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Post #9641 by KM on May 16th 2008, 10:45 PM (in topic “Stable home required for these children”)

Stable home required for these children

I am needing some advice.

BF divorced 10 years. 3 children ages 10,12 &14. Residence with BM ever since. No orders until last year. Access had been up to what BM "allowed" and no say in any decisions.

BM moved 16x in 10 years, children had 10-13 school changes. Went to court prior to 14th move for relocation order because enough was enough. BM disappeared overnight. When resurfaced a few weeks later, came back with a vexacious report to DOCS. Court date was 3 months later, was advised to drop forcing her to move back, but got everything else we asked for. 2/3 weekends and 50% holidays, and no school changes, also BM restricted from moving a certain radius from the school. This location is 2-3 hours from us.

A few months down the track, BM and SF evicted the middle boy overnight due to bad behaviours, mid school term. (Also has to cross state border too, so different school system). 4 months later while on school holiday visit to BM, we were informed that he was moving back to BM since "behaviours" are now improved. BF was going back to court for round 2, but was persuaded to drop it since child was in favour of the move.

It is now 4 months later, another frantic middle of night call for another dumping. (mid school term again) apparently behaviour is still bad :o I wonder why?

Questions are:

1) Can BM apply for new consent orders for change of residence if she's the one evicting the child? (why should we be the applicant if she's the one initiating change)

2) Can the consent order stop the BM and child changing their minds every 4 months?

3) What are our chances getting all three? since

(a) BM has proven to be an unstable nutcase yet again

(b) Child did cite missing his siblings as a reason for moving back to her

(c )Children's life would improve markedly with two parents who give a damn about their development, education, extracurricular interests, their future, their dental and health. They would have their own rooms, games room and computer area, a pool, private schooling. Compared to the one that their BM is giving them using CS for 3 children to feed 7 people including two unemployed adults.

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