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Post #45999 by Jayden on June 16th 2012, 7:36 PM (in topic “NCP picking up child from daycare”)

NCP picking up child from daycare:

It is in fact incorrect that the centre will not allow him to pick the child up- without any orders in place or lodged with the child care centre/school all that is needed for him to legally be able to pick the child up from care- is the childs birth certificate(which is usually on file with the centre) and photographic ID. A CCC or school is nto legally able to refuse a parent in circumstances such as the OPs- it is assumed shared paretnign responsibilities unless orders say otherwise so therefore he IS able to attend the CCC and collect the child.

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Post #44161 by Jayden on March 25th 2012, 10:33 PM (in topic “recovery order made 8 years ago used to stop school giving details on childs progress.”)

recovery order made 8 years ago used to stop school giving details on childs progress.:

The principal has done nothign wrong- they are not allowed to give out information about a student over the phone like that- how are they supposed to know that yoru partner is the parent of the child when he has been absent from the childs life for 8 yrs…  I would wonder why after 8 yrs he would call the school out of the blue

Conan said
Missali said
….. just another child who the system has made fatherless.
Correction, the Father could have taken the matter to Court before now, he has had 8 years. It is not the 'system' it is the Fathers inaction that has led to the present situation.

  have to agree with Conan- its not a case of the system doing wrong to the child- if the father had of wanted so badly to see the child and mother refused then that is exactly what the court system is for but as stated in the OP the father did not bother  to turn up back when it was in court to defend himself or to fight for the childrens rights to see him so its a case where the system is not at fault in any way.

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Post #36086 by Jayden on April 24th 2011, 12:21 AM (in topic “Passport Consent when Parent's Location is Unknown.”)

Passport Consent when Parent's Location is Unknown.:

What happens if you cannot get consent?

If the consent of anyone with parental responsibility for the child cannot be obtained after all avenues have been exhausted, and there is no court order permitting the child to travel internationally, a written request for 'special circumstances' under section 11(2) of the Australian Passports Act 2005 may be made. An Approved Senior Officer, an officer delegated by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, will consider the statement in support of the request to determine if a passport may be issued without the other person's consent.

In such cases, the passport application must be accompanied by:

  • a statement made on Form B8 or B9 in which you state why the necessary consent has not and cannot be obtained, and explain the special circumstances relevant to the application, and
  • the child's full birth certificate, and
  • the originals of all court orders affecting parental responsibility for the child.

that is from the governments passport website. Basically you'd need to fill in details and then send it off to see if they will approve the passport.

as for finding him to see if he wanted to be involved in your sons life I would assume/take it that after so many years of knowing he is alive and knowing he is around and he still has not contacted you then he does not want to be involved.  It sucks for your DS but at the end of the day the father is a grown man who unless he is disabled- physically or mentally- should be able to locate you/make contact to see his child if he wanted to, you don;t need to go chasing him maybe if you do feel you need to do something contact him give him a photo of two and your email address and say that you wont change the address so if he wants to see him the doors open…

as for findign him- facebook is an excellent source for this or I recently came across

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Post #36084 by Jayden on April 23rd 2011, 11:54 PM (in topic “Possible paternity fraud”)

Possible paternity fraud:

I have issues? I have not in my post called anyone a 'name'. simply stating that of course two children who have differing DNA are going to have differences in looks is not an issue- its common sense.
Maybe even get your facts straight- a mother CAN get centrelink benefits whether there is a father listed on a birth certificate or not, a mother can even get Child support without the father being on the bith certificate.

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Post #36083 by Jayden on April 23rd 2011, 11:38 PM (in topic “Filming my X to expose the truth”)

Filming my X to expose the truth:

I think what Faith meant in regard to the coaching the child and child speaking whil ebeing filme dwas acually that it could be suggested YOU were filming it because YOU had coached him/her to say the things said.

I would also question why you stood around filming rather than leaving if it were to come up in court.

In relation to it being illegal/privacy law you would need to look up the filming of people without their permission and see exactly what the law is as if it was illegally filmed they won't allow it to be used as evidence.

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Post #35747 by Jayden on April 8th 2011, 7:41 PM (in topic “self employed paying $6.82 per week”)

self employed paying $6.82 per week:

I think the OP is asking how he can get a 50,000 car loan as well as a house loan while earning 15,000 a yr. sounds suss to me.

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Post #35746 by Jayden on April 8th 2011, 7:33 PM (in topic “Possible paternity fraud”)

Possible paternity fraud:

so just because the boy does not look liek his father or his baby HALF sister - you think theres a chance he is not the biological father?
that to me is pathetic Of course he is not going to be the spittign image of a child/baby who is 10ish yrs younger, a girl, has a different set of DNA.
not all children look like their parents either- the dominant (which in the case myay be the mother) genetics is what hte kids usually end up with.

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Post #35171 by Jayden on March 7th 2011, 11:26 PM (in topic “Medical costs for child.”)

Medical costs for child.

Not sure exactly where this should go but here seemed best.

Orders in place from 2005 that state mother has full parental responsibility, child is 6.5yrs, father seen child all up for 4 hrs total

Father by choice has not seen child since 2007 and has no desire to see child in the future(at this stage anyway)

Mother has CS exemption and no support is received by father- mother pays all child costs including private schooling.

The issue:  Child now requires surgery which will cost $4000(out of pocket costs), where does the mother stand in asking the father to assist with some of the costs of the childs surgery(mother having difficulty trying to get this amount of money)?  Surgery is necesary and not able to be put off.  If the father were to assist with costs will this need to go through CSA as child support?

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Post #33269 by Jayden on November 29th 2010, 1:47 PM (in topic “So whaddya think?”)

So whaddya think?:

I would say given that you are fearful and he has harassed and been violent towards you go for the AVO NOW.
It wont affect the orders in place- all you have to do is ask that 'email contact be allowed for purposes of arranging visitation of the child ONLY'
otherwise I would not be contacting him to arrange visits- let him initiate it and contact you.

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Post #33268 by Jayden on November 29th 2010, 1:35 PM (in topic “Paternity and when does child support start from?”)

Paternity and when does child support start from?:

maybe see if you can do a deal with her since she is trying to prove paternity and your DH would be trying to disprove it that you each pay half for the test.
The tests needs to be done by a court approved facility for them to be legible in court(the cheapie  internet type versions will not mean anything if it went to court at some stage). That way your DH wont be lumped with the whole test fee either way.

If she were a 'gold digger' she would also be trying to maternity and birth expenses(costs associated with giving birth and prenatal). It really sounds liek she may have underestimated the costs and centrelink being centrelink have cut her FTBs until she claims CS. So ultimately she is broke and struggling to support the baby.
Its a sucky system  for all involved in these situations and the affects can impact a lot more people than those couple involve in the first circumstance.  But at the end of the day the baby is here and if you DH is the father theres not a lot that can be done to change it now(actually nothing really) but to make the best of the situation.

The whole she was having an abortion thing is really not that relevant now- she obviously didn't go through with it, and thats her right as it was her body etc…(theres the whole well whats the man who doesn't want the kids rights- but thats a whole other debate:)).

Good luck!

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