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Post #54652 by EFB on September 9th 2019, 4:11 PM (in topic “Telephone Dispute Resolution Service (TDRS) issues”)

Telephone Dispute Resolution Service (TDRS) issues


I am wondering if anyone would be able to explain TDRS policies to me and if they don't adhere to them as an organisation. In my case this resulted in the disadvantaged party to be even worse off.

I am a bit mindful of the other party to my case being on this forum and I do not wish to stir the pot.

Is anyone able to have a private chat in this regards? Or any other way the information can be somehow "disguised" so it is still valuable for others but protects my identity and safeguards me from a possible fallout/repercussions.

Thank you


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Post #54628 by EFB on August 14th 2019, 2:37 AM (in topic “Submission of "Outline of case" as evidence to CSA / AAT allowed?”)

Submission of "Outline of case" as evidence to CSA / AAT allowed?:

No, it is still ongoing. Ex made an interlocutory application for my application to be dismissed. He had until 20 June to submit a supporting affidavit. He didn't submit it on time. I asked AAT what the further process is and they never responded. Ex put affidavit in on 24/06/19. I rang AAT the same day and was informed that nothing was submitted and I will be contacted by the member. On 02/07/19 I had an email that further directions will be issued shortly. On 03/07/19 I received a copy of his affidavit. Directions issued 05/07/19 had the whole section with timeframes for ex taken out… I rang AAT and asked if ex had applied for an extension and was told to put my question in writing. I did that and was then called by an AAT officer who basically told me to pull my head in. Today I received another call from AAT where it was in no uncertain terms suggested that I withdraw my application. If I would go ahead with my submission, the member would determine the success of my application for review.

So, now my application has turned into his application where I have to reply to his allegations and why the matter has merit. When I applied, it was made clear that any application for 2nd review will be assessed before commencement of the review. I paid the fee and my application made it through their initial screening. I fail to understand how on earth I am now the underdog again.

Anyway, I keep you posted. I have until 20/08/19 to submit and then CSA can respond until mid september. Then will be determined if it goes on to the substantive matter… or is dismissed.


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