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Post #52025 by Dads On The Air on February 12th 2015, 1:07 AM (in topic “Men forgotten in violence debate”)

Men forgotten in violence debate

The following article is written by Tanveer Ahmed, who is a psychiatrist and White Ribbon Day ambassador.

White Ribbon Day people are not too happy about it.

The Australian
9 February 2015

Men forgotten in violence debate
BY Tanveer Ahmed

There is too little acknowledgment of the importance of male disempowerment in debates surrounding domestic violence. Gender relations have changed dramatically in the past few decades, but discussions about family violence are stuck in the mindset of 1970s radical feminism.

This emphasises power inequality in gender interactions and on perceived societal messages that sanction a male's use of violence and aggression. The focus is on male villainy, denial of biologically based sex differences and a cult of victimhood. This is part of a broader movement that defines normal maleness as a risible kind of fatuous and reactionary behaviour. As US anthropologist and masculinity expert Lionel Tiger, who coined the term "male bonding", says: "We have a psycho-prejudice, in which the norm is the female norm and what boys (and men) do is seen as socially disruptive."

The Prime Minister's move to acknowledge the Australian of the Year award to Rosie Batty and community outpouring on domestic violence through a COAG committee is worthy, but it risks becoming dominated by radical feminists and a worldview around the powerlessness of women.

Just as women are now more likely than ever to enter university, be breadwinners and have affairs, they are also more likely to commit family violence against partners, children or relatives. But the anti-feminists who focus on female perpetrators of family violence, such as Michael Woods from male advocacy group Men's Health Australia, forget the growing social and economic disempowerment of men is increasingly the driver of family based violence. Woods is a strong critic of what he says is a domestic violence industry and diluted measures of what constitutes violence.

The focus on female disempowerment alone will not achieve an improved existence, since they are often surrounded by disempowered men. Men for whom the security of unionised labour in the manufacturing industries is becoming a distant memory are experiencing a huge displacement from modern economic trends. It's been replaced by casualised, service-oriented work with relatively low wages. In essence, their work has been feminised.

British social researcher Paul Thomas questioned British youths of different backgrounds for a study in 2010. He found white, working-class men feel they are the real outsiders and disenfranchised from opportunity.

Likewise, family violence within newly arrived ethnic groups is often related to the sudden dilution of traditional masculinity, leaving men lost and isolated, particularly as females enjoy greater autonomy and expectations. This is primarily positive, but a greater acknowledgment of the huge displacement such men endure from the cleavage of the institutions of family, clan and tradition in less than a generation may help alleviate their sense of humiliation.

Despite the cries of domestic violence being an epidemic, we should also consider that fatherlessness could fit such a category, with 40 per cent of Australian teenagers living without their biological fathers. It was Margaret Mead who said fatherhood was essentially a social invention. But as the Left increasingly dilutes the notion of biological differences in sex, amusingly illustrated by Greens senator Larissa Waters imploring parents not to buy gender-specific toys for Christmas, we are downplaying the notion that fathers are even desirable.

Statistics don't lie. It is true one woman a week dies at the hands of a partner, current or former. As part of a broadbased strategy, it is critical that improving arrest and prosecution rates, establishing shelters and abuse hotlines, pushing for state provisions against stalking, and creating protections for immigrants all have the goal of getting victims out of abusive relationships.

But the broader movement that has long fought against violence towards women remains stuck in a view of gender relations from decades past, which will limit its effectiveness in stemming the problem in an inclusive way.

- Tanveer Ahmed is a psychiatrist and White Ribbon Day ambassador.

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Post #33410 by Dads On The Air on December 7th 2010, 2:42 AM (in topic “DOTA - Book: Chaos at the Crossroads - Tues 7 December 2010 - 2GLF or www.dadsontheair.NET”)

DOTA - Book: Chaos at the Crossroads - Tues 7 December 2010 - 2GLF or www.dadsontheair.NET

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Dads on the Air

Dads on the Air |

Local Sydney Time: 10.30am to 12 midday Tuesday 7th December 2010
USA Eastern time: 6.30pm to 8pm Monday 6th December 2010
USA Pacific time: 3.30pm to 5pm Monday 6th December 2010
UK GMT time: 11.30pm to 1am Monday night (Tuesday morning) 7th December 2010

Listen live on 2GLF 89.3FM in Sydney
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With special guest: John Stapleton

Chaos at the Crossroads, John Stapleton, 2010

Joining us this week is well known and respected Australian Journalist, Author and co-founder of Dads On The Air, John Stapleton, who will launch his new book, 'Chaos At The Crossroads', which tells the story of the long struggle for family law reform in Australia. It also tells the interesting story of the formation of Dads On The Air.

There is no doubt this book will be much sought after by future historians, as it provides an important account of the anguish and despair suffered by so many thousands of Australian families, made possible due to atrocious Family Law Legislation, during an extremely dark period in our history. It also documents the work of those who stood up to the anti Men, Father and Family lobby, many of whom have devoted thousands of hours of their own time, to alert the wider community to the destructive excesses of the prevailing multi- billion dollar Family Justice Industry.   

John wrote for a variety of Australian publications including The Bulletin and The Financial Review before joining the staff of The Sydney Morning Herald in the mid 1980s. He spent the last 15 years of his journalistic career, until 2009, working as a general news reporter on The Australian. He is the proud father of two teenage children. His work has appeared in several anthologies, including Men Love Sex and Australian Politics.

In 2000 he joined a small group of separated dads at 2GLF in western Sydney and helped to found Dads On The Air, now the world's longest running fathers radio program. Over the next nine years he spent many hundreds of hours keeping the then struggling program alive. He is currently living in Bangkok. The shown continues to prosper without him. On a visit to Sydney in October 2010 he participated in Dads On The Air?s tenth anniversary program, which featured some of its original members and most enduring supporters.


"An early draft of Chaos At The Crossroads went up at the old Dads On The Air website in 2004, when the environment for family law reform was entirely different to what it is today. Six years after that first rough draft, the first edition of the evolving story of family law reform in Australia is complete and becomes available for purchase as an e-book this week. It is a case study in community activism, institutional resistance to change, political chicanery and the damage that can be done by allowing ideology to dominate public policy. Chaos At The Crossroads: Family Law Reform in Australia will be available at all major e-book retailers including Apple's iBookstore,, Sony's Reader Store, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Borders Books, and Diesel eBook Store, which combined cover 98 per cent of the eBook market.   

The book unabashedly looks at the issues of family law from a father's perspective. Without the hundreds of millions of dollars that are poured into supporting women's causes of all kinds, including advocacy groups and grants to university researchers, father's voices are often invisible in the public debate. We try to redress the balance a little in our own humble way.

Chaos At The Crossroads is the first manuscript to be published by Dads On The Air Books. In the future we hope to encourage other authors to come into the stable. For fathers there can be all too many stories to tell; and we would ultimately hope to support a wide variety of work, from exposes of the divorce industry to memoirs of fathers and the roles they have played, picturesque, piquant, sad, appalling, wonderful; as well as to disseminate academic texts and journalese, fact and fiction.

Chaos tells the story of the long and frustrating struggle for family law reform in Australia, not just by separated fathers, their supporters and their lobby groups, but by grandparents and other family members cut out of children's lives by the sole-custody model purveyed by the court, second wives, children of divorce, non-custodial mothers and those with a concern for social justice and the poor personal outcomes for fathers and children alike post-separation, or for the unfashionable issue of the consequences of state-created fatherlessness and the community disfigurement that results.

Chaos At The Crossroads also tells the story of the formation of Dads On The Air. What began with a small group of disgruntled separated men in Western Sydney in 2000 has gone on to become the world's longest running and most famous radio program, regularly interviewing national and international activists, advocates, academics and authors. As that first small band of dads rapidly discovered once we began broadcasting, like no other subject family law was something that cut deep into the hearts and lives of many men. Family law represents an inexhaustible well of pain. Its archives now present a fascinating history of the men's and fatherhood movement of the early part of the millennium. The list of guests is exhaustive, including some of the world's best known commentators on father's issues such as Stephen Baskerville, author of Taken Into Custody, Warren Farrell, author of The Myth of Male Power, Steve Biddulph, whose books include The New Man and Raising Boys, founder of the first women's refuge Erin Pizzey, the founder of Fathers 4 Justice Matt O'Conner and author of Family Court Hell Mark Harris, to name just a very few.  

When Dads On The Air began in 2000 we had no idea we were part of a worldwide trend protesting the mistreatment of fathers in separated families. Fathers 4 Justice in Britain were yet to climb Buckingham Palace, block bridges across Britain or invade parliament house spreading purple powder. Like no other subject family law was something that cut deep into the hearts and lives of many men. Family law represents an inexhaustible well of pain. In Australia the history of Dads On The Air has closely paralleled the history of groups such as Dads In Distress, which was formed in the same year, the Non-Custodial Parents (Equal Parenting) Party, the Shared Parenting Council of Australia and the Fatherhood Foundation. We also provided a fresh outlet for older groups such as Lone Fathers and Men's Rights.

Dads On The Air would not exist if family law was not rampantly biased against fathers and if we had not all, as individuals, felt a deep hurt and profound distress over our experiences with the Family Court of Australia. Subsequently our personal experiences and the experiences of so many others with Australia's mal-administered Child Support Agency rubbed salt into the wounds. We felt very much alone, our broadcasts putting us out on a limb. Not for long. As the years passed DOTA was joined by other voices, both within the Australian community and internationally. There were so many stories. Fathers everywhere, often having worked in thankless jobs in order to protect and provide for their children, and then kept busy at home for the same purpose, were outraged by the post-separation system they found themselves unwillingly trapped within.

At first we would say what we had to say nervously, thinking that at any time the Australian Federal Police would come knocking at our door and try to silence us. The Family Court had a history of prosecuting its critics. No other media outlet in Australia was routinely trying to expose the suspect practices and decision making of the Family Court and the Child Support Agency in the way we were. Our boldly expressed views on the dysfunction within the country's family law, child support and child welfare systems, which once seemed so daring because they were so rarely heard, eventually came to appear decidedly mainstream. For instance, we were severely critical of the outlandish  bias and poor quality of the "family reports" the court relied upon as "evidence" read "justification". The systemic abuse of psychiatric evidence within the court is at the heart of its discredited practices. It is self-evident that the court uses those psychiatrists and family report writers, the evidentiary basis of Australian family law, which comply with its agenda.

The Court, which we often referred to rather aptly as The Palace Of Lies, had a long history of attempting to silence its critics and our fears were not unfounded. One man who suggested in a letter that the court belonged on a garbage tip found himself being arrested by three Federal Police. Since the advent of the Internet charges of it being "criminal" and "corrupt" fly routinely across the net. When we began there had been a number of cases of the court trying to prosecute men on the arcane charge of "scandalising the court". The court's judges, in particular its former Chief Justice Alastair Nicholson, was always critical of father's groups, describing them as "sinister" and the men involved, rather than pining for their children, were simply missing the power they once held over their wives and kids. During the long battle for family law reform some activists found themselves with judgements which were lit tle more than lengthy character assassinations. When it came to freedom of expression and freedom of association, the Court did not believe these fundamental aspects of a modern democracy applied to fathers.

It's arbitrary and cruel judgements became the stuff of legends. One Indian immigrant was jailed for writing to his parents in English. The court ignored his protestations that his father had two masters degrees in English. The court has also ordered litigants not to contact the United Nations with their concerns, not to publicise the injustices of their cases in any way, not to take their children to a doctor and not to raise concerns about the welfare. One father was ordered not to contact his children after it was alleged he carried his daughter around on his shoulders, in a crowded park, in a suggestive manner. When it came to sexual abuse allegations, no evidence was required. All that was needed was for the judge to have "lingering doubt". Another father who expressed a desire to see his adolescent son after the boy's suicide attempt was ridiculed from the bench. And yet another was jailed for sending his child a birthday card. The outlandish sto ries just went on and on.

Similar stories of damaged lives circled the Child Support Agency. A father who was losing 80 per cent of his income in tax and child support died with a letter from the Agency in his hand. The Agency claimed to be treating him fairly. Another man took more than two weeks to die when he swallowed poison after a call from an Agency officer. The CSA refused to attend the inquest despite a request from the Magistrate, claiming privacy legislation. A disabled man was jailed for failing to keep up with his payments; at a time when his children had already left home.

Technology had rapidly changed the father's movement by enabling the almost instantaneous spread of information, news stories, research and developments worldwide. Once separated fathers had been socially isolated and largely withdrawn. Now they realised they were not alone, that their cases were far from unique. Dads On The Air was itself a prime example of the way revolutions in computer science were transforming social debate. The technology which made it possible for a small group in western Sydney to create a 90 minute weekly program that could be downloaded in Mongolia and attract the country's and the world's leading political, academic and social commentators on fathers issues simply hadn't existed five years before.

Dads On The Air was strategically placed to cover the push for family law reform in Australia. For a period many of the country's leading politicians queued to come on the show; most wanting to demonstrate their support for shared parenting and for fathers. This courtesy and openness has not been matched by the present Labor government, unwilling or unable to defend the institutions their party created so many years ago before a critical audience.   

Despite Lionel Murphy's vision when he brought in no-fault divorce in the Family Law Act in 1975 of creating a helping and caring court which promoted shared parenting and cooperation between parents after divorce such was never to be the case. Subsequent legislative attempts to impose shared parenting post separation as the most civilised outcome for separating couples were not successful. Almost from the minute the Family Court opened its doors it became a law unto itself, imposing sole mother custody on separating families, despite all the documented harm of this style of custody order. It denied fathers contact with their children on the flimsiest of excuses or on the basis of the most ludicrous and unsubstantiated accusations. Overly legalistic, enormously bureaucratic, secretive and unaccountable, defying community norms of morality, decency and propriety, it soon became one of the country's most hated institutions.   

An early draft of Chaos At The Crossroads went up online in 2004. The book outlines the controversial history of the Family Court, the lavish lifestyles of its hierarchy, the bureaucratic insanities of its complex processes and the precedents and inquiries, all pointing to substantial problems, which led up to the Howard government's 2003 parliamentary inquiry. That inquiry, which held pubic hearings around the nation, exposed for anyone who cared to look the massive dysfunction of Australia's family law and child support systems and the distress they were causing in the community.

Despite the blizzard of women's groups and domestic violence advocates that stacked the committee, the public hearings demonstrated in an undeniable way the great suffering caused by the court's rulings to fathers, grandparents, second wives, non-custodial mothers and of course to children. It also exposed the great divide between the mandarins and the general populace, with the industry's mandarins and its beneficiaries continuing to blindly insist they were acting in the best interests of children. It was nothing short of a lie.   

The inquiry was given added piquancy by the fact it was the final days of that aging lion of the left Chief Justice Alastair Nicholson. He had dominated family law in Australia for more than half of the Court's life. His endless pronouncements on social issues and his apparent self image as a crusader for the oppressed, pushed the boundaries of the judicial role but provided ample copy for journalists. A champion of women's causes and a spirited supporter of the domestic violence industry, he was regarded as being utterly indifferent or dismissive of the concerns of fathers. The various dads lobby groups labeled him as Public Enemy Number One.   

The original 2003 announcement from the Prime Minister that the government would examine the idea of a rebuttable presumption of joint custody provoked a wave of positive media coverage and public debate matched by excitement from the various fathers groups and private hope within the community. Chaos At The Crossroads explores the inquiry in detail, believing that while bureaucrats did their best to fudge the truth, its transcripts and inquiries provided an undeniable weight of evidence demonstrating the need for change. The resulting report of the 2003 parliamentary inquiry, the poorly written, intellectually sloppy and ridiculously named Every Picture Tells A Story, caused many problems. It was condemned by fatherhood activists as a betrayal of the nation's separated parents and of the many emotional people who had appeared before the inquiry, some in tears. Dads On The Air described the report as just like a Family Court judgement, it bore no relationship to the evi dence and no relationship to reality.   

Chaos also details the 2004 finale of Alastair Nicholson, who retired in controversial circumstances. The left fell over itself to praise him while his many critics cheered. Nicholson or not, the Howard government dithered for years over the issue of family law reform, destroying the momentum for change and the support it had initially attracted from so many of the public. Embarrassed by the accusations it was somehow hostage to the unfunded men's groups the Liberals fell over themselves to demonstrate its friendliness to women's issues. It would not be until 2006, after seemingly endless and faltering consultations, committees and calls for submissions that the Howard government finally passed what DOTA considered to be sadly watered down and patently sexist amendments promoting "shared parental responsibility".

Yet despite Dads On The Air's sometimes strident criticism that the laws did not go far enough, were too easily overturned and too easily ignored by the court, the lengthy public debate engendered a significant cultural shift and a change in expectations which at least saw some children spending more time with their dads after separation.   

Chaos At The Crossroads: Family Law Reform in Australia, covers the decade from 2000. Come 2010, and the Labor government had neither the guts nor the integrity to mention family law during the campaign leading up to the August election. Fearful of losing votes, they did not acknowledge they were winding back the popular shared parenting laws as rapidly as they could. This was being done under the guise of their Family Violence Bill and the pretense they were protecting women and children from violence. The government was cheered on by shared parenting's greatest opponents and the Family Court's greatest apologists, former Chief Justice Alastair Nicholson and former Justice Richard Chisholm - flanked by a bevy of publicly funded pack mentality academics, bureaucrats, empire builders, domestic violence advocates and others with an undisguised enmity towards fathers.   

After more than 20 years of ferment, community agitation, government inquiry, thousands of submissions and countless stories of suffering and distress, family law is heading straight back from whence it came, to those dark days when too many fathers entering the court never saw their children again. To this day the Family Court has remained remarkable resistant to reform, indifferent to the suffering of the clients enduring its processes, dismissive of the public odium it attracts and all too willing to denigrate fathers.   

As for the "evil sister", the wretched tyranny of the Child Support Agency continues apace, a disgrace to the public service and the history of public policy in Australia. The Howard governments attempts to reform the Agency failed. The government continues to ignore one of the only recommendations from any of its inquiries that might actually have made a real difference - an examination of the Agency's social consequences. It also ignores the repeated calls to reveal the exact statistics on the death toll amongst its clients, a group particularly prone to early death and ill health. Already impacted by the brutishness of the divorce regime, the physical and emotional health of fathers is further damaged by the endless financial harassment, bizarre accounting methods, incompetent administration, farcical, impossible to appeal and biased if not blatantly dishonest decision making, offensive propagandising against fathers and open hostility to non-custod ial parents that has characterised the Agency since its inception. Despite findings by one government inquiry the Agency was directly involved in criminal activity - by ignoring its legal responsibilities to keep proper records and by actively promoting or protecting the deceit of custodial parents at a direct cost to the payer - no investigation of these activities has ever been undertaken.    

While a significant number of enlightened men and women in the community have come to realise that shared parenting and amicable divorces benefit everyone involved, including parents, children and extended families, allowing the parties to get on with their lives and careers without spending years on welfare while locked in bitter, protracted and damaging feuds. They realise that old fashioned gender wars and the hysterical promotion of victimhood are of no lasting benefit to the participants. That shared parenting is the obvious way out of the morass of individual pain, social consequence and gendered roles created by sole-mother custody and the marginalisation of fathers.   

In Australia the public submission period for the latest amendments to the much amended Family Law Act, the Family Violence Bill runs across Christmas and ends smack bang in the middle of the holiday season. The Bill is the result of some of the worst, certainly the most blatant manipulation of the public inquiry process seen in Australia's recent history, The plank of reports, almost universally falling under the category of feminist advocacy research, the government is relying on it to justify its actions and makes no attempt at neutrality. The appointment of former Family Court judge Richard Chisholm, whose hostility to shared parenting was well known, to produce one of the many reports was simply shameful.   

Yet the Labor Government led by Julia Gillard and ably assisted by Attorney-General Robert McClelland appear determined to press on with its lunacy in not just pandering to but leading the way for the worst excesses of the victim industry. It has ignored the Institute of Family Studies finding that there is no evidence the shared parenting legislation has created additional conflict between separating couples and that on the whole the new laws have been welcomed and are widely supported.   

Show me a person who has not been guilty of emotional and financial manipulation and I'll show you Christ on earth, but this is just one of the new definitions of domestic violence being placed into family law. There can be only one result from defining domestic or "family" violence so broadly, in such a gendered way and couched in such a manner as to target only men as perpetrators and include much unremarkable human behaviour - a return to the days when many fathers entering the Family Court of Australia were denied any or given only minimal contact with their children on entirely spurious grounds. The resultant personal pain created a large body of disaffected men as well as grandparents and other extended family members, did the community as a whole great harm, brought the judiciary into disrepute and impacted badly on the children involved.   

Chaos At The Crossroads concludes: "Successive governments from both left and right have failed to listen to their constituents and respond to their concerns. They have resorted to vested inquiries in the hands of the mandarins and publicly funded elites whose feigned attempts to listen to the views of ordinary people have then seen them heavily reinterpreted. They have delayed progress through the extensive manipulation of committees or other forms of alleged inquiry. These same governments, even when they were enacting legislative reforms, left their enforcement in the hands of institutions notoriously resistant to change. They allowed or encouraged fashionable ideology, institutional inertia and bureaucracy to triumph over common sense. Common decency was lost long ago."

"In terms of human suffering, the Australian public has already paid dearly for the failure to reform outdated, badly administered and inappropriate institutions dealing with family law and child support - and for the failure of governments to take seriously the experiences and voices of the men and women most directly affected by them. The country's failure to reform family law and child support is ultimately a failure of democracy itself."

For more information about Dads on the Air, click here.

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Post #29606 by Dads On The Air on April 19th 2010, 11:34 PM (in topic “DOTA - Class Action Against Family Violence Laws - Tues 13 April 2010 - www.dadsontheair.NET”)

DOTA - Class Action Against Family Violence Laws - Tues 13 April 2010 - www.dadsontheair.NET

Dads on the Air

Dads on the Air |

Local Sydney Time: 10.30am to 12 midday Tuesday 13th April 2010
USA Eastern time: 6.30pm to 8pm Monday 12th April 2010
USA Pacific time: 3.30pm to 5pm Monday 12th April 2010
UK GMT time: 11.30pm to 1am Monday night (Tuesday morning) 13th April 2010

Listen live on 2GLF 89.3FM in Sydney
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Dads on the Air Tuesday 13th April 2010 2GLF 89.3FM and online

Class Action Against Family Violence Law

With special guests:

- Ray Escobar

- Dr John Walsh

Stop feminist violence against men

The slow simmering unrest amongst dispossessed parents and children is building steadily worldwide. Increasingly governments are permitting the misuse of illegal Domestic Violence laws to separate parents from their children and property, which is wreaking intolerable havoc amongst our communities.

However slowly but surely, the restless victims and their children are starting to challenge the immoral and illegal actions of our dis-interested legislators, who have allowed these draconian laws to be passed with their stamp of approval.

In the Australian State of Tasmania, a group of concerned parents both men and women, have joined together into a fighting force and have set out to overturn these destructive Family Violence laws, claiming damages for the immense damage they have caused their families and communities. There action group is called J.A.I.L.Inc. (Juries Against Illegal laws) and their spokesman Ray Escobar is our first guest this week.

J.A.I.L. Inc has launched a class action against the Tasmanian Government and have hired a legal team headed by Dr John Walsh of Brannagh, who is our second guest on the show this week. The good Doctor is Australia's most eminent  authority on the Australian Constitution, holds a degree in Criminal Law and has been a Magistrate. On the 4th February 2010 the Federal Court of Australia, Tasmanian Registry, date stamped the writ against the Tasmanian Government.

J.A.I.L. Inc. amongst other things is seeking damages of $200,000,000.00 as well as the complete repeal of the Tasmanian Family Violence Act of 2004. Because these illegal Domestic Violence laws are responsible for the current large scale destruction of so many parent/child relationships worldwide, so there is no doubt many are watching globally to see how this action will unfold.

Download (MP3) or listen online now.

For more information about Dads on the Air, click here.

Dads on the Air - www.dadsontheair.NET

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Post #29015 by Dads On The Air on March 16th 2010, 9:42 PM (in topic “DOTA - Jailed for Trying to be a Dad - Tues 16 March 2010 - www.dadsontheair.NET”)

DOTA - Jailed for Trying to be a Dad - Tues 16 March 2010 - www.dadsontheair.NET

Dads on the Air - www.dadsontheair.NET

Dads on the Air |
Local Sydney Time: 10.30am to 12 midday Tuesday 16th March 2010
USA Eastern time: 8.30pm to 10pm Monday 15th March 2010
USA Pacific time: 5.30pm to 7pm Monday 15th March 2010
UK GMT time: 1.30am to 3am Monday night (Tuesday morning) 16th March 2010
Listen live on 2GLF 89.3FM in Sydney
or online via live streaming at
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Dads on the Air Tuesday 16th March 2010 2GLF 89.3FM and online

Jailed for Trying to be a Dad

With special guests:

- "Rick"

Today we play part 1 of an in-depth 2 part interview with a father who has been jailed several times for such dangerous crimes as sending a birthday card to his daughter and for daring to watch his son play school sport.

Rick, not his real name for legal reasons, joins us to tell us his story in the hope it will alert people, as to how easy it is to spiral into an impossible situation which severely punishes you for daring to attempt to remain in your childrens lives.

This fathers plight clearly exemplifies everything that is wrong with the worldwide family justice system, now a multi billion dollar industry of which the symbolic head is the Family Court.     

We sincerely hope that this fathers experience is another wake-up call to all those mothers and fathers who think this could never happen to them.

We hope everyone seriously re-assess their perceived legal rights as a parent, because the truth is you have none. I repeat parents do not have legal parenting rights.

Unfortunately the mistaken belief in these perceived rights, cause many parents to seek justice in a family justice system which does not offer due process of law and is more interested in serving the economic well-being of thousands of meddling bureaucrats. A corrupt system that has now grown into a multi billion dollar worldwide industry.

Unless you have made a pre-emptive first strike or have a million dollars to spare, the Family Court will do nothing for you except sever your relationship with your children and confiscate your family wealth, thereby stealing your kids inheritance. It is a social engineering Hell Hole to be avoided at all cost.

Ask anyone who has been there, they will all tell you the end result will leave you emotionally and economically destitute. The stealing of children is a crime against humanity and fighting this crime in the family courts will only make your situation impossible. If you decide to go this way and persist in seeking equality, justice and your human rights, it will cause you to spiral into the devastating situation this dad finds himself in.

For more information about Dads on the Air, click here.

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Post #28951 by Dads On The Air on March 13th 2010, 4:39 PM (in topic “DOTA - Lobbying for Logic - Tues 9 March 2010 - www.dadsontheair.NET”)

DOTA - Lobbying for Logic - Tues 9 March 2010 - www.dadsontheair.NET

Dads on the Air - www.dadsontheair.NET

Dads on the Air |
Local Sydney Time: 10.30am to 12 midday Tuesday 9th March 2010
USA Eastern time: 8.30pm to 10pm Monday 8th March 2010
USA Pacific time: 5.30pm to 7pm Monday 8th March 2010
UK GMT time: 1.30am to 3am Monday night (Tuesday morning) 9th March 2010
Listen live on 2GLF 89.3FM in Sydney
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Dads on the Air Tuesday 9th March 2010 2GLF 89.3FM and online

Lobbying for Logic  

With special guests:

- Warwick Marsh and

- Sue Price.

The never ending efforts by our lobbyist of trying to make our legislators understand the devastating effects that poorly formulated legislation has on the wider community continues. Nowhere is this more obviously damaging to the fabric of our society, than in the jurisdiction of Family Law.

This week we speak with two of the most vocal and dedicated of our lobbyist in support of family justice, Warwick Marsh from the Fatherhood Foundation and Sue Price from the Men's Right Agency.   

While the jurisdiction of Family Law has been hijacked by agenda driven zealots and self serving bureaucrats, and been allowed to expand into a worldwide multi- billion dollar industry, there are many enlightened people around the globe trying to bring this reprehensible scandal, to the attention of our Legislators.   

Millions of children around the world have their ties of kinship severed each year, by an industry that is hell bent on destroying family bonds and re-distributing the economic wealth of separating families under the guise of "The Best Interest of Children" mantra.    

What is even more sickening is watching those who are /or have, played a major role in the removal of the nations' children from responsible parents, position themselves as protectors of these helpless, stolen children.   

There is nothing more pathetic than to see the media roll out the retired Chief Justice of the Family Court  'Alistair Nicholson' and other like minded participants, and hear how they attempt to justify their evil deeds. It is important to note how their appalling cruel behaviour, is always seen by them to have been  'In The Best Interest of the Children'.   

Fortunately, history will see these evildoers for what they are and judge them accordingly. Forcibly removing children from decent loving parents, always has been and always will be, seen as a Crime against Humanity.

For more information about Dads on the Air, click here.

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Post #28950 by Dads On The Air on March 13th 2010, 4:37 PM (in topic “DOTA - Parental Alienation - Tues 2 March 2010 - www.dadsontheair.NET”)

DOTA - Parental Alienation - Tues 2 March 2010 - www.dadsontheair.NET

Dads on the Air - www.dadsontheair.NET

Dads on the Air |
Local Sydney Time: 10.30am to 12 midday Tuesday 2nd March 2010
USA Eastern time: 8.30pm to 10pm Monday 1st March 2010
USA Pacific time: 5.30pm to 7pm Monday 1st March 2010
UK GMT time: 1.30am to 3am Monday night (Tuesday morning) 2nd March 2010
Listen live on 2GLF 89.3FM in Sydney
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Dads on the Air Tuesday 2nd March 2010 2GLF 89.3FM and online

The Parental Alienation Debate

With special guest

- Dr Ned Holstein.

Dr Ned Holstein

With an ever growing body of evidence supporting the existence and devastating effects of the Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), we felt it necessary to again raise awareness to this debilitating disorder. Today we enjoy an informative discussion  with Dr Ned Holstein MD MS, who is the founder of the prominent American family support group Fathers & Families.   

The website of Fathers & Families describes the disorder in the following manner.     

"Parental Alienation is a disorder that arises primarily in the context of divorce/separation and/or child-custody disputes. Its primary manifestation is the childs campaign of denigration against a parent, a campaign that has no justification. It results from the combination of a programming (brainwashing) of a parents indoctrinations and the childs own contributions to the vilification of the targeted parent. Parental Alienation is also sometimes referred to as Parental Alienation Disorder or Parental Alienation Syndrome.  

"Few family law cases are as heartbreaking as those involving Parental Alienation. In PA cases, one parent has turned his or her children against the other parent, destroying the loving bonds the children and the target parent once enjoyed".

"Fathers & Families wants to ensure that the DSM-5 Task Force is aware of the scope and severity of Parental Alienation. To this end, in December we asked our supporters to write the Task Force to urge them to consider including Parental Alienation Disorder in DSM-5. As usual, your response was overwhelming. It also helped lead to progresswhile as expected the newly-released draft version does not specifically include Parental Alienation Disorder, the DSM-5 Task Force has now listed Parental Alienation Disorder among the Conditions Proposed by Outside Sources that are still under consideration by the work groups.

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Post #28949 by Dads On The Air on March 13th 2010, 4:36 PM (in topic “DOTA - A Helpline for Men - Tues 23 Feb 2010 - www.dadsontheair.NET”)

DOTA - A Helpline for Men - Tues 23 Feb 2010 - www.dadsontheair.NET

Dads on the Air - www.dadsontheair.NET

Dads on the Air |
Local Sydney Time: 10.30am to 12 midday Tuesday 23rd February 2010
USA Eastern time: 8.30pm to 10pm Monday 22nd February 2010
USA Pacific time: 5.30pm to 7pm Monday 22nd February 2010
UK GMT time: 1.30am to 3am Monday night (Tuesday morning) 23rd February 2010
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Dads on the Air Tuesday 23rd February 2010 2GLF 89.3FM and online

A Helpline for Men

With special guest

- Andrew King.  

The program this week centres mainly around some of the help available for men, and accordingly we speak with Andrew King of MensLine Australia, who explains in detail the services provided by this excellent government funded support service for men.

MensLine Australia is the national telephone support, information and referral service for men with family and relationship concerns. The service is available from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service is staffed by paid professional counsellors, experienced in mens issues.

The benefits of telephone counselling are particularly attractive to men, who often find it tough to ask for help and can find face-to-face discussions about difficult issues confronting and even shameful. MensLine Australia offers a private and safe environment for guys to talk about their problems. Over the phone, callers are anonymous and can retain more control over what happens as they can terminate the call at any time.

When faced with a problem, men are often more focussed on outcomes and practical solutions than their emotions and internal world. MensLine Australia counsellors recognize this preference and offer a down-to-earth, practical approach to counselling, whilst also encouraging men to deal with important issues in an effective way.

Although the process of separation is traumatic for all concerned, it can be particularly difficult for men whose coping strategies are often limited. MensLine Australias counsellors have ready access to relevant information and referral to mens services at any time and from anywhere in the country.

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Post #28181 by Dads On The Air on February 10th 2010, 5:56 PM (in topic “DOTA - Sharing the Care - Tues 9 Feb 2010 - www.dadsontheair.NET”)

DOTA - Sharing the Care - Tues 9 Feb 2010 - www.dadsontheair.NET

Dads on the Air - www.dadsontheair.NET

Dads on the Air |
Local Sydney Time: 10.30am to 12 midday Tuesday 9th February 2010
USA Eastern time: 8.30pm to 10pm Monday 8th February 2010
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Dads on the Air Tuesday 9th February 2010 2GLF 89.3FM and online


With special guests:

- Tony Smith and

- 'Andrew'.

Shared Care - Kids needs Fathers

Today's program explores the controversial review by the Rudd Government, of the Howard governments' Equal Shared Parenting amendments of 2006.

With most of the on-air DOTA team unavailable this week, Sue Price of the Men's Rights Agency anchored the show from Queensland, with Ian Purdie the only team member back in the Sydney studio paneling the show, while Peter van de Voorde recorded and uploaded the program to the website from several hundred klm's north of Sydney. The wonders of modern technology continue to amaze, especially since they have opened up many new options to ensure the programs goes to air each week.

Our first guest is Tony Smith a senior Barrister, who explains some of the legalities of the Shared Parenting amendments and details the reasons for moving cautiously. He questions the need for the reviews at this time, without the amendments having been given the benefit of the test of time in order to fully appreciate their merit or otherwise.

We end the show with our second guest 'Andrew'. This young man, 21 years of age, provides us with an insight into what it is like to be a young male in 2010. And how eligible males deal with the perceived dangers posed by the many anti-male laws prevalent in today's society . He details some of the reasons why many males are reluctant to commit to a permanent relationship with a woman in our modern culture.

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Post #26389 by Dads On The Air on November 15th 2009, 12:11 AM (in topic “DOTA: International Men's Day Special - Tues 17 Nov 2009 89.3FM and online”)

DOTA: International Men's Day Special - Tues 17 Nov 2009 89.3FM and online

Dads on the Air - Official Site

Dads on the Air |
Local Sydney Time: 10.30am to 12 midday Tuesday 17th November 2009
USA Eastern time: 8.30pm to 10pm Monday 16th November 2009
USA Pacific time: 5.30pm to 7pm Monday 16th November 2009
UK GMT time: 1.30am to 3am Monday night (Tuesday morning) 17th November 2009

Dads on the Air on 2GLF 89.3FM Sydney

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International Men's Day Special

With special guests:

- Dr Elizabeth Celi
- Dr Jerome Teelucksingh
- Diane A. Sears
- Jason Thompson
- Frank Crump and
- Uma Challa

International Men's Day 19th November

We dedicate the whole of this weeks' program to International Men's Day, which is finally and deservedly starting to get more recognition and traction around the world.

Warwick Marsh, Dads4Kids who is the Global Coordinator for IMD, set the scene last week on Dads on the Air when he spoke about some of the events taking place in Australia and around the world to celebrate this important International event.   

Our guests this week are from 3 different continents, representing millions of good and decent men around the globe, who currently witness themselves being publicly and relentlessly maligned on a daily basis. While there are exceptions to every rule, these should never be used to misrepresent the whole group in the way we now see men being portrayed.   

We commence our International lineup of guests with Australia's Dr Elizabeth Celi who is the keynote speaker at the  IMD function to be held at Australian Parliament House in the nations' Capital Canberra on the19th November. Dr.Celi is a strong supporter of the rights of men to be treated as an equal in a modern society, instead of having to face the daily injustices that confront them in many sectors of our community.    

Next we speak with Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh from Trinidad in the West Indies, who is the founder of IMD and described the event in the following manner, "International Men's Day is about addressing the challenges and problems that men face; improving gender relations between men and women; promoting gender equality; highlighting positive male role models, not just movie stars and athletes but "everyday working class men who are living decent, honest lives"; and creating a safer and better world".   

We then speak with Diane A. Sears, IMD Coordinator in the USA, who puts it this way, "We must work together as a team. International Mens Day provides us with a great opportunity. Strong fathers create and sustain efficiently functioning family units which positively shape the minds and souls of our children our future  our bridge to the future. After all, isn?t it really about our children?"   

The person responsible for Global Promotions, who is also the Historian and Coordinator for IMD is Australia's Jason Thompson and our next guest, who would like to take this opportunity to ask individuals and organizations who are planning an event to contact him with the details at: Jason Thompson

The following guest is Frank Crump from the USA and UPI Education, who with  IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD have entered into a partnership in observance of International Men's Day 2009 on Thursday, 19 November 2009. UPI Education is asking students, faculty, and administrators to observe International Men's Day 2009 through one moment of silence beginning at 11:19 A.M. (EST) and ending at 11:20 A.M. (EST) to commemorate and contemplate the sacrifices and contributions that Men have made throughout the world. UPI Education is also soliciting essays, articles, and poems from students and adults which identify the positive male role models that have influenced their lives. These essays, articles, and poems will be published on IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD's blog.   

We conclude our program interviewing  one of the hardest working and passionate promoters of equality and justice for all, Uma Challa from India. Uma Challa is the IMD Coordinator for India. She made the point that, "International women's Day is celebrated the world over every year but we also need to have a celebration every year to recognize and honor men: our fathers, brothers, partners, sons, male friends and colleagues; for the numerous services they render and the innumerable sacrifices they make to ensure the health and well-being of the family and the society."

International Men's Day began on November 19th 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago and was supported by the United Nations. The event received wide support from men's groups in USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. Speaking on behalf of UNESCO, Ms. Ingeborg Breines, Director of Women and Culture of Peace said, "This is an excellent idea and would give some gender balance." She added that her organisation was looking forward to cooperating with organisers of IMD.   

Objectives of International Men's Day include a focus on men's and boy's health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting positive male role models. It is an occasion for men to highlight discrimination against them and to celebrate their achievements and contributions, in particular for their contributions to community, family, marriage, and child care.

The November IMD is a significant date as it interfaces the popular 'Movember' charity event and also with Universal Children's Day on Nov 20 with which IMD forms a 48 hour celebration of men and children respectively, and of the special relationships they share.  The ability to sacrifice your needs on behalf of others is fundamental to manhood as is honour.

Manhood rites of passage the world over recognise the importance of sacrifice in the development of Manhood. Men make sacrifices everyday in their place of work, in their role as husbands and fathers, for their families, for their friends, for their communities and for their nation. International Men's Day is an opportunity for people everywhere of goodwill to appreciate and celebrate the men in their lives and the contribution they make to society for the greater good of all.

During the past ten years methods of commemorating International Men's Day have included public seminars, classroom activities at schools, radio and television programs, Church observances, and peaceful displays and marches. The manner of observing this annual day is optional; any organizations are welcome to host their own events and any appropriate forums can be used. Early pioneers of IMD reminded that the day is not intended to compete against International Woman's Day, but is for the purpose of highlighting men's experiences.

Each year a different theme is highlighted, such as peace in 2002, men's health in 2003, sacrifice in 2008, and positive male role models in 2009. In consultation with organizers from other nations the following broad objectives of IMD are observed:

- Celebrate manhood and the wonderful positive and valuable contributions our men, young men, and boys make to our communities and to our societies.

- Promote and Support gender equality, encouraging men to address responsibly and positively the challenges facing them in society.

- Demonstrate strength of character and courage in meeting the challenges that men face in society and in contributing to building stronger and better communities, where people can be safe and grow to reach their full potential.

- Highlighting positive male role models, not just movie stars and sports men but everyday, working class men who are living decent, honest lives.      

International Men's Day is celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Australia, India, United States, New Zealand,  Moldova, Haiti, Singapore, Malta, South Africa, Ghana, Hungary, Canada, China, and the United Kingdom. Join us on November 19 in celebrating the contribution men make to those around them, to their family and friends, their work place and the community, the nations and the world.

Dads4Kids is honoured to host the Men's Day website and we invite you to join the global celebrations. Please feel free to roam and read the IMD history sections or to contribute to our world forums or planning blogs as we launch toward the 2009 events. Anyone is welcome to quote material from this website (attribution to this website is required), as well as free and open use of our logo and access to IMD promotional kits.

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DOTA: Empowering Gender Equality - Tues 18 August 2009 2GLF 89.3FM and online

Dads on the Air

Dads on the Air |

Local Sydney Time: 10.30am to 12 midday Tuesday 18th August 2009
USA Eastern time: 8.30pm to 10pm Monday 17th August 2009
USA Pacific time: 5.30pm to 7pm Monday 17th August 2009
UK GMT time: 1.30am to 3am Monday night (Tuesday morning) 18th August 2009

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Empowering Gender Equality

With special guests:

- Geoffrey Greene and

- Jeffrey Asher.

Full Frontal Feminism

First up we speak with the newly appointed President of the Shared Parenting Council of Australia Geoffrey Greene, who was a key figure in the establishment of the Council 8 years ago and a key figure in pushing through the moderate reforms to family law by the previous Australian government; reforms which now look like they will be wound back by a Labor government and a few key feminist ministers.
Secondly we speak with Canadian academic Jeffrey Asher, formerly of Dawson College, who taught on the statistical merits of sexual politics and in the autumn of 1994, offered students at Dawson College the only course in Canada on 'Men's Lives'.  Following 6 years of unrelenting pressure from extreme feminists, he was finally forced to resign and abandon the course in 2000.
"My father taught me to respect ladies and that human rights were indivisible. In the 1970s, I lectured on sexual equality of opportunity and equality before the law. Like most men, my naivete about feminist politics was sustained by raging hormones".

While Dads On The Air has always been extremely critical of the failure of the legislation to establish equal physical shared parenting time, as the automatic default position after separation and the meaningless introduction of the term "shared parenting responsibility" - as well  as the failure to separate the troubled and oft reviled Family Court from making decisions about custody matters which so many regard as being incompetent to do so - nonetheless the reforms have promoted some cultural shifts towards co-operative shared parenting after divorce.
One of the dirty little secrets of the Howard governments family law reforms was at the same time as they were encouraging fathers into the lives of their children post separation, they were introducing new and extremely draconian measures against fathers deemed to have underpaid their child support.

In an outright human rights abuse, they are even failing to oversight the impacts of these changes on the high death rates amongst separated men. The disgraceful and systematically dishonest conduct of the CSA review officers was never examined. Nor was the notoriously disgraceful and entirely dubious conduct of family report writers ever properly examined or exposed to proper public or journalistic enquiry, much less independent auditing and review.
Nonetheless, at this time it appears we should be grateful for small  mercies as the Labor government winds back even the Howard government's modest reforms. We are delighted to have Geoffrey Greene on the program. He believes strongly that the public, which surveys around the western world indicate are very very strongly behind shared parenting legislation, will not tolerate any winding back of family law reforms simply on the say so of a few hysterical demonstrations by no doubt government funded radical male-bashing women's groups.
Jeffrey Asher has written extensively on the demise of Men and their families at the hands of extreme radical feminists;  
By 1980, the women's movement was increasingly co-opted by the lunatic fringe. Germaine Greer pontificated, "Women have very little idea of how much men hate them … men do not themselves know the depth of their hatred." Further incitements to anti-male hatred and violence exuded from Dworkin, McKinnon and others. They remain required reading in feminist courses, which exclude male faculty or authors, brainwash young women and ostracize young men.
This paranoia remains unchallenged by human-rights commissions and is financed by governments. Sunera Thobani's recent "hate speech" is protected by her University of British Columbia women's-studies professorship. Critics of their approach pay for their dissent with their careers.  
I proposed 'Men's Lives' because the three largest departments (humanities, English and the social sciences) offered more than 83 courses with feminist titles and content, but nothing objective about men. The sisterhood attempted to neuter the contents and then stalled registration for Men's Lives. I threatened to appeal to the Ministry of Education and the media. The few colleagues who still dared to speak to me (off campus) warned me that my career was in peril. I responded with righteous indignation about equality, fairness and academic freedom. Such naivete.
Two-thirds of Men's Lives students were women and, like the men, typically open-minded, morally brave and delightfully quick-witted. They welcomed my course as deliverance from years of classroom male-bashing. In feminist courses, young men were condemned before their classmates as stupid, patriarchal exploiters, batterers and rapists.

From my course outline: "We will examine men's values and experiences, and the cultural meanings for men of courage, duty, fidelity, success, family protection, career and sexuality. The intellectual, political, scientific and cultural achievements of men will be surveyed throughout history. Reasoned and compassionate analysis will be used to search for reconciliation away from sexual confrontation, so that men, women and families may live in harmony." Four universities regularly welcomed me as a guest lecturer. The matriarchy went apoplectic.
Students warned me about agent provocateurs incited by teachers to disrupt my classes. One accused me of being paid by Playboy magazine (I wish) and my answering machine recorded anonymous accusations of sexual abuse and death threats. One night, the chairman of women's studies vandalized my bulletin board, in front of a surveillance camera. On the front page of The Gazette, she and my department chair defended her bullying. I requested management terminate her supervision over my courses. A year later, she ordered that my course outline exclude the term "anti-male hysteria." Management suspended me from teaching until I removed the politically incorrect insight. I appealed and lost.
Throughout higher education, the matriarchy rules.

Radical feminists continue to win their government-subsidized war against men, heterosexuality, the family, religion, merit, objectivity, justice and reality. Long after the defeat of totalitarianism, radical feminism indoctrinates students to discriminate by sex and race and enforces censorship and repression on what is acceptable to think and feel.

Citizens must demand reconstruction of the foundations of objective education and liberty. Freedom of speech is essential to maintain the ability to search for the truth. Students' minds must be trained to challenge dogmas if democracy is to survive. The time is long overdue for universities and colleges to eradicate feminist intolerance and return to reason and objectivity. Dedicated teachers are eager to reconstruct an educated and tolerant society. Give us the call.

Listen Now (MP3)

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