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Post #19777 by Optimistic on February 5th 2009, 2:47 PM (in topic “Stimulus Package Payments - CSA Income”)

Stimulus Package Payments - CSA Income

Does anyone know if parents in receipt of any of the Governments already given (Dec 08) and proposed 2009 payments will have their CSA Assessed income automatically adjusted to ensure that payers are not disadvantaged and their payments are reduced accordingly for this year? This could be done via the ATO I would imagine.

i.e. my husband's ex (if all payments due are legislated and received) will have received $5,400 in total even though my hubby has 43% shared care of his children. Or is it again his issue to have to apply to CSA for a change of assessment and wait over 6 months for an outcome. We are just over the income threshold so we can't receive FTB A or B and thus are classed not to warrant a helping hand even though we have 2 children of our own.

It seems very unjust on the surface. Any clarification by CSA contributors gratefully received.


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Post #18147 by Optimistic on November 25th 2008, 4:35 PM (in topic “Payee employment”)

Payee employment:

We had exactly the same issue and the only way that CSA become even slightly interested in finding out is through you lodging a Change of Assessment - Reason 8.

Unless and until you do this, CSA will do nothing to find out correct income for the payee.  They are just not interested in payees only the payer.

It is extremely frustrating that onus falls on the Payer to prove everything and no penalties are usually imposed on the payee if found to have not been forthcoming with respect to their income etc unlike what happens to the payer.

You can ask for the assessment to be backdated so that you can reclaim as much CS back as possible however, with every day that passes is another day that you have to find the money to pay in the first place.

Good luck!

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Post #17007 by Optimistic on October 14th 2008, 4:32 PM (in topic “Family Benefits / Child Support Payments - Shared Care”)

Family Benefits / Child Support Payments - Shared Care

Hopefully someone can help clear up some confusion my hubby and I are presently facing that may also affect some of you.

My hubby pays $1,000 per month in CS to his ex-wife (supposedly for his 2 children). We look after the 2 kids 45% of the time and his ex 55% - shared care. Both his income and his ex's income is taken into account as "family income".

His ex wife also receives, in addition to her income of $80,000+ per year, all the Government handouts i.e. Family Tax Benefit A & B, sole parent benefit etc etc. Why isn't combined family income taken into account for these government handouts.

Question one is why is his ex be entitled to "sole parent" type income from the Government when she gets such a good wage, and $12,000 per year from my hubby not to mention rental income from her newly purchased rental house?

Also, as at 1 July we are not entitled to any amount of family tax benefit whatsoever re the new income threshold. But extra payments keep being givento help "struggling" families which his ex wife certainly isn't i.e. $375 per child per year (under 13) for education PLUS today's $1,000 per child bonus to help re the current financial crisis why should there be an income threshold placed on these bonuses? We should be entitled to 45% of the bonus as we have the children for 45% of the time and have to pay for them whilst in our care and also pay forthem when they are with the ex?

I'd be very interested to hear from anyone who is in a similar circumstance or can shed some light on any of the above that we may have wrong and missing out on some type of assistance. Also,it would be great to get some sort of petition going to the powers that be to ensure that all parents get a portion of any special type of one off bonuses dependent on their recognised access.

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Post #7681 by Optimistic on March 27th 2008, 4:28 PM (in topic “Child Support Assessment from 1 July 08 under New Scheme - Dramatically increased & set to rise again”)

Child Support Assessment from 1 July 08 under New Scheme - Dramatically increased & set to rise again:

I totally agree with what HubbyPays has written.

You have "special circumstances" which should allow you a reduction through CSA.  My hubby's payment has gone up over $5,000 per year even though currently, he is being "paid back" from his ex of over $3,000 due to her lying re her income which of course, took us month to prove and will take her over a year to pay back without penalty.

Definitely, put in a Change of Assessment asap as it will take a few months for CSA to get their act into gear and look into it.  I am pretty sure it falls under Reason 2 on the CSA website section of COA's.

Good luck!

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