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Post #13282 by CoolChick on July 11th 2008, 8:03 PM (in topic “CSA and change of assessment application by ex due to private school fees”)

CSA and change of assessment application by ex due to private school fees

Hi folks.  We are brand new to this site so if I've placed this on the wrong area, I apologise in advance.  We too are unfortunately involved with the CSA as payee's.  After a much drawn out process in the family law court, we finally have an order in place too.  Onto money matters, with the change in the CSA on the 1st July 2008, we like many other payer's had a reduction in the huge amount we were paying to the wicked ex.  The wicked ex has taken exception to this reduction in money we were handing over and has now requested that the CSA conduct a change of assessment due to the wicked ex now demanding that we pay her for half of the kids school fee's.  Even though I don't have too much experience with this, I have worked out that the CSA will more than likely find that there was some sort of intention to send the kids to private schools.  The part I am confused about it this.  When couples separate/divorce, surely the expectation of what was intended during the marriage is somewhat different when all parties seperate.  Can the wicked ex actually decided on what ever schools she choses and then chase the CSA to make us pay half??? How is this fair given the very large amount of child support we already pay her (shouldn't this amount already being paid contribute towards this expense???) And also how is it fair to us and our already high day to day living expenses?  I guess what I am looking for is advice from people who too have been in this bad situation which is obviously very upsetting and highly emotional.  What should we respond to the CSA with?  Can we use the arguement that we already pay a high amount of child support per year?  Can we also use the arguement that we simply can't afford to pay any more?  Any advice given would be highly appreciated.  CoolChick

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