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Post #33386 by MeToo57 on December 5th 2010, 8:00 PM (in topic “Should I allow a trip to the USA?”)

Should I allow a trip to the USA?:

Thanks Mike T.

Sorry, in my ramblings I did not clearly state my objections.

Where I said I do not trust the woman; it is for this reason I fear she is a likely flight risk.  She has little to keep her here and I wouldn't put it past her to leave Aus on this trip, then not return.

The wedding is for her sister.  The ex, the children and I, live 4 hours away from our capital city, which is where the sister lives.  So, it is rare that the children get to see or spend time with this Auntie.

The children have just this weekend, met the American fiancee of their Auntie, so that cannot be a reason for them to travel to the US.

I also have fears of misadventure for my children.  There are real issues of my ex not being able to control the boys.  One in particular could be quite troublesome to her and if there was a bad situation, she would not be able to handle this and this alone could put the children at great risk, especially if one of them decided to run off and then get lost or be picked up by strangers.

I never have these issues with any of my children, because they respect me and my authority.  They rarely try to bang heads with me, mostly because although I am forthright in how I care for my children, I am also very respectful and do all things in a loving manner.  In other words, I am simply a normal dad who loves his kids!!

Anyway, I have not heard from the ex after she returned home last night, but aparently she has already been set in motion the applications for passports and had the childrens photos taken.

Thanks again Mike T.

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Post #33379 by MeToo57 on December 5th 2010, 11:02 AM (in topic “Should I allow a trip to the USA?”)

Should I allow a trip to the USA?:

Thank you for your help Mike T.

Unfortunately, I suffer a perceptive dyslexia, which means if any of these documents/cases are written in legal jargon, then I have little chance of understanding them or even reading that much.  As it is, if they are written in a language that everyone can understand, I will only get through a few.

My eldest son who lives with me 100%, came home last night saying his mother had them all photographed at the post office and that she and her mother are now getting the passports done.  He said the wedding is now apparently in March, not May, which is what the ex told me.

Is there anything I can do right now to try and stop this, like go to the court by myself and ask for a court order, or do I simply wait till I tell her no and she then takes it to court?

Will the outcome of who ever takes it to court, be the same?


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Post #33361 by MeToo57 on December 4th 2010, 12:02 AM (in topic “Should I allow a trip to the USA?”)

Should I allow a trip to the USA?: My Ex wants to take my 4 kids to the US for her sisters wedding, what do I do?

Hi Everyone,

I am in a similar position to what Mike T was back in 2008.  The only difference is, I am not planning any trip overseas myself at a later date.

Now, I don't trust my ex for one second, because she is such a liar and I wouldn't put it past her to do anything.  As with most ex wives, she has committed perjury on numerous occasions throughout the few years since separation in 2006.  Now that I am the primary carer of the 4 kids and she has to pay me child support, I am afraid she is going to try something on. 

She is still the agressor and hates the ground I walk on.  I am the only reason she still has contact with our children, because I don't want my kids growing up without their mother.  The children have all at different times expressed the need to leave their mother, but they have not been forceful enough or convincing enough to me, which means the feminist court would simply order them to continue with visitation anyway.  So, I make sure they have plenty of time with me to unload their emotional baggage and then they are happy.

There is another point to; in January next year, she is taking the 4 kids to the eastern states for a 10 day holiday.  There is not much I can do to stop that, but having a court order for custody/residency, it should not be too much of an issue to get them back from within Aus.  After all, I have already spoken to the children and they would not allow her to keep them over there.  The US is a bit different though and a long way from home too.

My question to you guys is. 

  • If I refuse to sign the passport applications, can she simply go to the feminist court and get an order that will allow her to get the passports anyway?

The wedding in the US is apparently in May next year, so the applications will need to be put in sometime in the new year I'd expect.
I am a bit freaked out over this, because the four kids are so very close to me and even though they love their mother, the younger two are scared of her and easily intimidated by her.  The kids ages in the new year will be: 18, 14, 12.5 and 11.
And I know the 18 year old will be able to do what he wants, but I am not sure he will go if he knew I feared what his mother would do.

Thanks for your help.

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Post #13533 by MeToo57 on July 17th 2008, 7:15 PM (in topic “Fighting for Property with Dyslexia”)

Fighting for Property with Dyslexia:

I am actually not chasing 70% because I know I would never get that.

I was only pointing out that if I were a woman, I would definitely get the 70% and keep the house.

I just do not want to be discriminated against because I am a man/father.

What I am wanting from this is a fair deal for my children and I.
I would like to keep the family property and I have already offered a very considerable payout to achieve this and she refuses to even negotiate.

Her idea of a settlement is to pay me a bit less than 30k and she keeps the house.

I'm afraid that is just absolutely not acceptable and if I took that, I would spend the rest of my life in poverty trying to cope with housing 4 children.

On another note, can you please tell me why I couldn't respond to your last reply in my other thread?

There was no reply area for me to respond and I had to add a topic instead.  

It is probably me not knowing what to do or being able to see what I should be doing, but for the life of me I couldn't find any reply button or quick reply box at the bottom of the other thread I started.

Thank you so much for your help and understanding.

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Post #13527 by MeToo57 on July 17th 2008, 6:08 PM (in topic “Fighting for Property with Dyslexia”)

Fighting for Property with Dyslexia


Thank you so much for your message, I really appreciate your comments and support.

I am currently at the point where there has been enough damned conferences and I want to proceed straight to court.  My ex has wealthy family helping her financially, but she has dug a pretty deep hole for herself and her case is looking very flimsy right now.

So, I guess I really need some advice to my original post where I pointed out my situation.

Here it is again in brief:

I am the primary carer of 4 kids.
I have the eldest child 100% and the 3 younger children 50%.
I am on a disability pension and have virtually no prospects of any form of financial independence in the future.
The ex wife got me kicked out of the family home with an AVO, which I had cancelled last year when I proved she was a liar.

The ex is working part time, but can work more if she wanted to and could potentially earn up to 100k a year once she finishes the study course she is currently doing.
Her health is far better than mine and she will always be able to compete in the real estate retail market, whereas I am not able to.

So, what I am saying is:

If I was a woman who was the primary carer and on a disability, I am certain the court would grant me 70% and also the right to keep the family home.
Why should I be discriminated against because I am a man/father?

Is there any reason why I should lose everything, just because I am a man, or is there some light out there for me?

Thanks for your help.

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Post #13514 by MeToo57 on July 17th 2008, 1:25 PM (in topic “Need Help with Forthcoming Property Hearing !”)

Need Help with Forthcoming Property Hearing !:

Hi Testingonetwo,

No, I was actually able to navigate my way round a bit and I eventually found the case of Philips.

After reading it though, I couldn't find anything in that case that seemed remotely similar to mine.  That is not to say that it isn't, because I suffer dyslexia and have perceptual issues, so I may not necessarily see nor understand fully what it is I am reading in the first instance.
So what I am saying is, if you can see a case that may be of some help to me, you may have to spell it out to me so that I can see what you are referring to.

I'm sorry about this and yes it is very embarrassing.

I am actually quite intelligent, but because of this problem I have always had difficulties all my life.  If I did not have this issue to deal with, I would be self-representing and I would be doing a good job at it.
The area this disability has harmed me most is in reading.  I have only ever read one novel in my entire life, which had a few hundred pages and took me two years.  After reading each page, by the time I turned the page I had no idea what I had just read.
Yet, if I can hold written material in my hands and do the physical thing that the written is instructing me to do and do it step by step, then I retain it fully and don't forget.
My problem is my eyes and ears, don't always talk the same lingo that my brain understands, therefore I lose a lot of information in transit.

So you can understand my predicament.  And here I am about to turn 51 and my learning capacity, in the theory sense that is, is worse than my own young children.

Very hard to live with, believe me.

So my friend, again I apologise if you have to explain things to me.

And thanks for all your help.

MeToo   O_o

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Post #13416 by MeToo57 on July 15th 2008, 5:58 PM (in topic “Need Help with Forthcoming Property Hearing !”)

Need Help with Forthcoming Property Hearing !:

Thanks Artemis,

I am in the process of informing family assistance and the CSA, so that shouldn't be an issue.

I was told by the registrar at the conference this month, that because the ex has been in the house since separation, she will be granted ownership of this in court.
I find this to be very bad news and especially upsetting, because I have put more into this family and marriage than this woman ever did and the fact that the kids are mostly with me, is proof that I have been the better parent.

If it is true that the ex can keep the property from me, even though she got it by lying to a magistrate to get an AVO, that I was able to have cancelled, then the family court is only doing this out of pure gender discrimination.

How can they aid and abet the theft of property from a disabled man who is the primary carer of 4 young children, is well beyond my brain power to comprehend.

By the way, I did see that word 'Bolean'.  
Never heard of it!
Who would have thought that such a ridiculuous word would lead me to information that I need.

Thanks again for the info Mate.


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Post #13408 by MeToo57 on July 15th 2008, 4:24 PM (in topic “Need Help with Forthcoming Property Hearing !”)

Need Help with Forthcoming Property Hearing !:

Sorry again mate,

but none of these links work and because I am not legal jargon savvy, I can't seem to find the info on the austlii site.

Can you please tell me how to navigate the site or send some links that work?

I do appreciate your help.

thanks again

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Post #13402 by MeToo57 on July 15th 2008, 3:10 PM (in topic “Need Help with Forthcoming Property Hearing !”)

Need Help with Forthcoming Property Hearing !:

Thanks Testin one two.

Please can you tell me where this information is located so I can have a look at it?


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