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Post #54480 by Kanga on January 16th 2019, 3:27 PM (in topic “60/40 shared care - who pays additional expenses”)

60/40 shared care - who pays additional expenses:

The Wolf said
Kanga said
Anyone feeel like sharing their opinion on this

If the kids live with you half the time,  and they do bar a few days,  then you pay your half the cost of everything .
that's my opinion…

That's exactly my issue as I know that just making CSA payments is paying not only my half but also the ex's half plus a bit left over for herself. Paying 50% of all bills on top of that essentially makes CSA feel like a donation.

Dev_MikeT said

However, you then run the gauntlet of the far too typical other parent poisoning the child's or children's mind or minds, with the "the other parent doesn't pay enough etc", so I'd suggest that is a factor that you should consider.

As you have greater than 35% care you should also be getting part of a Family Tax Benefits that are paid for the child or children.

The 'coaching' has been happening from day 1 so that is definitely in the back of my mind. I've never considered FTB as had just assumed my wage being what it is would rule me out of any of those payments.

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Post #54477 by Kanga on January 15th 2019, 5:42 PM (in topic “60/40 shared care - who pays additional expenses”)

60/40 shared care - who pays additional expenses

Currently trying to decide whether my contribution to my ex is appropriate or in excess of where I need to be. Background is that we divorced a few years ago and since then I've paid all CSA amounts and 50% of all bills for the two children. I earn $100k and my ex earns $40k so the CSA contribution is approx $12,500 a year and I would estimate I pay around $5,000 for the other bills. I care for my children 6 nights out of 14 with holidays split 50/50 except for the Christmas break which is 4 weeks for the ex and 2 weeks for me. End up being roughly 60/40 split.

My ex has been compensated more than adequately during the property settlement and she receives a reasonable amount of child support payment. I'm therefore questioning whether it's appropriate for me to continue to service all other bills at 50%. I am considering at least lowering them to reflect my care percentage (40%). Is this fair? The expenses are mainly school expenses (non-private), sporting fees and music tuition. I've already agreed to stay at 50% for the sports and music but what is appropriate for the rest.

The reason for reviewing is that during property settlement I chose to 're-buy' the marital home and now have a mortgage upwards of $600k. My ex was compensated heavily and owes less than $50k on her house. Our living costs are vastly different and there is no argument from my ex when I confirm with her that she has greater disposable income than I do and this is primarily driven by mortgage and CSA costs.

Anyone feeel like sharing their opinion on this

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