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Post #7792 by Loulou on March 31st 2008, 6:09 PM (in topic “Controlling child-father contact”)

Controlling child-father contact

I believe fathers are extremely important; my dad is the best without a doubt.

But what if my ex-husband is not all that he should be?

He drinks A LOT, and is extremely untidy to the point of disgusting and he is extrememly vain to the point where he will spend thousands on beauty products but balks at paying extra for sons' soccer.

He wants increased visitation but I am not sure until he cleans up his act this is the best option for the kids.

If I have suggestions for him I am accused of being controling.  Am I being controling if I say no to more than four nights per fortnight?

What's your opinion. I am lost in a sea of guilt.

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