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Post #8793 by SM-EC on April 29th 2008, 1:41 PM (in topic “Three children play outside with sticks and knives EVERY AFTERNOON don't go to school”)

Three children play outside with sticks and knives EVERY AFTERNOON don't go to school:

dad4life said
As to the fact of their being knives present, people seem to be assuming that is a bad thing.
Given the reported age of the children I would deem this a fairly safe assumption.

DOCS does not come in with guns blazing and remove the children on the strength of the "typical whinging of an older person with too much time on her hands and a desire to control not only her world but the lives of others".

Advising DOCS of concerns gives them the opportunity to investigate the matter for themselves and determine if the childrens physical, developmental and emotional needs are being met.

I appreciate that the removal of children is a very traumatic experience for all concerned but the safety, development and general well being of the children must come first. Intervention by DOCS does not always result in removal of children, in many cases support networks etc are put in place and education provided to enable the parents to better care for their children.

At the end of the day this may just be a case of home schooled boys playing innocently. That said, we (society) have a responsibility to ensure that, should we have concerns re the safety and/or wellbeing of children, we bring matters such to the attention of DOCS.

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Post #8782 by SM-EC on April 29th 2008, 12:54 PM (in topic “Three children play outside with sticks and knives EVERY AFTERNOON don't go to school”)

Three children play outside with sticks and knives EVERY AFTERNOON don't go to school:

By the sounds of it the only thing that they are being effectively schooled in is hooliganism (Oh God, I have just become my Father)

At the end of the day it is better to act and be wrong than to hesitate and enable possible further neglect.

Be they "home schooled" or "no schooled", and regardless of whether or not there is any history between yourself and the parent/s, I dare say that you have at the very least a moral obligation to report the matter to DOCS.

When making your decision look at these children playing with knives, risking harm to themselves and others. Remember, these kids are tomorrows teenagers.

I would ordinarily suggest that you speak with the parents but given that they are allowing their children to run around with knives I would recommend against it. Whilst there is a possibility that approaching the parent/s may adequately address the situation it may also expose you , having already identified yourself as the concerned neighbour,to problems should you contact DOCS.

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Post #8775 by SM-EC on April 29th 2008, 11:08 AM (in topic “How does this Work?”)

How does this Work?:

Artemis said
I know that the two IT systems do intersect, but I don't know how regularly they do their data matching. It may only be quarterly, or once or twice a year.
I believe that Centrelink's system interfaces with the CSAs information management system on a daily, if not ongoing, basis.

I have seen information entered at POINT A (Centrelink), and displayed almost instantly at POINT B (Related Organisation using a different information management system).

Whilst Centrelink does use, and often blames, an archaic system to interface with other Departments and related entities, information is relayed in a timely manner. The CSA, like Centrelink, has a high turnover of staff and "training needs" are always being identified. Potential CSA recruits are herded in large groups through recruitment company offices where they participate in a rushed (10 minutes) interview, engage in a mock phone call and finally watch a CSA induction video before being thrown in at the deep end.

It scares me to death to think these poorly trained staff members are given so much power over others.

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Post #8728 by SM-EC on April 28th 2008, 2:17 PM (in topic “Can CSA be avoided by agreement between "shared parents"”)

Can CSA be avoided by agreement between "shared parents"

My Wife (Seperated) and I do not wish to further complicate matters by involving the CSA in our finannces. We are essentially undertaking informal "shared parenting" and have a "he / she who is providing care at given time pays" policy in place.

Is anybody aware of a process that would allow us to formalise this arrangement as we wish to protect eachother and our Child from CSA BS, pain and suffering should things go pear shaped down the track.

Am I naive to think that as this is in our child's best interests there will be a process to meet our needs.

Neither party wishes to involve the CSA at this point.

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Post #8717 by SM-EC on April 28th 2008, 11:54 AM (in topic “Topic #1725 (no title)”)

Topic #1725 (no title):

No-Justice, unlike LifeInsight, I am not convinced that you are not entirely bitter.

As an Ex-Serviceman, an ANZAC if you will, I see referring to the actions of LifeInsight's Wife and Children as selfish as a lowly act.

This is, I assure you, a sentiment that would be shared by the "other populous", particularly those that have served their country.

Before I respond to your right to be be offended I feel I must ask where you were at 4:30am as LifeInsight and his family braved the cold to honour our Servicemen and Women and whether or not you have served your country in any capacity.

**Many thanks to dad4life for your contribution.

The idea of incorporating a family day into ANZAC day is a a fantastic idea but also a potentially tricky one. Is it suggested that events be incorporated into the march or other formal ceremonies?

I would whole-heartedly support an increased family focus on ANZAC Day with family picnics and activities but would be horrified to see this day used as a platform for others to raise their own political agendas.

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Post #8548 by SM-EC on April 24th 2008, 5:54 PM (in topic “Father's Desperate Search for Son Abducted by the Mother”)

Father's Desperate Search for Son Abducted by the Mother:

monteverdi said
The problem with a location order from the point of view of an SRL, is that the privacy concerns may become a stumbling block.
Privacy Act 1988 allows for the release of what is normally considered confidential client information i.e Address / Earnings etc to aid in investigation of criminal matters. Centrelink and PAGES staff are trained in the interpretation and application of this Act but one would be best to discuss this with Senior CSAs and above or PAGES Managers only.

It frustrates me greatly to know that any Centrelink or PAGES member could provide a current residential and postal address of an absconded Mother / Father in literally a matter of seconds but are restricted in doing so by needless bureaucracy and BS.

Yes we need a system in place to protect the privacy of our citizens but at what cost must this system come.

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Post #8317 by SM-EC on April 18th 2008, 6:07 PM (in topic “The Baby Bonus”)

The Baby Bonus:

An interesting suggestion has been made by a youth in the lead up to the 2020 summit.

It has been suggested that the baby bonus be an account of sorts at Medicare when one presents the receipts from their child's expenses and claims payment as these expenses occur.

Certainly not a perfect solution but it would go along way to ensuring that the baby bonus is spent on whom it is intended, the baby.

This should be paid on a needs basis, it should not be an automatic payment. Dare I suggest that this be a means tested payment like the Newstart Allowance.

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Post #8301 by SM-EC on April 18th 2008, 2:09 PM (in topic “Advice sought by Father considering initiating FLC action”)

Advice sought by Father considering initiating FLC action:

I voice my objections but always do so in a 'put yourself in my position' or 'Our Daughter would benefit from…….' manner.

Have not raised the prosect of Family Court action or mediation yet as I have concerns that my Wife will panic and attempt to restrict access further.

Shall discuss mediation with her if this weekends attempt at negotiation goes pear shaped.

My "In Case of Emergency" file is already in place.

All significant events & conversations are diarised.
All SMS messages printed via Bluetooth.
Stat Decs with all relevant information are being witnessed and dated by a JP.

Thanks again, will check out Artemis' posts.

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Post #8299 by SM-EC on April 18th 2008, 1:44 PM (in topic “Advice sought by Father considering initiating FLC action”)

Advice sought by Father considering initiating FLC action:

We are both trying desperately to alleviate any seperation anxiety that our Daughter experiences.

No insult  :thumbs:  I dont like to think in terms of who has the upper hand as it feels like were starting to treat our Daughter as property when we speak in those terms. I think the point that I wanted to make is that I am the only one that has sacrificed or made any attempt to compromise.

Im would not aim for 50/50 with our girl at this age as it would result in her having to be in Child care when she could be with her Mother. I want to be able to have my daughter for three nights per week. Is that an unreasonable expectation in todays Family Court?

I must stress that, if possible, I will avoid any and all legal action as I do not wish to harm my relationship with either my Daughter or my Wife (Still married) and that I just want to prepare myself for the worse incase Im required to stand up and stabilise contact for the Childs sake as you said.

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Post #8296 by SM-EC on April 18th 2008, 1:22 PM (in topic “Can Guests Post to this site”)

Can Guests Post to this site:

Whilst guests can post, I strongly recommend becoming a member.

The information and advice that I have received in such a short period of time has been invaluable.

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