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Post #25150 by Orion on September 23rd 2009, 5:09 PM (in topic “care % query - RE packing children off to relatives and friends”)

care % query - RE packing children off to relatives and friends

my ex started working a night shift earlier this year,
when ex works my child gets packed off to stay overnight with various people, not always relatives,
some are total strangers to me, (not really happy about that),
apparently ex does this 3 or 4 nights per week,

does this have any effect on levels of care for CSA?
if ex has not given them an accurate date when ex started work can i get that backdated?
(i know when ex started work, yet payments did not change for the longest time)

thank you

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Post #3837 by Orion on January 9th 2008, 6:04 PM (in topic “Yet Another 2008 Child Support Calculator”)

Yet Another 2008 Child Support Calculator:

I think there is still a bug.

As I scale down the EX's income, my CSA contribution also Drops.

The ex has one child with me (junior) and one with some unknown guy (<12months).

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Post #3348 by Orion on December 18th 2007, 8:29 PM (in topic “Procedural Hearing”)

Procedural Hearing

I recently asked for a directions hearing regarding some issues with the current interim orders that are not being followed anywhere near appropriately, and to ask for some documentation that the ex is refusing to release to me.

I have been granted a Procedural Hearing

What exactly is a Procedural Hearing?

What Happens, what can be discussed?

many thanks


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Post #3018 by Orion on December 5th 2007, 2:31 PM (in topic “abscondment, recovery and QLD Legal Aid”)

abscondment, recovery and QLD Legal Aid

Recent changes to Family Law bring in Compulsory Mediation, however I believe that Abscondment and Recovery can be dealt with prior to Mediation.


When my ex first absconded with my child i was not well off financially and I contacted Legal Aid QLD

While their on-staff lawyers are helpful the people in charge of decisions regarding funding are FemiNazi's through and through.

I was told Categorically that they will NOT Fund a male for a recovery order. Full Stop. The external Lawyeres that Legal Aid sent me to told EXACTLY the same story.

I was also told that you have to go to mediation before Legal Aid QLD will fund relocation applications.

DONT DO ANY OF IT  go STRAIGHT to a Community Legal Service, like Caxton Legal in Brisbane and get help filing for a Recovery.
they can help you, sometimes they can even provide help with filling out the papers.

DO NOT DELAY, not for one second, take time off work, do whatever it takes to get a Recovery Order filed and do not listen to the Legal Aid funding people,

worry about mediation after your child is back within a reasonable distance and interim contact has been organised.

The Legal Aid external Lawyers told me that i would not be able to get a recovery order from the court,  - they were lying to me. Or at the very least misleading me, why? maybe they wanted the "job" representing me with Legal Aid funding it, i don't know. But what they told me to do was a load of horse manure. Dont make the same mistake, go see  a Community Legal Service and be assured anyone can fill out the paperwork with a little guidance, that is where Community Legal Centers come in.

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