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Post #54563 by Kel on April 27th 2019, 5:03 PM (in topic “Child passport”)

Child passport:

Glad to hear that someone else has been through a similar thing- the myriad of ways in which ex partners try to maintain control and manipulate is astounding. It firmly cements in my mind that leaving was the right decision.
Which court did you go to? Is it the Federal Circuit Court?
Did the judge order you to offer "make up time"? It's good to get another perspective on how best to handle this situation in the context of a history of controlling behaviour

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Post #54556 by Kel on April 11th 2019, 7:43 PM (in topic “Child passport”)

Child passport

I separated with my ex 3 months ago. I'm the primary carer of our 15-month-old son.

We've been through mediation to discuss living/time spent with arrangements. Since mediation, I've communicated with my ex (all in writing) my intention to travel overseas for 4-5 weeks with our son & other immediate family members (whom our son has had an extremely close bond to since birth).

I've given 6 months notice re travel plans & our son has travelled overseas recently (prior to our separation). Travel wasn't discussed in mediation because we ran out of time in the session & it didn't even enter my head that me wanting to go on a holiday would be an issue. My ex placed our son's passport with a solicitor without asking me-the first I knew of it was an email from the solicitor.

I've been requesting the passport (in writing) for more than a month & have been totally ignored by my ex. I've THOROUGHLY addressed all of the concerns my ex has raised about our son travelling overseas (in writing). My ex still hasn't handed over the passport & I've received a letter from their solicitor stating that the ex will consent to the overseas holiday on certain conditions that I'm not prepared to agree to (I won't get the actual passport until 7 days before the trip,

 have to return the passport to the solicitor within 7 days of returning from the trip, have to agree to the ex spending more time with our son). To me, the ex not handing over the passport is more about control & manipulation of me (history of controlling behaviour) rather than real concern about our son travelling. Has anyone dealt with a similar situation? Suggestions?

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