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Post #32312 by Mikec on October 13th 2010, 4:44 PM (in topic “Alert on Incorrect CSA treatment of Transition to Retirement pensions”)

Alert on Incorrect CSA treatment of Transition to Retirement pensions: Apology to Macsmum


As a payer I had my blinkers on - you are quite right - this affects payers and payees.  I might add that I rang CSA and explained and the helpfull gentleman on the other end discussed it with his "Policy" advisor who said that was the way it was supposed to be assessed and that was that.  I have asked for a review of the assessment.

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Post #32309 by Mikec on October 13th 2010, 3:34 PM (in topic “Alert on Incorrect CSA treatment of Transition to Retirement pensions”)

Alert on Incorrect CSA treatment of Transition to Retirement pensions

I am new to this forum but feel it is my duty to warn any members who participate in a Transition to Retirement arrangement through salary sacrifice.  I recently received my assessment based on my 2009/10 tax return and my first assessment under the new rules about salary sacrificing to super.  I have no problems with the concept of adding the salary sacrificed amount back into your taxable income as long as it was done fairly.  My taxable income included my group certificate amount and also an amount which was the Taxed element of the pension I drew from my super to balance the salary sacrificed amount that I put in.  This amount appears on the Tax Form as Income 7 box J.

What CSA have done is double dip.  They take the taxable income which includes an amount for the taxable element of the pension (in my case $6900) and added to it the full salary sacrificed amount.  It doesn't take much figuring to see that they are over-reporting your income because that are adding the Salary sacrifice and then adding in the taxable component of that because the Taxable income figure they get from ATO includes this taxable element.

Transition to retirement arrangements are a legitimate and legal scheme used by many older Australians and now the CSA through ignorance (I'd prefer to believe that this was a result of policy makers not having a clue rather than an deliberate attempt to rip off CSA payers) has made the CSA payers once again a cash cow.

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