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Post #9244 by NomadAUS on May 9th 2008, 1:03 PM (in topic “Ex Income set to 0% Question”)

Ex Income set to 0% Question:

Just a quick update; I rung CSA this morning again and explained to them that their own CSA Web Guide shows a few points to consider and they agree with me.
They will now try to contact my ex wife for an up to date income proof and if they not satisfied with the proof, will set the income as a figure. All I can do now is wait and see how we go.

PS. The following legal info I took to them to proof my case.

-   Child Support Assessment Para. 58.
-   Web Guide for Payee Income Proof

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Post #9225 by NomadAUS on May 9th 2008, 8:17 AM (in topic “Ex Income set to 0% Question”)

Ex Income set to 0% Question

Hi I'm new to this forum and have a question somebody might be able to answer.

I got the blue letter yesterday, of course care was set to 0% and 100% to my ex wife.
So after another sleepless night I decided to call CSA and reminded them about our registered assessment from 4 month ago which she then found. She apologised for the stuff up and set the care to the real value.

However, I also asked her why my ex wife's income is set to 0% when she is actually working. CSA told me that unless my ex wife does a Tax Return for 2006/07 there is nothing they can do. Furthermore, CSA has no legal rights to force her to do a Tax Return. However, I as the payer have to do the Tax Return or CSA will set a figure for me.

So my question is;
Is there a way for the CSA to set a figure for my ex wife's Income if she doesn't do her Tax Return, similar to the figure they threatening me with if I don't do it?

PS. The new assessment is much better but leaves the bitter taste of knowing now that I overpaid CSA for over 6 years which equals approximately $50000.

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