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Post #32619 by Rissa on November 5th 2010, 10:59 AM (in topic “Father's last name wrong”)

Father's last name wrong

I have just found out that my ex signed my 14 year old son's birth certificate with an assumed name and not the legal one on his birth certificate.

Ex has used this name for 25 years but has now chosen to change back to his birth name because he wants a passport to go overseas and it is easier and faster for him.

My main concern is that my son dreams of going into the army when he is 17, if he is deployed overseas within that first year he needs my ex to sign for him to obtain a passport and by then said ex will have no identification in the name on my son's birth certificate.

Can anyone help me with the steps I need to take to amend my son's birth certificate, also if there is any legal implementations (←-correct word unsure) against me for allowing false information to be given on the birth certificate in the first place?

Thank you.

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