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Post #11615 by Danzig on June 18th 2008, 8:46 AM (in topic “Increase in Salary - declare?”)

Increase in Salary - declare?:

Thank you for the replies.

Mike - I have used the calculator to great effect recently- good work.

Can my ex order a Change of Assesment if she knows I have been given a payrise?

I am currently paying approx $800 a month in child support, which due to the new calculations drops to $600 next month. The extra $200 a month will allow me to save for flights to see my children more regularly. It is a bonus if I do not have to worry about paying extra until next tax year ( 2008-2009 ) as it will allow me to get back on top.


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Post #11584 by Danzig on June 17th 2008, 8:15 PM (in topic “Increase in Salary - declare?”)

Increase in Salary - declare?

Hi all.

I have just received a significant pay increase and was wondering if I declare to CSA immediately, or wait until lodging tax return for 2008-2009 ( my current tax return will be lodged as old wage based for 2007-2008 ) CSA have always used my tax returns for basing my child support on ( as annual pay increases are about $2k-3k ).

I was wondering which is the correct way to go.

If I am to declare immediatley, would it be wrong to with-hold until lodging next years tax return ( the ex deserves some of her own medicine methinks )


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