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Post #24912 by Nic35 on September 15th 2009, 2:14 AM (in topic “A Call for Change of Assessment Examples”)

A Call for Change of Assessment Examples:


The Ex is still working as she has just submitted another COA and has stated her income on the COA which is basically the same as per last year Tax Return. So therefore, CSA has deliberately reduced her income to a provisional amount of 5K which has resulted me in now payming 100%.  

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Post #24889 by Nic35 on September 13th 2009, 9:43 PM (in topic “A Call for Change of Assessment Examples”)

A Call for Change of Assessment Examples:

Thanks Fairgo…  you are also right on how CSA treat the payers as I recently recieved new assessments letters from CSA (due to me putting in my tax return) and I noticed on the new assesment letters that for the Ex,  they had reduced her income amount from $27,000 to $5,000 and called it "Provisional Amount". When I called and asked why, they said cus my Ex had not lodge her 2009 Tax Return.  However,  when the same situation happend to me in 2007, CSA didn't drop my Income to a provisonal amount of $5,000, in fact, they had used the previous Tax Return amount plus a percentage increase.  Therefore, I would expect the same treatment to my Ex, not dropping it down to $5,000.  This reduction has caused me to pay 100% towards the cost of the children.   Seems CSA has one rule for Payers (tp extract as much money from them) and another rule for Payees (to pay the least)….

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Post #24881 by Nic35 on September 13th 2009, 7:07 PM (in topic “A Call for Change of Assessment Examples”)

A Call for Change of Assessment Examples:

Hello  Fairgo (ALL),  

Regarding your comment that you crossed out the consent on the COA,  I'm also going thru COA and was thinking of crossing out the declaration statement re: "copy of all supporting documentaton will be exchanged with the other party" and adding words that I do not want my financial, asset and debt details given to my Ex as I do not see why she needs to know this.  If I do this, will CSA not provide her these details or will it cause me trouble.   

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Post #23448 by Nic35 on July 11th 2009, 8:14 PM (in topic “How to report false information”)

How to report false information:

I also experienced similae response from CSA after informing them that My Ex had lied and omitted financial information on her COA.  CSA's response was that if I widh to take it further then I will need to raise it with the Police and there is nothing more that CSA can do.   

What is frustrating is that on the COA form where we are required to sign, it clearly states we will be prosecuted if we lie.  Guess this doesn't apply to Payees !!!

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Post #22747 by Nic35 on June 3rd 2009, 8:20 PM (in topic “Binding Agreement”)

Binding Agreement:

All,  just an update regarding this matter, CSA have called me again (today) encouaging me that I take up a Binding Agreement for 3 yrs as it will be to my advantage.  Thing is, I can't see how it will be to  my advantage and when I asked that question, CSA couldn't provide an answer other than there won't be any need to do COA for the next 3 years (so no really financial benefit that I can tell !!)

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Post #22373 by Nic35 on May 19th 2009, 7:54 AM (in topic “Binding Agreement”)

Binding Agreement:

Hello Sec_SPCA,   just to clarify this, I am paying an additional $400 per month due to a COA that my X rasied 2 years ago.  This COA will expiry in June as therefore, the X will submit another COA to retain getting as much money from me.  The COA is based on Medical cost (Bracelets) and schooling which I never agreed/signed to.

I do agree with your comment about amployment market an change in circumstances.  Lasty, my X and I do not communicate at all (only thru email) so I really can';t see getting into a fixed agreement working as how can we even discuss it.

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Post #22357 by Nic35 on May 18th 2009, 9:30 PM (in topic “Binding Agreement”)

Binding Agreement

Hi,  I received a call today from CSA who suggested that as my COA is due to expiry,  (end of June), my new case officer had asked if I would go into a Binding or Non-Binding Agreement with my 'X' so to save on my X having to put in for another COA.

The background is that I am the Payer and come July, my CSA is reduced from $2500per month down to $2100 and come Nov2010,  it will be further decrease to $1500per month as the eldst child will turn 18.

I'm not sure what to make out with the Binding/Non-Binding agreement and based on the 1hr discussion I had,  as I suspect that CSA wants to lock me into paying a fixed amount for the next few years.  The Case Officer did say that based on the number of COA that my X has put in for over the years, he believe going into a Agreement would be ideal for me (payer).  Again, I think it all about locking me in and save on doing COA.

Has anyone been asked by CSA to go into a Agreement and what is your thoughts/experience regarding this.

Thank you.


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Post #15103 by Nic35 on August 16th 2008, 3:39 PM (in topic “Will CSA take into account my partner's income”)

Will CSA take into account my partner's income :

MAtrix , Artemis and MikeT,,,  thank you for your response. I will sure refer to them if the Ex and CSA try to request details of my partner.

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Post #14927 by Nic35 on August 13th 2008, 12:09 AM (in topic “Will CSA take into account my partner's income”)

Will CSA take into account my partner's income

Hi, wonder if anyone can answer my question,  Will CSA take into account my partner's income if she moves in with me.  Background is that, I've been divorced for 4 years and two years ago, I met someone special and now, we are thinking of living together.  I pay child support to my Ex but have concerns that my Ex will make a claim for more child support when my girlfriend/partner moves in with me.  We both work full time and are both financially dependent.  I do want us to be together but relucted to do so because of Child Support implications. I don't want her income to be included as part of my CS assesment.

Can anyone answer my question and their experiences please.

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