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Post #52069 by SAFamilyLawyer on February 16th 2015, 3:57 PM (in topic “Passports”)


to gooddad, as long as you are travelling to countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention on child abduction the mother doesn't have any argument about the travel.  If you have court orders there is usually a paragraph about providing so many months' notice of travel intentions, itinerary, where the child can be contacted etc. She can't cancel the passport simply because she has no good reason to.  Ring the passports office and check with them. Some people obtain an order for the Federal Circuit Court or Family Court Registry to hold the passport where there is an argument about it but in your case, just hold on to it. This mother needs to start thinking about what is in the best interests of this child and who would enter into an argument about taking a child on an overseas trip when the child will enjoy it and it will broaden their horizons? What child wouldn't want to do that?

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