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Post #54580 by Dev_MikeT on May 28th 2019, 6:53 AM (in topic “Submission of "Outline of case" as evidence to CSA / AAT allowed?”)

Submission of "Outline of case" as evidence to CSA / AAT allowed?:

The courts may well have thrown it out anyway as it's covered by the CSA,that is the CSA have been given the power to make such decisions and would likely only be considered by a court if it were a "matter of law".

Matter of Law legal definition of Matter of Law

As the legislation gives the power to make such decisions to the registrar, the CSA and also to the AAT, likely the very quick decision that it's not  a matter for the courts.

I don't believe that documents submitted to the court, nor issued by the court are protected from publication unless specifically stated. However, submission of such documents, to the Government isn't, I believe, publication.

The CSA is part of the DHS and the roles have been merged. That is CSA officers are required to both submit changes in the level of care both to the CSA system and to the Centrelink system. As such a backdated decision may well result in both CS and Centrelink debts. However, as it's disputed (taken to AAT), you can apply to the courts for a stay order.

4.3.6 Appealing AAT Decisions | Child Support Guide

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