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Post #22979 by HeatherM on June 12th 2009, 11:05 AM (in topic “Custody Battle”)

Custody Battle: The saga continues

It's impossible to predict what a particular Magistrate or Judge will rule, my son has presented so much evidence as to how his ex is neglectful and abusive, and how a little girl was molested in the mothers house etc etc, but the powers that be have deemed it necessary to "Put her on notice" and leave the children with her until the final hearing. The directions hearing after that was with a different Magistrate who has ordered them back to square 1 - mediation, which will not work as she is never reasonable or agreeable to anything unless she has complete control and has continually breached the first mediation agreement and everything since. A final hearing will only take place now if an agreement cannot be reached in the mediation.

It has been 3 years of complete and utter hell. A friend who has been through divorce told us "Don't expect justice" and he is so right. I am sure this has taken years off our life spans and the emotional pain and turmoil has been unbearable, and time has just marched on with my darling grandchildren still in danger. We have done everything in our power apart fom hiring a private detective, which is tempting, but out of our means.

All I can say to anyone who is thinking of leaving their abusive partner is this: NEVER LEAVE THE CHILDREN BEHIND, for goodness sakes TAKE THEM WITH YOU, don't think it can all be sorted later. PLAN EVERYTHING out FIRST and stick to the plan. GET PROOF while you are still with them, call the Police and press charges, get counselling or medical help, it is all proof of the abuse and you WILL NEED IT later.

Time will continue to march on and we will continue to press on and hope and pray for the best outcome for the children, I just hope our situation and experience can help someone else.

Thanks for all your comments and support everyone.

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Post #18695 by HeatherM on January 1st 2009, 1:45 PM (in topic “Custody Battle”)

Custody Battle

My son is preparing for a Custody hearing which will decide which parent gets final custody and what parenting orders will apply.

There was an emergency hearing a few months ago and the Magistrate decided that although my son has cause for concern he didn't want to remove the 3 children from the mother until the final hearing. One of the things he ordered each party to produce for the final hearing is a "Time Line".

As my son's Solicitor is absolutely HOPELESS, we know nothing about what a Time Line is or how to prepare one, what to include etc etc etc. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

Also can anyone recommend a good Solicitor in the Central QLD region?

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