,’’ she said.

The QUT sessions will be run by qualified lawyers, psychologists and social workers who are trained in mediation, but will still require 10 hours’ supervised practical experience to be registered with the Attorney-General as a family dispute-resolution practitioner.

Sessions will be supervised by a qualified practitioner, at a cost of $100 per day.

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